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2017-07-22 2007 UTC AM audio logs updated
2016-05-27 FM audio logs updated
2017-03-19 till DVD-Number 2715 DVD-archive updated
2017-05-23 Freeradio Logs updated

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2017-07-22 Radio Caroline North 199m =>> Jerry Leighton / Daffy Don Allen <<= Sun 6th Nov. 1966 08.57-11.45hrs. more
2017-07-22 Radio Atlantis Amsterdam 15 Februari 1984 met Men vraagt en wij draaien door Frans Nienhuys more
2017-07-20 Radio Caroline South 259m MW =>> Robbie Dale /Johnnie Walker /Roger Day <<= Mon. 28th August 1967 more
2017-07-20 Gegen den Strom im Funkwellenmeer – Piratensender „Outaspace more
2017-07-20 DLT - RADIO CAROLINE SOUTH - XMAS DAY 1966 more
2017-07-19 MiAmigo-19770719-1300-1415-FrankVanDerMast-StanHaag-Baken16-Afl253-SchijvenVoorBedrijven more
2017-07-19 Radio North Sea Drifting - November 1971 more
2017-07-19 Pirate Radio Free London AM-FM =>> RFL History by Ken Myers <<= 1981? more
2017-07-19 Coast FM 6205 Khz more
2017-07-18 Zender Nordzee 1633 Khz more
2017-07-18 Coast FM 6205 Khz more
2017-07-18 Laser Hot Hits 6220 Khz more
2017-07-18 LLL Radio 6268 Khz more
2017-07-18 Radio Merlin 6231 Khz more
2017-07-18 Radio 319 5847 Khz more
2017-07-18 Zender Marianne 1630 Khz more
2017-07-18 Zender Toulouse 1633 Khz more
2017-07-18 North Yorkshire Moors Railway tunes into the 60s more
2017-07-18 PIRATE BBC ESSEX 2017 more
2017-07-18 Zender Johan 1620 Khz more
2017-05-11 Update audio Logs 2017 more
2017-01-03 Cloud search introduced more
2016-12-27 Further changes 2016 more
2016-08-21 Audio files again open access more
2016-08-17 I still have my own shortwave radio more
2016-08-16 Forums open more
2016-08-07 Updates rights management more
2016-08-05 Audio logs access restricted more
2016-07-31 List of FM pirate radio recordings on DVD more
2016-07-27 Updates Logs more
2016-07-24 Audio Logs updated more
2016-07-15 Log database automatical updated more
2016-07-14 DVD Archive updated till Number 2417 more
2016-02-12 False virus mails - be careful more
2016-01-30 Your opinion welcome more
2015-10-14 Dutch pirate radio on FM more
2015-07-27 Pirate Feed updated more
2015-06-05 Subscribe Posts RSS more
2015-05-10 Blog auto refresh every 5 minutes more
2015-04-30 Up-to-date Logs / Audio Logs more

Achim's Free Radio Disaster dealth with pirate radio on shortwave, mediumwave and FM.

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Since 1988 I listen regularly to pirate radio. I began DXing in 1983. The blog is maintained since 2003 and reports AM band reception with audio files, interesting websites of offshore radio and pirate radio. All logs since 1983 are researchable. Audiofiles are divided into AM band reception, archive files from the tape and DVD archive, as well as FM band recordings from year 2007. The huge disk archive is researchable with over 900 CDs and 1600 DVDs. If you are searching for a certain show contact me to bring it online. Info lists various newspaper and website mentions, links of interesting websites. QSL-pictures from year 1988 till today are posted in the gallery and in the blog. Social media reflects my social network activity on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.