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2021-11-24 1553 UTC AM audio logs updated
2021-11-16 Radio Archive FRS Holland 7 November 2021 more
2021-09-09 Radio Archive FRS Holland 29 August 2021 more
2021-07-08 Radio Archive Remember request 210618 more
2016-05-27 FM audio logs updated
2017-05-18 till DVD-Number 2788 DVD-archive updated
2020-11-28 Cloud-archive updated
2021-10-11 Freeradio Logs updated

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2021-11-27 Radio Europa eQSL more
2021-11-26 648 Power Increase more
2021-11-25 The Vault 28 November 2021 more
2021-11-25 Dutch MW pirate signals in England on November 24, 2021 more
2021-11-23 Vereniging Voor Vrije Radio Band 1049 more
2021-11-23 Voice of the Voyager US Pirate Shortwave Radio Broadcast from 1978 more
2021-11-23 London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984-1993, Vol. 1 more
2021-11-22 Radio Casanova eQSL more
2021-11-22 FRS Holland 19 December 2021 more
2021-11-22 ADIOS MI AMIGO (Radio Caroline Story by Capital Radio London 1981) more
2021-11-22 Ontvangstrapporten maandag15 november 2021 tot en met zondag 21 november 2021, week 46 more
2021-11-20 Radio Caroline - 30 years ago more
2021-11-20 Hitradio X 89.0 Powernacht 26.1.. 1994 CROC Ramptalks more
2021-11-19 Radio Merlin International crystal on 6220 khz new yearsday 2012 more
2021-11-18 Remembering the golden days of UK garage — ‘It wasn’t political. It was about the music, having fun and looking good’ more
2021-11-18 The Radio Caroline Tribute more
2021-11-16 FRS Holland 7 November 2021 more
2021-11-16 FM german long files set to on demand only more
2021-11-16 FM german long files set to on demand only more
2021-10-11 Tape archive more
2021-10-10 FM audio logs archive on request only more
2020-09-11 20 years audio logs open again more
2020-05-01 German FM stations updated 30-04-2020 more
2020-04-15 FRS Holland 12-04-2020 more
2020-04-15 Cloud archive researchable till 15-04-2020 more
2020-04-01 Open Days stay at home more
2020-03-10 Cloud archive some dates March added more
2019-12-29 My Live Logs more
2019-12-26 Merry christmas more
2019-12-19 Listen button added more
2019-08-26 Radio Archive open day by day more
2019-08-22 Cloud archive completed more
2019-02-14 Article 13 how internet will look in the future more
2019-01-01 Happy new year - more frequent updates more
2018-12-28 Gelukkig nieuwjaar in 2019! more
2018-12-28 Happy New Year in 2019! more
2018-12-27 Happy New Year Ausblick 2019 more
2018-12-25 Facebook Like Button working again more

Achim's Free Radio Disaster dealth with pirate radio on shortwave, mediumwave and FM.

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Since 1988 I listen regularly to pirate radio. I began DXing in 1983. The blog is maintained since 2003 and reports AM band reception with audio files, interesting websites of offshore radio and pirate radio. All logs since 1983 are researchable. Audiofiles are divided into AM band reception, archive files from the tape and DVD archive, as well as FM band recordings from year 2007. The huge disk archive is researchable with over 900 CDs and 2700 DVDs. If you are searching for a certain show contact me to bring it online. Info lists various newspaper and website mentions, links of interesting websites. QSL-pictures from year 1988 till today are posted in the gallery and in the blog. Social media reflects my social network activity on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.