WRTH A21 Update

WRTH Publications is pleased to announce that an A21 schedules update file is now available for download at no cost from: www.wrth.com. This file is a PDF and contains recent updates to the A21 broadcasting schedules that were released earlier in the year (that file is also available, for free, on our website). We hope you find this to be a useful accompaniment to the main A21 schedules file, and to the printed WRTH 2021 volume.

Aoki EiBi A20

Die A20 Liste von Aoki ist zunächst als zip-txt-Datei verfügbar und
erleichtert das Hören doch enorm:

EiBi hat seine Listen zu fast fertig:
Nach Zeit: http://eibispace.de/dx/bc-a20.txt
Nach QRG: http://eibispace.de/dx/freq-a20.txt
CSV: http://eibispace.de/dx/sked-a20.csv
txt für Perseus: http://eibispace.de/dx/eibi.txt
zip für Radio Explorer: http://eibispace.de/dx/eibi-radioexplorer-a20.zip

Info via A-DX

WRTH update A18

We are pleased to announce that the Summer (A18) broadcasting schedules file is now ready for free download. This file is in PDF format (you will need a program that is capable of reading the PDF format, such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.). Please visit http://www.wrth.com and follow the links for ‘updates’. The file is called: WRTH2018IntRadioSuppl2_A18Schedules.pdf
The A18 schedules file contains the broadcasting schedules of over 200 International and Clandestine/target broadcasters; International LW/MW/SW transmitter sites table; International DRM broadcasts; Selected language broadcasts; a ‘by frequency’ table of every frequency used by each station in the main schedule section.
We hope this file will be not only be a useful companion to the printed WRTH, but will also prove indispensable as a standalone source of information.
Best wishes and happy listening/DXing
WRTH (World Radio TV Handbook) Editorial team.