The Disco Palace

New station via TDP in DRM on shortwave: The Disco Palace:


“Feel the music” and get surrounded by the disco beat, listen every day to “The Disco Palace” on your digital radio, the maximum level of audio quality that you find in the market.

We broadcast in the DRM-standard (Digital Radio Mondiale).

Broadcast Frequency
Europe from 1400-1500 UTC 6015 kHz
North America from 2000-2100 UTC 17755 kHz

Check website:

Radio Stations in the United Kingdom – New 2010 – 22nd edition

Radio Stations in the United Kingdom – New 2010 – 22nd edition
is now available from the club.

BDXC’s guide to all UK and Irish MW and FM radio stations.

click Radio Stations in the United Kingdom.

This 72-page booklet follows the successful format of previous editions with its comprehensive frequency-by-frequency guide to domestic mediumwave and FM stations in the UK. It covers all BBC, commercial and community radio stations as well as the low power AM and FM stations operating with long-term restricted service licences.

Features include:
* All stations listed by frequency as well as station name
* Frequencies cross-referenced to show parallel channels
* Transmitter sites, powers and transmitter polarisation
* full postal addresses, web address and phone numbers
* Comprehensive listing of long-term Low Power AM and FM stations
at colleges, hospitals, schools, sports venues, prisons
and army garrisons.
* Full details of the many new Community Radio stations
* Separate section covers RTE and independent stations in Ireland

“Radio Stations in the UK” aims to be the most accurate and comprehensive guide to British domestic AM and FM radio for the DXer and UK radio enthusiast. Since the last edition there have been many changes and dozens of new stations have come on the air.

Anyone planning a holiday or business trip in the UK, or visiting the
country would find the guide invaluable in helping to identify the numerous radio stations now on the air. Why not order a second copy to keep in your car?

Getting a Copy
“Radio Stations in the UK” is available from:

British DX Club
10 Hemdean Hill
Reading RG4 7SB
United Kingdom

PRICE per copy including postage:

* UK: £4.00
* Europe: £5.00 / 7 Euros (paypal/cash only) /
8 International Reply Coupons
* Rest of World: £6.00 (sterling)/ 9 International Reply Coupons /
US$10 (paypal/cash only)

SPECIAL OFFER for 2 copies: UK £7.00, Europe 10 Euros (paypal/cash)

All prices include postage. To avoid sending coins through the post you may send a combination of currencies, eg 5 Euro plus 2 IRCs or 2 dollars.

Recommended methods of payment:
* UK Cheque / UK postal order payable to “British DX Club”
* Paypal payments to:
(please add 5% to cover Paypal fees)
* International Reply Coupons
* Cash in $US, Euros or other major currencies
(but no foreign coins or foreign cheques please)
(Communication, BrDXC-UK Feb 6)

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New paper on Cuban spies use of shortwave numbers stations

Dirk Rijmenants has published a 10 page paper:
Cuban Agent Communications, Failure of a Perfect System.
Several Cuban spies in the United States, who received instruction from Cuba via shortwave numbers stations, were recently arrested. How did they fail?

Download link on his blog, also can be downloaded on his website, which is linked to, Dirk Rijmenants’ Cipher Machines and Cryptology,
Historical and Technical Information about Crypto Machines, Cryptology and Free Software Simulations.

Blog entry:

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Special QSLs for the 14th Birthday of the Electronic DXPress

To commemorate the 14th birthday of the Electronic DX Press Radio Monitoring Association (EDXP) on January 4, 2010, special QSLs are now being issued for all correct reception reports received up to the end of 2010 for the “Radio EDXP” programs hosted by various international shortwave broadcasters, titled “The Australian DX Report”.

The full colour QSLs show Australian scenes and wildlife, and indicate the actual transmitter location and the name of the host broadcaster.

“Radio EDXP” is the EDXP’s long-time broadcasting service, offering news reports and schedule updates about international broadcasting, propagation, and monitoring.

Host broadcasters include:
– Worldwide Christian Radio (WWCR) – Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Every week, on Sundays, at 0300-0315 and on Mondays at 1245-1300
– The Voice of the Andes, HCJB, Quito, Ecuador, each month during the “DX Party Line” English program. The DXPL is broadcast over HCJB-Australia (Kunnunurra, Western Australia), WWCR, WRMI and IRRS (Slovakia)
– World Harvest Radio International – T8WH Palau, and WHRI Indiana, monthly during the “DXing with Cumbre” English program
– Adventist World Radio worldwide network, every month, during the
“Wavescan” program, on weekends. This may be heard over transmitters in Guam, Germany, and WRMI.

Reports must include sufficient details for validation purposes, and
indicate the date (UTC), time (UTC), frequency, quality of reception, and interference effects, and should be sent to:
Radio EDXP, 404 Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert, Victoria 3127, Australia

Return postage is mandatory – A$2 in mint Australian stamps (for Australian addresses), one IRC or US$1 elsewhere



Radio EDXP electronic QSLs are also available and reports may be submitted either by Email, to or via the on-line Reception Report Template at

E-QSLs are “picked up” at a special Website notified by EDXP. Return postage is not required for E-QSLs.
Radio EDXP is also available via the Internet, with a new episode produced each week, and may be accesssed at

Full details are at
The EDXP pioneered the use of electronic mail in Australia for collaboration between members, and celebrated its 14th birthday on January 4, 2010, moving into its 15th year of continuous operations.

Good listening to Radio EDXP, and your reception reports would be

Bob Padula Melbourne

Info via cumbredx via A-DX

Zenith Classic Rock, Waterford returns to 1584

Posts on DigitalSpy and RadioWaves report that, like last year, Zenith Classic Rock, Waterford has a temporary licence from the BCI to operate weekends from 0000 Friday to 2400 Sunday on 103.8 and 1584, 1 kw C-Quam Stereo.

Licence is for ten weekends, first broadcast was last weekend on 103.8 only, they are now operating on both frequencies.

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