MV Baltic Radio

MV Baltic Radio is on 6045 Khz at 1230 Utc with SINPO 24322. The bad short-skip conditions remain also for the 100 Kilowatt transmitter at Jülich. Plays some Oldies and has some talk in German.
What long-skip means reveals listening to in Sweden: SINPO 54444 for MV Baltic Radio at 1240 Utc on 6045 Khz. 48m band empty at 1240 Utc both at home and in Sweden.

Bad conditions

Today very bad conditions. Apart from Mystery Radio I can hear nothing on 48m band. Even via webreceiver in Sweden 48m band is empty. Seems to be that 76m band at evenings is a better try.
On frequencys 6475 Khz and 11401 Khz there might be some activity this morning, nothing received here.


Another QSO-round is on 1645 Khz going on. Radio Barones is on 2330 Utc with SINPO 43443 in United Kingdom. Radio Delmare is underneath. Baro talks about reception of Radio Elektron from Beograd/Serbia. Other involved stations are Nordzee, Barcelona and the dutch Radio Elektron. Radio Barcelona is on 1645 Khz at 2339 Utc with SINPO 24333 in United Kingdom. Listen to Radio Elektron from Serbia on 1645 Khz at 2354 Utc with SINPO 14322 in Sweden. Other involved station is Technische Man. Radio Nordzee is on 1645 Khz at 0003 Utc with SINPO 24333 in Sweden. Zender Elektron from the Netherlands is on 1645 Khz at 0010 Utc with SINPO 24322 in Sweden.


Tentative Radio Armada is on 1665 Khz at 2318 Utc with SINPO 24322 in United Kingdom. Severe fading make reception not easy. Radio Monte Carlo is on 1665 Khz at 2324 Utc with SINPO 24333 in United Kingdom. Radio Barcelona is also involved in the QSO-round.