Radio Ramona

Radio Ramona is on 6400 Khz at 1005 Utc with O=3. Nice reception and Ramona plays some dutch music and Oldies. Has also some nice jingles. Emails go to radioramona(@) It is the first time that I receive the station.

Radio Victoria (tent)

Tentative Radio Victoria is on 6295 Khz at 0825 Utc with O=3. Plays some Oldies and pop-music. Not 100 % sure of the ID but I think it is Radio Victoria.
On 6324 Khz there is another dutch station with a small hetrodyne because of RWI on 6325 Khz.

WR International

Hi guys for those interested WR International is again trying the web casting thing. Once again we are using the Radio Destiny system now it’s a few years older. You can find us on 12256Khz SW and at listed in the mixed format section.
Love to hear from you if you manage to hear anything either on SW or the web.
Have a good day

Source: SWpirates

Radio Sensation

Radio Sensation is on 3927 Khz at 2055 Utc. Reception is fair O=2/3, some fading and noise. Plays some pop-songs of the 80th and Oldies. At 2103 some dutch polkas are played. SMS go to +31615156766. Seems to be that after the QSO a nice programme followed on 76 metres. Radio Sensation is using only a few watts on 76 metres. Good results.

Mystery Radio

Mystery Radio is on 6220 Khz at 2045 Utc with O=4. Plays some nonstop pop-music with IDs in English. Announced email-address is mysteryradio(@)
Nothing on 48 metres except Mystery Radio but there is another station on 3927 Khz not IDed yet.

Radio Likedeeler

Radio Likedeeler hat um 1955 Utc die Frequenz gewechselt und ist jetzt auf der 6290 Khz zu finden. Die Frequenz, ist aber wie meistens gestört und der Empfang war auf der 6294 Khz besser. SignalstÀrke ist S=7 wegen dem Störteppich aber nur O=2. Die typischen KuhgerÀusche dringen jedenfalls noch durch.