Radio Nacional Bata

Radio Nacional Bata is on 5005 Khz at 2135 Utc with SINPO 34433. Plays some nice african music, a real pleasure of listening. Quite good conditions on 60 metres band this evening.

FEBC Manila

FEBC Manila is on 9430 Khz at 1620 Utc in Chinese with SINPO 24333. Programme is talk by woman into religious song. Close down is at 1630 Utc.

Radio Cancao Nova

The brazilian station Radio Cancao Nova is on 9675 Khz at 0445 Utc with SINPO 22432. Programme is in Portuguese, some songs later talk by man. Co-channel interference from BSKSA in Arabic make listening not a pleasure.

HCJB Quito

HCJB Quito is on 9745 Khz at 0440 Utc with SINPO 24433 in Spanish. Programme is talk by man into some religious music. Also the parallel frequency 6050 Khz arrives with O=3.

AIR Delhi

AIR Delhi is on 3945 Khz at 1705 Utc in Urdu with SINPO 44333. High signal strength with S=9+5dB in peaks, programme is talk by man and some local music.

DSWCI Jubilee Band-Monitoring Competition

DSWCI Jubilee Band-Monitoring Competition

30 years ago the DSWCI held some popular Band-Monitoring Competitions where members should listen to broadcast stations on a certain metre band within a specific time period. We are going to do the same on the exact date when the DSWCI was born 50 years ago. The task is to hear as many broadcast transmitters as possible on the 60 metre band between 4750 and 5060 kHz between 0001 and 2359 UTC on the 18th of November, 2006.

We hope that many members around the world will join us and send in their loggings which should have the same format as in our SW TIPS: kHz, heard time period in UTC, country (ITUcode), 18-11-06, station name, language, SINPO and contributor. Only identified stations should be reported. Tentative may be counted, if they sound realistic. The three winners will get a free Domestic Broadcasting Survey 2007.

Please send your contributions to Anker Petersen, Udbyvej 11, DK 2740 Skovlunde, Denmark, before 01 December, 2006.

Source: Christoph Ratzer in A-DX

City Sounds

City Sounds from Singapore is on 6000 Khz at 1550 Utc with SINPO 33433. Programme is chinese pop-music with different announcements. Language is Chinese. Close down is at 1600 Utc.

Radio Okapi

Radio Okapi is on 11690 Khz at 0550 Utc with SINPO 33433. Programme is in French, some talk by men. Transmitter site is in South Africa.

Denge Mesopotamia

Denge Mesopotamia is on 11530 Khz at 0545 Utc with SINPO 35444. Programme is in Kurdish, local pop-music and identification. Transmitter site is in Moldova.

Radio Farda

Radio Farda is on 9865 Khz at 0540 Utc with SINPO 45444. Programme is identification, address into some pop-music. Language is Farsi and the transmitter site is in Morocco.

CVC International

CVC International is on 9430 Khz at 0510 Utc with SINPO 23433. Programme is some pop-music with female announcer. Language is English and the transmitter site is in Germany.

HCJB Quito

Catched the last minutes of HCJB Quito on 6050 Khz at 0500 Utc till sign off at 0504 Utc. SINPO was 24433 and played nice anden-music.

Dr Gene Scott

Dr Gene Scott via transmitter site in Costa Rica is on 6150 Khz at 0450 Utc with SINPO 33443. Programme is in English with bible reading.

PBS Xizang

PBS Xizang is on 4920 Khz at 2215 Utc with SINPO 24433. Programme is in Tibetian, some talk in parallel with 6130 Khz SINPO 34433. Then some local music.