BDXC frequency lists updated

The various frequency guides compiled by Tony Rogers on the British DX Club web site have now been updated for January 2010:

-Africa on Shortwave
-External Services on Mediumwave – NEW
-Middle & Near East on Shortwave
-South Asia on the Tropical Bands
-UK on Shortwave

All of the above can be found on the ARTICLES INDEX page at

The DX Diary and DX Programme lists have also been updated.

Info via HCDX

South Herts Radio

South Herts Radio will now broadcast as follows effective from 3rd Jan 2010.

Every other Sunday from Sunday 3rd January from 08.00 – 20.00 UTC. Shortwave 5835 KHz (52 meter band) with low power to Europe from the U.K.

Only when our webstream is on air can you find us on FM anywhere between 87.6 – 107.9 MHz throughout the U.K. and Europe and on dedicated relays usually 90.9 MHz in South & East Herts, 97.9 MHz in West Herts and 102.5 MHz in North Herts thanks to our listeners relaying our webstreams on legitimate low power devices.

We also operate on (WFM) 863.5 MHz in South Herts and 864.5 MHz in North Herts at a higher power of sometimes up to 50 watts.

Weekdays Mon – Fri from Jan 4th we will be on (shortwave only) with low power on 3935 KHz (76 meter band) from 19.00 – 22.00 UTC. We are also testing 7325 KHz in the 41 meter band with low power, times and days vary. When we say low power we mean just above micro power but effective when conditions are on our side.

We are also testing on the AM band in the medium wave band in parts of the U.K. again thanks to some of our listeners relaying us on low power devices. Example tx any frequency that is clear in steps of 9 Khz.

Finally we are relayed by other stations (usually clandestine) at various times and frequencies see for more info.

Once again the live webstream should be on air every other Sunday with (limited slots) but we do offer an excellent listen again service and downloads which we will be expanding on a much greater scale in 2010. Look out for changes to our website and schedules soon. We may miss the odd Sunday but this is only a hobby station.

SHR is for the serious DXer and offshore radio enthusiast with DX related shows and pirate tributes mostly as listen on demand files. Reception reports are always welcome.

In the New Year I will be devoting more time to making new shows for Laser Hot Hits. You can hear some of my previous shows for Laser on the Humyo player at

Happy new year and 73.

Info via dxld

Radio Luxembourg special on KCFM

It’s exactly 18 years since the great 208 closed down, and KCFM’s Shaun Tilley, who presented the last live show on Radio Luxembourg on that night, will be looking back at the golden days of this legendary station in a 3-hour special on KCFM 99.8 from 7pm on Wednesday 30th December. Playing some of the hits Luxy made famous and chatting to DJ legends such as Tony Prince, Emperor Rosko, Mike Read, Steve Wright etc etc.

Station website with online streaming:

Info via RadioAnoraksUk

Xmas/New Year Eve DXing

For newcomers, and as a reminder to oldcomers, the standard litany about Xmas eve DXing goes something like this:

Thorough patrols of the tropical bands may turn up some nice catches, as some stations extend broadcast hours much later than usual, making them more DXable, even all-night; or even temporarily reactivate dormant transmitters, in order to convey Xmas greetings, play seasonal music, etc.

Latin America primarily, Africa secondarily and other Christianized areas tertiarily, e.g. Papua New Guinea.

Likewise for New Year`s Eve. Since the holidays are on Friday, some of this might extend into the following weekends as well.

Info via Glenn Hauser on dxld