Radio Andorra tribute 12 April 2021

Special program announcement: As some of you know, the legendary Radio Andorra was taken off the air these days 40 years ago in 1981 by the government. Some programs that were prepared couldn’t be aired, most of the material is lost. Luckily, the playlist of the last planned hit-parade from April, 12th 1981 survived, thus it was never broadcasted. 40 years later this will finally be done. Next Monday, April, 12th 2021 at 17 UTC, exact 40 years later we will complete history. The show will be hosted by a DJ that started his career in Radio Andorra end of the 1970s. The program will be in French and broadcasted via Moosbrunn on a steerable LogPer Antenna directed at 270° towards the centre of France. All French-speaking countries in Europe should be covered in good quality.

Date: 12.04.2021

Time: 17 UTC until 20 or 21 UTC (depending on some extra features we try to prepare next days)

Frequency: 6180 kHz

Power: 100kW

ANDORRA (non). I just noticed this Facebook post on 4 April from Christian Milling of
“Happy Easter! Joyeuses P âques! Feli ç Pasqua! These days 40 years ago Radio Andorra disappeared from the ether. On April 12., 2021, we will resurrect it again for 3 hours.”
In response to follow-up posts, Christian advises that the broadcast will be:
“on shortwave, Internet and perhaps local FM relays. Frequencies will follow later. … The radio house (i.e. studio) burned down in 1991, but the location of the central wave station still exists. Last year we already had plans to do something locally. Then Corona came and currently nothing is possible. That’s why it’s gonna be an acoustic revival. Specifically: the created but never sent hit parade from April 12., 1981 we will reconstruct and bring 40 years ‘too late’ On Air; on the net and also short wave (like 1981) I hope that we will have the planned On-site performance then can catch up at some point when the world ticks back to halfway normal.”

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Channel 292 on new 9670 Khz

Morgen, am 1. August, starten wir mit unserer neuen
Frequenz: 9670 kHz im 31 Meterband. Diese ersetzt
7440 kHz.
9670 kHz ist in erster Linie für Fernempfang, insbesondere
während der Nachtperiode.

Programm Informationen:

Tomorrow, August 1st, Radio Channel 292 will start
on our new frequency: 9670 kHz in the 31 meter band.
This will replace 7440 kHz.
9670 kHz will be good for long distance reception,
especially during darkness.

Program information:

Channel 292 News May 2020

Welcome to our first newsletter.

On the 1st of may, we start our new frequency 3955 kHz. Information conc. the program you find here:“>
We are still working on it, so in the beginning not everything might be perfect, but reception reports are extremely welcome!
One request we have today:
We have to finance the station by renting out airtime, and this only covers about 30% of the costs. The bookings of Brother Stair, “The Overcomer Ministry” helped to finance the additional frequency, but May 17th will be his last day. Would be nice, if he would get some reception reports until then.
Very helpful now is the booking of “Word of Deliverance” with two to three hours a day. To let them know, that the program can be heard, please send reception reports to:
This will help us a lot, and maybe you set us /cc or /bcc when you send your report, THANK YOU!
And, when you write to Pastor Inman: We suggested, to change the program from 100% talk, to 50% talk and 50% the kind of music we like to play, to make the program much more interesting to people, who might not be so into religious content. If you think, this would be a good idea, maybe you mention it in your report.

That’s all for today, we have to work on the transmitter and antenna for 3955 kHz. If you have questions, never hesitate to write us. If you know someone, who might be interested, to book commercials on our station, or broadcast his program, please forward our contact data, or let us know!
And we are always open for your wishes and suggestions.

As always:
If you don’t want our Newsletters anymore, send it back FROM THE ADDRESS WE HAVE TO DELETE, and write: Cancel.

We wish you a healthy and happy May!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards
Radio Channel 292
Eja 2
D-85276 Pfaffenhofen

27th edition of the “Radio Broadcasting in Russian”

Dear colleagues!

