Radio Bila Hora

Hear something on 3334 Khz at 1615 Utc. Long talk in unknown language and some local pop-music. Do not know whether it is the announced Radio Bila Hora, sounds rather like a legal station. Reception is quite good with SINPO 34333. Radio Bila Hora can be contacted via email-address bila_hora(@) according to Karel Honzik on Hardcore-DX.
Is heard in Sweden with SINPO 44433 at 1650 Utc. A listener from Poland confirms it is czech language. At 1654 Utc clear ID, another ID at 1657 Utc, so its Radio Bila Hora for sure.

Radio East Coast Holland / VOTN

The new years eve joint venture of Radio East Coast Holland and Voice of the Netherlands is on 6210 Khz at 0740 Utc with SINPO 34433 in Sweden. At home no reception so far. Plays some nice pop-songs of the 80th like Queen.
The new years eve party goes out for the 18th run since 1988. Try to reach North-America so early. Hotline 0031625426740 and emails go to eastcoastholland(@)
At about 1000 Utc calls to the hotline will be put live on the transmitter.

Radio Borderhunter

Radio Borderhunter is on 6210 Khz at 1420 Utc with SINPO 44444 in Sweden. Plays some pop and dutch music and new jingles in German “Freies Radio ├╝berschreitet Grenzen”. Emails go to borderhunterradio(@)
Before sign on there was another weak pirate station on 6210 Khz.
Seems to be long skip conditions again this afternoon, at home no reception.