Radio 208 5805 Khz 1440 Khz

After four unsuccessful attempts over the last couple of months today Radio208 finally began broadcasting on shortwave on 5805 kHz. The American built 250 Watts transmitter for 5805 kHz blew up three times in the process. Then a new British built 250 Watt transmitter was purchased, but it turned out that the maximum power it could radiate was 164 Watt. However it’s a fine transmitter, so this transmitter has now successfully been put into operation – running about 75 Watts at present; will be increased to 150 Watts later.

The transmitter site is Hvidovre, a suburb of Copenhagen and the aerial is a dipole.

This is the first time for more than 30 years that shortwave broadcasting is being carried out from Copenhagen. Radio Denmark ceased broadcasting from its Herstedvester site on in February 1990.

Radio208 still continuous broadcasting on 1440 kHz (500 W) from Ishøj, also a suburb of Copenhagen.

Both transmitters (1440 and 5805 kHz) are running 24/7.

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Stig Hartvig Nielsen via Facebook