Free Radio Service Holland

Hello FRS Friends,

This morning at 05.00 UTC/ 06.00 CET FRS-Holland carried out a broadcast on 6210 kHz hoping to reach North America. The programme ran for one hour after which the programme was repeated.

This morning at 09.00 UTC/ 10.00 CET the full December 17th shows will be repeated via the Intenet.
Extra info: an additional extra second stream is to be heard (see below).
This is your chance to hear FRSH in crisp clear stereo!
Pxs will last 4 hours including FRS Magazine, the new German presenter Jan van Dijk & FRS Goes DX.
Info to receive FRS' audio web stream:

Windows Media Player
Win Amp stream 1 (128 kbps / 44 HKz - stereo)
Win Amp Stream 2: (48 kpbs / 44 KHz - stereo)

73s, Peter V.

Mystery Radio

Mystery Radio with live programmes from Chris Ise and Andy Walker on 6220 Khz at 2235 Utc with SINPO 45444 in the United Kingdom. At my location reception is a bit weaker SINPO 34433 but also quite stable. Incoming emails are read out and phone calls will be live in the programme. The E-QSL-card arrives 15 minutes later in my mailbox, the quickest QSL-card I ever have. In a song contest you can win one hour airtime on Mystery Radio for free.

contact us


skype: mysteryradio

and say "Merry Xmas" to your radio friends over MYSTERY RADIO

BTW: reports will be verified by e-QSL