Voice of the Netherlands

Voice of the Netherlands VOTN is on 6302 Khz at 1050 Utc with SINPO 24433 S=6. Plays nonstop music from christmas songs, Schlager up to pop-music of the 80th. VOTN can be contacted via email votn(@)planet.nl or SMS to +31623968182.
VOTN announces the joint broadacst with Radio East Coast Holland on new years eve.
At 1218 Utc VOTN is in QSO on 6288 Khz SINPO 44444 S=9.

Zender Westcoast

Zender Westcoast is on 6297 Khz at 1050 Utc with SINPO 24433 S=6. Plays some pop-songs of the 80th. Was in QSO with Radio Boomerang on 6300 Khz.
Conditions quite good today, sometimes complete fade out of the 48m band for a few minutes.
At 1210 Utc Zender Westcoast is on 6300 Khz with SINPO 33443 S=8.
Zender Westcoast hopping frequencies around today: At 1228 Utc Westcoast Radio is on 6290 Khz with SINPO 33443. Email-address is westcoastam(@)hotmail.com.

Free Radio Service Holland

Dear FRS Friends,

Last Sunday FRS-Holland was heard on 6220 kHz between 09.00- 13.00 UTC.
Conditions were rather unstable compared with the 10th December when we carried out a promotional broadcast. Nonetheless we received numerous mails.
Next Sunday X-Mas Eve Dec. 24th FRS-Holland will repeat the complete broadcast of the previous week on the Internet. Times are the same: between 09.00- 13.00 UTC.
We'd like to thank all listeners for the many e-mails. As far as letters are concerned:
so far we haven't checked our mailbox! But if you have written in: thanks a lot !
All mails will be handled as soon as possible (over the X-Mas Season).
If you would like to give it a try listening to FRS in good quality next Sunday, then check this: for those using Win Amp use http://bereik.net:8500/listen.pls.
Windows Media Player users should surf to http://bereik.net:8500.

Next early Sunday morning FRS will be broadcasting a 60 min. show hoping to reach North America. We could be on 48 metres but perhaps also on 41 metres around 7490 kHz. Test will start at approx. 05.00 UTC.
All the best, have a great weekend!

73s, Peter V. on behalf of the FRS Crew

Telstar Hit FM

Hallo Radiofans,

Endspurt bei Telstar Hit FM. An den Weihnachtstagen und am Silvester-Wochenende präsentieren wir Euch noch zahlreiche moderierte Sendungen. Zum 1. Januar 2007 stellen wir unseren Sendebetrieb dann ein. Hier nun unser Programm für die "final week":

Sonntag, 24. Dezember 2006

00.00 Nonstop-Musik
16.00 Auftakt mit Mike Anderson
19.00 Unter Hellmis Weihnachtsbaum mit Sascha Hellmann
20.00 Nonstop-Musik

Montag, 25. Dezember 2006

00.00 Nonstop-Musik
18.00 Thomas Haase
19.00 Heinz Schulz
20.00 Dauerbrenner extra mit Mike Anderson
22.00 Nonstop-Musik

Dienstag, 26. Dezember 2006

00.00 Nonstop-Musik
18.00 Thomas Haase
19.00 Heinz Schulz
20.00 Dauerbrenner extra mit Mike Anderson
22.00 Nonstop-Musik

Mittwoch, 27. Dezember, bis Freitag, 29. Dezember 2006r Nonstop-Musik

Samstag, 30. Dezember 2006

00.00 Nonstop-Musik
12.00 Country Crossover mit Mike Uhini
19.00 Nonstop-Musik

Sonntag, 31. Dezember 2006

18.00 Flippzeit mit Sascha Hellmann
20.00 Silvesterparty mit Sascha Hellmann, Thomas Haase und
Mike Anderson
anschl. Sendeschluss

Telstar Hit FM sendet noch bis zum 1. Januar 2007 rund um die Uhr im Internet unter der Adresse www.telstarhitfm.tk. Ihr hört unser Programm in MP3Pro.

Für Musikwünsche, Fragen, Kritik und Anregungen zu unserem Programm erreicht Ihr uns an sieben Tagen in der Woche per eMail unter der Adresse telstarhitfm(@)gmx.net.

Während der Live-Sendungen erreicht Ihr uns telefonisch unter der Nummer
01801 6666 269 169 und über die ICQ-Nummer 276853057.

Frohe Weihnachten und viel Spaß mit unserem Programm

wünscht Euer Telstar-Team

Scandinavian Weekend Radio

Programs on Christmas day will provide to you SWR elves: Miki, Häkä, Radiojack, Esa, Pasi, Uncle-Pena and possible visitors. At the Christmas time we don't have "real" program schedule, but probably you will heard all kind of music from pop and classical music to progressive rock from our frequencies on short- and medium waves.

For example following programs are planned to came out from SWR studios: letterbox, wine & cheese review and of course season greetings. Phone number to SWR studio during the transmissions is +358 400 995 559, phone calls and short messages are very welcome. Now is possible to sent season greetings and record requests, maby short christmasgreetings by mp3 via email direct to the SWR studio: studio(@)swradio.net.

Remember send us reception report about this christmas special transmission, You will get our special-QSL!