The 27th edition of the “Radio Broadcasting in Russian” guidebook for the B19 season (volume – 64 pages of A5 format), prepared by the St. Petersburg DX Club, was out of print. It contains the summer schedules of ALL Russian
and foreign radio stations operating in Russian in the AM bands as of early December 2019, which can be received in
Russia and the CIS countries (a total of 49 stations from 32 countries and territories of the world). The reference book
contains frequency and thematic schedules, location and power of transmitters, broadcasting direction, postal
addresses of stations, phone numbers, faxes, email addresses, Web pages and pages on social networks, as well as
a QSL-policy of stations.
For the first time, the section “Internet Broadcasting” has been introduced into the directory. It contains data on
Internet broadcasting of 14 stations from 12 countries and territories of the world.
The handbook is distributed ONLY in print.
Applications for its acquisition, please send by e-mail: dxspb [at]

(Alexander Berezkin, St. Petersburg DX Club, Russia)

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Klingenfuss News 2019

Dear friends,

we’re now working on our new products

– 2020 Shortwave Frequency Guide
– 2020 Super Frequency List on CD
– 2020 Frequency Database for the Perseus LF-HF Software-Defined
– Supplement January 2020 to the 2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio

to be published on 10 December 2019.

Full-resolution title page graphics can be found at and and

If you are able to supply additional new frequencies and stations,
your cooperation would be highly appreciated. Please let us have your
data by 25 October 2019.

The printed Supplement, with 700+ new frequencies and stations
monitored throughout 2019, will be attached free to all copies of the
2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio Stations sold after 1 January 2020.
Those customers that did acquire the 2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio
Stations before that date may download the pertinent .PDF file free
from our website, after 1 January 2020.

Says Howard E Michel WB2ITX, Chief Executive Officer of the American
Radio Relay League, in QST September 2019: “Kiwi-SDR … the
blending of modern, low-cost open-source computer hardware and
software with ham radio … This technology is accessible to
virtually everyone, everywhere.” More than 460 free receivers
worldwide are currently linked e.g. on! Our article “Internet-
controlled SDRs”, focusing on the reception of fascinating HF utility
radio stations, is available at .

HF is dead! Really? We’ve been told so … for 52 years ;-))) Anyway,
the brandnew HFDL station in South Korea is extremely busy – 24/7 on
8 frequencies – since 27 March 2019 … More than 800 new digital
data decoder screenshots will be published on our 2020 Super
Frequency List on CD … To be continued!

The incessantly updated product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on
USB Stick now covers more than 17,700 (seventeen thousand seven
hundred!) screenshots from 1997 to today. Feed your PC or Tablet with
this data, and the “slide show” will keep you busy for a few days –
or weeks!

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The new edition of BDXC’s ever-popular Radio Stations in the UK & Ireland
is now available. This comprehensive 72-page directory of UK mediumwave
and FM radio stations covers all BBC, commercial, and community radio
stations as well as low power AM/FM services operating with long-term
licences. It is a must for anyone interested in UK & Irish radio.
Features include:

* Station listings by both frequency and name *
* Community Radio and Low Power AM/FM services *
* Frequencies cross-reference to show\\channels *
* Transmitter sites & powers, web sites, DAB station listings *
* Separate section covers RTE and independent stations in Ireland *

PRICE per copy: UK GBP4.50 Europe: GBP7.00 or 9 Euro;
Rest of World GBP8.00 or $11 US dollars

SPECIAL OFFER: Two copies only GBP7.50 (UK) ; GBP11 or 14 Euro
(Europe) (UK cheque/Postal Orders payable to “British DX Club”. Paypal,
cash or IRCs also welcome)

Please send all orders to:
British DX Club, 19 Park Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 6PF, U.K. Europe
Paypal to
Enquiries to

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World Radio TV Handbook 2019 Published 7 December 2018 – Order your copy today!

World Radio TV Handbook 2019
Published 7 December 2018 – Order your copy today!

We are delighted to announce the publication of the 73rd edition of WRTH.

For full details of WRTH 2019 and to order a copy please visit our website at where you can also order the B18 WRTH Bargraph Frequency Guide on CD and Download.

WRTH 2019 is also available for pre-order, for readers in the USA, from or Universal Radio in Ohio.

I hope you enjoy using this new edition of WRTH and the new CD.

Best regards,

Nicholas Hardyman


WRTH update A18

We are pleased to announce that the Summer (A18) broadcasting schedules file is now ready for free download. This file is in PDF format (you will need a program that is capable of reading the PDF format, such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.). Please visit and follow the links for ‘updates’. The file is called: WRTH2018IntRadioSuppl2_A18Schedules.pdf
The A18 schedules file contains the broadcasting schedules of over 200 International and Clandestine/target broadcasters; International LW/MW/SW transmitter sites table; International DRM broadcasts; Selected language broadcasts; a ‘by frequency’ table of every frequency used by each station in the main schedule section.
We hope this file will be not only be a useful companion to the printed WRTH, but will also prove indispensable as a standalone source of information.
Best wishes and happy listening/DXing
WRTH (World Radio TV Handbook) Editorial team.