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2019-01-18 1750 UTC AM audio logs updated
2016-05-27 FM audio logs updated
2017-05-18 till DVD-Number 2788 DVD-archive updated
2019-01-02 Cloud-archive updated
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2019-01-18 RTI Gemmenich - Hitbarometer Mit JB - 19.4.1987 - Ausschnitt more
2019-01-18 Radio Caroline - die unsinkbaren Musikbotschafter more
2019-01-17 Pirate Act Gets New Life In Congress more
2019-01-17 AT luidt noodklok over verharding onder etherpiraten more
2019-01-17 Pirate radio recordings more
2019-01-17 Radio Stanica The Russian Hooligans more
2019-01-17 THE OFFSHORE RADIO YEARS Revisited VOLUME 11 - DVD / BLURAY - more
2019-01-17 eQSL Card from Radio 102 on 6385 khz more
2019-01-16 Nieuwe richtlijn aanpak radiopiraten more
2019-01-16 Radio Caroline648 more
2019-01-16 Richard Jackson's Caroline Album more
2019-01-16 Agentschap Telecom luidt noodklok over verharding onder etherpiraten more
2019-01-16 HET TUNES PROJECT: DE JAREN 60 more
2019-01-15 Listen again: Radio Caroline startet Podcast-Service more
2019-01-15 FCC says ‘most’ operations will be suspended Thursday if partial government shutdown continues more
2019-01-15 Should The FCC Shut Down For Good? more
2019-01-15 eQSL Card from Premier Radio int on 6270 khz more
2019-01-15 eQSL Card from Paradise FM on 1440 khz more
2019-01-15 Radio Caroline DJ Tony Christian on the Ross Revenge 1986(2/2) more
2019-01-15 eQSL Card from Radio Zeewolf on 6285 khz more
2019-01-01 Happy new year - more frequent updates more
2018-12-28 Gelukkig nieuwjaar in 2019! more
2018-12-28 Happy New Year in 2019! more
2018-12-27 Happy New Year Ausblick 2019 more
2018-12-25 Facebook Like Button working again more
2018-12-12 Achims Website promo more
2018-11-24 FRS Holland 24 November 2018 more
2018-10-26 Audio updates from the archive more
2018-10-18 Archive files in the cloud updated more
2018-10-13 Piratensender UKW Deutschland more
2018-05-07 Changes in the blog more
2018-02-23 Audio Logs posted on the blog more
2017-12-30 Guten Rutsch Happy New Year 2018 more
2017-12-29 UKW Piraten Deutschland 2017 more
2017-10-07 Open days more
2017-08-21 Radio Archive Online more
2017-05-11 Update audio Logs 2017 more
2017-01-03 Cloud search introduced more
2016-12-27 Further changes 2016 more
2016-08-21 Audio files again open access more

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Since 1988 I listen regularly to pirate radio. I began DXing in 1983. The blog is maintained since 2003 and reports AM band reception with audio files, interesting websites of offshore radio and pirate radio. All logs since 1983 are researchable. Audiofiles are divided into AM band reception, archive files from the tape and DVD archive, as well as FM band recordings from year 2007. The huge disk archive is researchable with over 900 CDs and 1600 DVDs. If you are searching for a certain show contact me to bring it online. Info lists various newspaper and website mentions, links of interesting websites. QSL-pictures from year 1988 till today are posted in the gallery and in the blog. Social media reflects my social network activity on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.