Schedule 25.12.2006

Time Frequecy - Taajuudet Program details - Ohjelmatietoja UTC
48 25 MW
00-01 6170 11720 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 22-23
01-10 6170 11690 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 23-08
10-16 6170 11720 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 08-14
16-19 6170 11690 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 14-17
19-21 5980 11720 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 17-19
21-24 6170 11690 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 19-22

Mystery Radio

Mystery Radio is signing on on 6220 Khz at 1541 Utc with SINPO 34433. Before there was only a blank carrier for some minutes. Plays nonstop pop-music with short ID-jingles.
At 1800 Utc Chris Ise and Andy Walker are on with their show. Reception is quite good today with SINPO 34444. Nice surprise, station has usually faded out at this time last days.


The website of WNKR contains a brief history of all crew members and you can listen live to the programmes of WNKR via Streamer or Winamp. Also some circuits can be viewed.
WNKR will be on 1476 Khz to SE London from Christmas eve until Boxing day night. Also probably on Christmas morning on 48mb. Plus streaming of the Christmas shows on the net visit our website for info.

Latvia Ulbroka Relay schedule


Relay schedule of the Ulbroka transmitter on 9290kHz (100kW) between Xmas
and New Year:

December 23
Radio Joystick 0900-1000

December 25
Radio Six International 0600-1000
Radio City 1000-1200

December 30
Latvia Today* 0800-0900
Radio Joystick 0900-1000

December 31
Latvia Today* 1300-1400

*) Latvia Today is produced by the national Latvian commercial radio
station Radio SWH.

(Raimonds Kreicbergs via Bernd Trutenau-LTU) via Harald Kuhl on A-DX-list


Über Weihnachten sind auch wieder einige UKW-Piraten aus Deutschland aktiv.
Einige Links hierzu:


Dank an Theo B im Piratenforum für die Zusammenstellung.

Treffpunkt Radio

Alwin Borchers, bekannt von der Kurzwelle mit seinem Projekt Radio Casablanca WS, macht auch Bürgerfunk mit seinem Programm Treffpunkt Radio auf der Ems Vechte Welle. Radio Casablanca WS sendete schon via diverse Relayanbieter wie IRRS und Krebs TV in Riga, Letlland. Auf der Website von Treffpunkt Radio gibt es eine Liste der gespielten Titel, die Rubrik Musiktalente und DX-Links.

EMR christmas programme

EMR Christmas Programme / Next Sunday Night
On - 5775 khz
At - 1930-2000 UTC Christmas eve
On - 24th of December for 30 mins.

This Programme is a short Transmission from EMR with a new output power that will be used for 49 metre Broadcasts on Sunday nights along with 5965 khz.
The Programmes on 5775 khz will be different from our 5965 outlet.
Good listening. 73s Tom

RWI Radio Waves International

We are wishing for you,your family & your friends
- a merry christmas
- a happy new year
with love ,peace & good music
Peter HILLS & Philippe
ps: we will be on air next weekend 23 & 24th of December 6325 &/or 11401khz

Country music show, French service,Rock City &Pirate memories
the sounds on short-waves around the world
"on the highway to freedom"
Peter HILLS & Philippe " The terrible twins"

For review and airplay send your promos to :
BP 130
92504 RUEIL Cedex

logs till 17-12-06

on sunday bad conditions. Noisy and late opening of band, at afternoon no station received.
greetings achim

Date 12/12

FrequencyTime Utc/Gmt Station SINPO SWERT Remark

6.220,0 1457 Mystery Radio 45434 9

Date 14/12

FrequencyTime Utc/Gmt Station SINPO SWERT Remark

6.220,0 1527 Mystery Radio 43443 9

Date 15/12

FrequencyTime Utc/Gmt Station SINPO SWERT Remark

6.220,0 1501 Mystery Radio 43443 9

Date 16/12

FrequencyTime Utc/Gmt Station SINPO SWERT Remark

6.220,0 1435 Mystery Radio 34433 8

6.298,0 1403 unid 33433 7
6.300,0 1308 unid 24333 7

6.305,0 1335 Radio Boomerang 34433 8
6.305,0 1345 Westcoast Radio 33433 8

6.310,0 1340 Radio Boomerang 45444 9+5dB

6.326,0 1402 Radio Quintus 24433 7
Date 17/12

FrequencyTime Utc/Gmt Station SINPO SWERT Remark

6.220,0 0907 FRS Holland 34433 8
6.220,0 0715 Mystery Radio 44444 9+5dB

6.260,0 1033 Zender Robby (tent) 24333 7

6.280,0 1047 Radio Atlantis 23433 7
6.290,0 1114 Radio Boomerang 34444 9

6.300,0 1235 Radio Sonar 14321 5
6.300,0 1034 Radio Bermuda Dreieck 24333 6

6.306,0 1044 unid 34433 8

6.308,0 1108 unid 24322 5
6.310,0 1113 Westcoast Radio 24433 7

6.322,0 1119 Radio Zodiac 24433 7
6.325,0 1044 Westcoast Radio 24333 6

6.401,0 1102 unid 24433 7
6.524,0 1103 Radio Ramona 24433 7