Radio Sensation

Radio Sensation is on 3927 Khz at 2105 Utc with SINPO 44433. S=8 nice signal, some fading and later falling down to S=5. Plays some dutch music and station wants to close down in 15 minutes. May be more SMS-reports or calls come in, then the OP will proceed the programme. SMS-reports go to +31 615156766.

Mystery Radio

Mystery Radio is on 6220 Khz at 1605 Utc with SINPO 33443. S=8 lower signal strength today and some home-made electrical interference make reception not so easy as usual. Plays nonstop pop-music with ID-jingles.

Radio Spaceshuttle International

Radio Spaceshuttle is 4 years on shortwave. At 1550 Utc reception is O=2/3 on 9290 Khz LSB-mode. Sometimes deep fading and no reception.

Dick Spacewalker from Radio Spaceshuttle sends the following notes via email-address spaceshuttleradio(@)

Hello ,
can't really believe that it has gone so long time from our start on weekend 11-12th October 2002.... Ok, couple of transmissions has been done after that and some has also heart in some parts of The Blue Planet... at least following countries in Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (England) and Ukraina. In Oseania: New Zealand and Australia and in North-America by 6 listeners in USA and 1 in Canada.

We shall celebrate our 4 years party of cource with highest quality of programs (ha ha haa...) with some historical views, reading listeners letters and comments but first at all playing GOOOOOD variety of beeeeest ever music....

So, please join us this evening (wishing conditions are ok) on 9290 kHz L where we are working with our BigGun (ha ha hahahaaa) from a. 14 UTC and forever of cource....

Send us messages and music wishes even now and comments of everything during whole transmission....

This is Spacesutthe in your service...

Dick of Space

logs till 08-10-06

good conditions on sunday afternoon. High signals and low noise. High activity.
greetings achim

Date 02/10

FrequencyTime Utc/Gmt Station SINPO SWERT Remark

6.220,0 1617 Mystery Radio 44434 9+5dB

Date 03/10

FrequencyTime Utc/Gmt Station SINPO SWERT Remark

6.290,0 0725 Radio Bermuda Dreieck 23422 7 G

Date 04/10

FrequencyTime Utc/Gmt Station SINPO SWERT Remark

6.220,0 1841 Mystery Radio 45444 9+10d

Date 05/10

FrequencyTime Utc/Gmt Station SINPO SWERT Remark

1.650,0 2125 unid 33443 8

6.220,0 2010 Mystery Radio 45444 9+10d

Date 08/10

FrequencyTime Utc/Gmt Station SINPO SWERT Remark

1.635,0 1948 Radio Verona 45444 9+10d

6.210,0 1136 Radio Borderhunter 45444 9+5dB
6.220,0 1313 Mystery Radio 33443 7

6.220,0 2000 Mystery Radio 34433 8
6.265,0 1220 unid 45444 9+5dB

6.265,0 1258 Westcoast Radio 35444 8
6.266,0 1145 Radio Scotland 45444 9+5dB

6.275,0 1145 Magic AM 45444 9

6.276,0 1205 Romeo Echo 23433 7 romeoecho(@)
6.276,0 1253 unid 24433 6

6.280,0 1159 unid 24433 7
6.292,0 1231 Antonio Radio 33443 8

6.296,0 1443 VOTN 45444 9

6.298,0 1234 Zender Paardenkracht 33443 8
6.300,0 1143 Radio Northpole 24433 7

6.300,0 1249 Radio Borderhunter 33443 8
6.304,0 1336 Westcoast Radio 35444 8

6.305,0 1306 Radio Shadowman 45444 9
6.306,0 1308 Zender Paardenkracht 35444 8

6.308,0 1144 Zender Paardenkracht 44444 9

6.308,0 1433 Westcoast Radio 45444 9
6.308,0 1236 Radio Scotland 45444 9+5dB

6.878,0 1329 Pirate Music 34433 8

Radio Verona

Radio Verona is on 1635 Khz at 1945 Utc with SINPO 45444. S=9+10dB strong signal strength and nice dutch music.
Reflections Europe is on 3910 Khz and Mystery Radio still on 6220 Khz at 1945 Utc, besides these stations nothing heard on 48/76m band.

Westcoast Radio

Westcoast Radio is on 6265 Khz at 1258 Utc with SINPO 35444. Just heard a jingle and announcement. Plays some pop-songs from the 80th. I am uncertain whether all I heard today on 6265 Khz is from Westcoast Radio (cf the UNID on 6265 Khz).

UNID 6265 Khz

Have an unidentified station on 6265 Khz at 1220 Utc with SINPO 45444. Strong signal strength and good modulation. Is playing dutch music. Later off for some minutes. At 1243 Utc again a station on 6265 Khz with rock music. SINPO 35444 now.


A QSQ is on 6298 Khz till 6308 Khz at 1235 Utc. Paardenkracht is on 6298 Khz with O=3, Scotland is on 6308 Khz with O=4. Other stations are Northpole on 6300 Khz with O=3/4 and Skywire or Skyline. Borderhunter is also in the QSO on 6300 Khz with O=3/4 at 1248 Utc. At 1307 Utc Radio Shadowman is joining the QSO on 6305 Khz with SINPO 45444. At 1337 Utc Westcoast Radio is joining the QSO on 6304 Khz with SINPO 35444.

Zender Paardenkracht

Zender Paardenkracht is on 6308 Khz at 1210 Utc with O=4. Announced ID is also horse power and the station is from the middle of the Netherlands. Plays some dutch music. The OP thanks for the reports from Finland, Austria, Czech Republic and Belgium. It is soon close down but may be a QSO after the programme.

Radio Borderhunter

Radio Borderhunter is testing modulation on 6210 Khz at 1140 Utc. Reception is good with SINPO 45444 and modulation is also very good. A bit sharp but music always sound sharp on the NRD 525 GF I use. OP Frans plays a wide variety of music from Oldies, arabic music to dance sound.