6330kHz CW beacon R. Piraña Int.

We are on air at the moment with our beacon transmitter on 6330kHz CW (from northern Europe). Transmission will last until at least 07.00 tomorrow. Yesterday at around 06.30 UTC the CW signal had a decent reception in north-east of America. Power is about 8 watts.

We are a little unsure how active we will be in the future, at least from our current European QTH as a new military HF stations has recently been installed only a few hundred meters away.

Sincerely Jorge R. García

Info via WOR


Texas Radio Shortwave has two programs Saturday: 1) TRSW Special: Radio Monique International Relay at 8 p.m. and 2) TRSW Prime: Janis Joplin Live at 9 p.m. (These times are 0000 UTC and 0100 UTC respectively on October 3.)
Radio Monique International is a Dutch pirate station that recorded a live program on September 4 with the help of online and on-the-air listeners. The recorded program is aired Saturday night. eQSLs from Radio Monique will come directly from the station at radiomoniqueradio@hotmail.nl. TRSW won’t issue eQSLs for this program.
Janis Joplin Live features a selection of the Port Arthur, Texas native’s music. If you expect to hear “Me and Bobby McGee” or “Mercedes Benz,” you’ll be disappointed. Instead you’ll hear an alternate version of “Down On Me” and 10 more great songs.
Janis Joplin eQSLs are available for correct, detailed reception reports covering at last 20 minutes of the program. The verifications are a double-panel design (like front and back on a traditional paper QSL). We’ll show you the back of the eQSL but the front will be a surprise until you receive it. Our email is texasradiosw@gmail.com.
TRSW’s Europirate relay continues next Saturday at 8 p.m. (0000 Sunday UTC) with Atlantic 2000 International (France). Stations to be relayed on WRMI in the following weeks are:
October 16-17 = Charleston International Radio (Germany) *
October 23-24 = KR1 (The Netherlands)
October 30-31 = Cupid Radio (UK) *
November 6-7 = Radio Pamela (UK)
November 13-14 = Radio Jingle Bells (Germany)
November 20-21 = Free Radio Service-Holland (The Netherlands) *
November 27-28 = The Vault (Somewhere in Europe).
*Returning content provider with new programming.

Cruisin Radio on WBCQ Starting Friday

Cruisin Radio on WBCQ Starting this Friday

Cruisin Radio’s Arthur Burton and WBCQ’s Allan Weiner are both people with a long reputation of being pirates at some time in their past, albeit on different sides of the pond, and in Arthur’s case even present, so when two pirates join together does that make Maine’s WCBQ Short Wave now a sort of super pirate?

Starting on the 1st of October, Cruisin Radio will be doing weekly hour broadcasts every Friday initially for two months at 2300 UTC on 6160 kHz, that will be 7pm EDT and 12 Midnight in the UK during October, but that changes when those times go back an hour when the clocks change at the end of October.

Cruisin Radio is an Internet station of some years standing, started and run by Arthur Burton, a pirate of many decades experience, going back to the 1970's, when he started on Radio Jackie and later Sun Radio London. He was on Nova Italy, RFL and appeared on the ship borne R. Caroline in the 80's. Cruisin Radio thrives on quality in both music and presentation and is on the net 24/7 as well as Short Wave at times.
E-QSL’s will be available by going to the Cruisin Radio contact page http://www.cruisinradio.net/contact.htm

Web site: http://www.cruisinradio.net
Chatroom (not always open): http://www.cruisinradio.net/chatroom.html
Latest News: http://www.cruisinradio.net/latestnews.htm
Contact Page: http://www.cruisinradio.net/contact.htm

If you can please donate to help Cruisinradio. We don't make any money out of providing you free and unique entertainment, and computers, hardware costs etc. have to be paid for somehow! Thank you!

New youtube channel – Ben’s Radio Visuals

Dear all,

Since 1999 I have been filming predominantly radio DJ's, but also radiostations, quite frequently. Personally I love to watch a DJ at work.

Also, I visited the Dutch Zeezender/Radiodays and filmed all the interviews. With all that I have built-up quite a large video archive throughout the years.

On this channel I will be sharing the material that I have in my archive. And, as Mary Payne once wrote on her website : "No Big L RSL would be complete without the sight of Ben Meijering with a digital video camera grafted to his arm!"

This is the url : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9QOjFxIuO9qmbhFZREVVDg
Enjoy and please pass-on this message!!

Kind regards

Ben Meijering (aka LosGoud)