Channel 292 News May 2020

Welcome to our first newsletter.

On the 1st of may, we start our new frequency 3955 kHz. Information conc. the program you find here:“>
We are still working on it, so in the beginning not everything might be perfect, but reception reports are extremely welcome!
One request we have today:
We have to finance the station by renting out airtime, and this only covers about 30% of the costs. The bookings of Brother Stair, “The Overcomer Ministry” helped to finance the additional frequency, but May 17th will be his last day. Would be nice, if he would get some reception reports until then.
Very helpful now is the booking of “Word of Deliverance” with two to three hours a day. To let them know, that the program can be heard, please send reception reports to:
This will help us a lot, and maybe you set us /cc or /bcc when you send your report, THANK YOU!
And, when you write to Pastor Inman: We suggested, to change the program from 100% talk, to 50% talk and 50% the kind of music we like to play, to make the program much more interesting to people, who might not be so into religious content. If you think, this would be a good idea, maybe you mention it in your report.

That’s all for today, we have to work on the transmitter and antenna for 3955 kHz. If you have questions, never hesitate to write us. If you know someone, who might be interested, to book commercials on our station, or broadcast his program, please forward our contact data, or let us know!
And we are always open for your wishes and suggestions.

As always:
If you don’t want our Newsletters anymore, send it back FROM THE ADDRESS WE HAVE TO DELETE, and write: Cancel.

We wish you a healthy and happy May!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards
Radio Channel 292
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