Scandinavian Weekend Radio

Programs on Christmas day will provide to you SWR elves: Miki, Häkä, Radiojack, Esa, Pasi, Uncle-Pena and possible visitors. At the Christmas time we don’t have “real” program schedule, but probably you will heard all kind of music from pop and classical music to progressive rock from our frequencies on short- and medium waves.

For example following programs are planned to came out from SWR studios: letterbox, wine & cheese review and of course season greetings. Phone number to SWR studio during the transmissions is +358 400 995 559, phone calls and short messages are very welcome. Now is possible to sent season greetings and record requests, maby short christmasgreetings by mp3 via email direct to the SWR studio: studio(@)

Remember send us reception report about this christmas special transmission, You will get our special-QSL!

Schedule 25.12.2006

Time Frequecy – Taajuudet Program details – Ohjelmatietoja UTC
48 25 MW
00-01 6170 11720 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 22-23
01-10 6170 11690 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 23-08
10-16 6170 11720 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 08-14
16-19 6170 11690 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 14-17
19-21 5980 11720 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 17-19
21-24 6170 11690 1602 SWR Christmas Crew 19-22

Latvia Ulbroka Relay schedule


Relay schedule of the Ulbroka transmitter on 9290kHz (100kW) between Xmas
and New Year:

December 23
Radio Joystick 0900-1000

December 25
Radio Six International 0600-1000
Radio City 1000-1200

December 30
Latvia Today* 0800-0900
Radio Joystick 0900-1000

December 31
Latvia Today* 1300-1400

*) Latvia Today is produced by the national Latvian commercial radio
station Radio SWH.

(Raimonds Kreicbergs via Bernd Trutenau-LTU) via Harald Kuhl on A-DX-list

EMR christmas programme

EMR Christmas Programme / Next Sunday Night
On – 5775 khz
At – 1930-2000 UTC Christmas eve
On – 24th of December for 30 mins.

This Programme is a short Transmission from EMR with a new output power that will be used for 49 metre Broadcasts on Sunday nights along with 5965 khz.
The Programmes on 5775 khz will be different from our 5965 outlet.
Good listening. 73s Tom

RWI Radio Waves International

We are wishing for you,your family & your friends
– a merry christmas
– a happy new year
with love ,peace & good music
Peter HILLS & Philippe
ps: we will be on air next weekend 23 & 24th of December 6325 &/or 11401khz

Country music show, French service,Rock City &Pirate memories
the sounds on short-waves around the world
“on the highway to freedom”
Peter HILLS & Philippe ” The terrible twins”

For review and airplay send your promos to :
BP 130
92504 RUEIL Cedex

On air

Radio Ramona is on 6524 Khz and Radio Sparks is on 6650 Khz active at 1020 Utc.
Till 1025 Utc no dutch station received here, very poor conditions, even FRS Holland is very weak on 6220 Khz. I hope that over christmas are better conditions.

Mega Radio

Got information, MEGA RADIO from the FRG will have another try on 48m after last weeks transmitting place-problems. Starting today at 14.00 UTC.
contact for QSL and background information only via mega(@)

Dont forget about the BERMUDA + SONAR broadcast on tomorrow..

DJ Dipol

Info via SWpirates

Radio Atlantis

Radio Atlantis is on the air on 15025 Khz till 2300 Utc. Reports to email-address dutchradioatlantis(@)
Frequency is too high for me 150 kilometres away from the dutch border. But may be you can hear it in Southern Europe or worldwide.

Free Radio Service Holland

Hello SW Friends,

After nearly a year’s silence FRS-Holland will return on SW next Sunday December 17th 2006.
Pxs will be aired on 6220 kHz/ 48 metres and start at 09.00 UTC/ 10.00 CET.
We will be closing down at 13.00 UTC/ 14.00 CET.
Next Sunday will feature FRS Magazine with letters, a retrospect to December 1979 (including a
few radio extracts) and great music. The German Service will be hosted by a new voice: Jan van Dijk.
He will replace Mark Jones who was our German presenter since the late 90s. We like to thank him for all the great pxs on FRS-Holland. We hope (and think) Mark will remain involved with FRS in the background!
Jan’s show will feature present-day music and two interesting radio-related features. Worth while!
SW News and News from Around the World in FRS Goes DX part 1 & 2.
Tune in next Sunday. Reports and letters are (as usual) highly appreciated.
POBox 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, the Netherlands or e-mail at or .
Have a nice weekend,

73s, Peter Verbruggen

Mystery Radio

Tune in every day from Monday to Friday for the evening show from 18:00 to 19:00 UTC (19:00 CET)

We like to hear from you


Thanks to hundreds of listeners writing in so far.


Ab sofort jeden Tag von Montag bis Freitag. Die Abendshow auf Mystery Radio.
Beginn 18:00 UTC bzw. 19:00 Uhr MEZ.

Frequenz : 6220 khz

Wir freuen uns auf Hörerpost.


Vielen Dank an die zahlreichen Hörer, die bisher geschrieben haben.

Info via SWpirates

FRS Holland

Dear FRS Friends,

FRS-Holland is returning to your SW dial Sunday December 10th. The broadcast will be aired on 48 metres and we
commence broadcasting at 09.00 UTC and close down is one hour later.
In fact this broadcast is to promote FRS’ Sunday December 17th broadcast between 09.00- 13.00 UTC (also on 48 metres).
That means a full 4 hour broadcast including FRS Magazine, German Service, Frank Carson Show and FRS Goes DX !
Have a nice Sunday!

73s, Peter V. (on behalf of Jan, Paul, Bobby & Frank)

POBox 2702
6049 ZG Herten
the Netherlands

Cupid Radio

hello radio friends
also this saturday i will go on the 15070 khz again
starting at 14:00 utc first the antenna is aimed at afrika then at 15:00 utc i will give the rotor a swing towards the east part of the usa and canada its pointed at 305 degrees nw
i hope the conditions are better then last week
the sf is good so lets see if the signal will bounce over the world

if you hear us somewereabove the noise level then let us know whats happening in your country ,and of you can write to the snailmail, then you will get 2 brandnew qsl cards back with a 3 pages infosheet from my station

cupid radio 9
8096 ZG

or drop a sms 0031-610544700



Info via SWpirates