Radio Day Netherlands 2016

Several questions have arisen about the next Dutch Radio Day 2016. Last year's Radio Day was the first one which wasn't organised by the experienced team of Hans Knot, Martin van der Ven and the late Rob Olthof.
At the moment, the continuation of the Radio Days isn't certain, but we try to continue on a lower scale with a meet and greet section plus some interviews. Further information is not available right now, but will be given on our website
You might send any questions and/or suggestions to: (Please bear in mind that the former organisers have ceased their involvement, so they can't answer to your questions.)

Summermeeting 2015 3rd to 5th of July 2015 / SWCH BBQ 8 August 2015

Meet the scene - attend this nice get-together.

SWCHolland organizes a BBQ in the summer 2015 on Saturday afternoon august 8. Sign up before july 8.

Details via

I am not able to attend both meetings as I have music festival tickets in Detmold & Hildesheim same date.

“London’s pirate radio” – this Sunday

Southbank Centre
26 April 2015, 14:00pm - 20:00pm - Admission Free

An afternoon exploring the emergence of London's pirate radio during the 1980s and early 1990s.

We discuss the impact that DJs and stations had on their communities and broadcasting in general, considering a contemporary perspective and asking whether the pirate radio movement has left a lasting legacy. If so, how has it influenced today's music scene?

Throughout the day, documentary footage and DJ sets from selectors who made their names on the illegal airwaves showcase the music from that magical period of self-expression and rebellion.

The running order is as follows:
2pm – 3pm – DJ set from Sarah HB (formerly of pirate radio stations LWR and Kiss FM)
3pm – 4pm – Interview with DJ Dave VJ and Lindsay Wesker, authors of Masters of the Airwaves which chronicles London’s pirate scene of the 1980s
4pm – 5pm – DJ set from Dave VJ (formerly of pirate radio stations Invicta, Solar, Kiss FM, as well as Choice FM and Mi-Soul)
5pm – 6pm – Interview with Gordon Mac, who transformed Kiss FM from a Charlton squat-based pirate to one of London’s leading licensed stations
6pm – 7pm – DJ set from Jasper the Vinyl Junkie (formerly of pirate radio stations LWR and Kiss FM, as well as Choice FM and Kane FM)
7pm – 8pm – DJ set from Jasper the Vinyl Junkie

2pm – 8pm
The Front Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall

Info via RadioAnoraksUK