Zender Digital

Zender Digital is on 6305 Khz at 1115 Utc with SINPO 45444. Only for a short moment active, calling Northpole. Zender Digital is on 6301 Khz at 1120 Utc with SINPO 45444. Again active only for a few minutes. Radio Bonofox answers on 6301 Khz at 1123 Utc. Reception is good with SINPO 24433.

Radio Borderhunter

Radio Borderhunter is on 6210 Khz at 0840 Utc with SINPO 43443. Plays some Oldies. There is a noise carrier on frequency, so some interference. OP Frans was drinking a cup of coffee with his wife and children. SMS go to +31 610531057. Still on at 1110 Utc and the only station heard on 48m band. Nice programme with lots of music.