Radio Andorra tribute 12 April 2021

Special program announcement: As some of you know, the legendary Radio Andorra was taken off the air these days 40 years ago in 1981 by the government. Some programs that were prepared couldn’t be aired, most of the material is lost. Luckily, the playlist of the last planned hit-parade from April, 12th 1981 survived, thus it was never broadcasted. 40 years later this will finally be done. Next Monday, April, 12th 2021 at 17 UTC, exact 40 years later we will complete history. The show will be hosted by a DJ that started his career in Radio Andorra end of the 1970s. The program will be in French and broadcasted via Moosbrunn on a steerable LogPer Antenna directed at 270° towards the centre of France. All French-speaking countries in Europe should be covered in good quality.

Date: 12.04.2021

Time: 17 UTC until 20 or 21 UTC (depending on some extra features we try to prepare next days)

Frequency: 6180 kHz

Power: 100kW

ANDORRA (non). I just noticed this Facebook post on 4 April from Christian Milling of
“Happy Easter! Joyeuses P âques! Feli ç Pasqua! These days 40 years ago Radio Andorra disappeared from the ether. On April 12., 2021, we will resurrect it again for 3 hours.”
In response to follow-up posts, Christian advises that the broadcast will be:
“on shortwave, Internet and perhaps local FM relays. Frequencies will follow later. … The radio house (i.e. studio) burned down in 1991, but the location of the central wave station still exists. Last year we already had plans to do something locally. Then Corona came and currently nothing is possible. That’s why it’s gonna be an acoustic revival. Specifically: the created but never sent hit parade from April 12., 1981 we will reconstruct and bring 40 years ‘too late’ On Air; on the net and also short wave (like 1981) I hope that we will have the planned On-site performance then can catch up at some point when the world ticks back to halfway normal.”

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George Zeller RIP

I was shocked and saddened to learn of George Zeller’s sudden passing earlier today (March 20) in a house fire this morning. I had exchanged emails with George earlier this week on NASWA editorial matters as he was slowly recovering from his recent Covid-19 vaccination. The news article in the online Cleveland Comeback mentioned overcrowded electrical outlets/extension cords as the cause of the accidental fire. George was 71 years old.

George and I knew each other for about 40 years. George came to several DXpeditions at Gifford Pinchot and French Creek State Parks. We attended many of the same radio hobby gatherings over the years. For several years, I traveled to Cleveland for work; George and I would go out to dinner on those occasions. Naturally, any time my company was mentioned in the local newspaper George would eagerly forward that information to me. George also traveled to the Winter SWL Festival in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania each year to gather with like minded radio people. He attended other radio conventions too over the year’s throughout the country.

George was well known in the greater Cleveland area as an Economist who kept close tabs on the Ohio economy. The Economic Indicators project he worked on provided continually updated information on poverty, earnings, and the economy in all Ohio counties and communities, with related demographics. In Ohio, Economic Indicators data include annual income trends for all 612 Ohio school districts. Detailed data was also available for job growth and payroll earnings in all Ohio counties going back to 1979, including measures of the very large job losses suffered by Cleveland and Ohio during the 2000s recession that has lingered longer in Ohio than it did elsewhere in the United States. Over the year’s he mixed with local political figures and served as a volunteer in a number of community organizations serving the greater Cleveland area. He was a regular on several talk radio programs when Ohio’s economy was the lead topic.

George was an active baseball and football fan. He attended baseball games wherever he could. He spent time traveling to difference cities attending games in many major league and minor league baseball stadiums. I recall making such a trip to Camden Yards in Baltimore with several others to catch an Orioles-Yankees baseball game when my children were youngsters. He was an enthusiastic Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns fan going back to the glory days of the 1950’s. He never forgave the Indians for trading away Rocky Colavito.

For twenty years George wrote a column about unlicensed pirate and clandestine shortwave radio broadcasting news in Monitoring Times magazine. He was also a contributing editor to Passport to World Band Radio, the definitive guide to international shortwave broadcasting frequencies, schedules, and receiving equipment. For decades he wrote a column on Clandestine radio broadcasting in the monthly issues of The ACE from the Association of Clandestine Radio Enthusiasts. Annually, he hosted the Pirate Radio Forum at the Winter SWL Festival in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania as well as being the host of the prize raffle at the Saturday night banquet. In recent years, George was the editor of the Pirate Radio Report column for the North American Shortwave Association. He joined NASWA in December 1965 as a lad of sixteen.

George was always fun to be with and a real character to boot. No matter what the topic of the conversation was, he had a story that may or may not have been pertinent. There was never a dull moment when he was part of the group. George Zeller will be missed by all of us.

(Rich D`Angelo, NASWA iog via Dan Robinson) via WOR

Shortwave Radio printed QSL-cards

Get it the old way: Printed QSLs at ShortwaveRadio: Thanks to our new QSL-manager – Mario- we now offer printed QSL cards for reception reports arriving (via post only) via the address of the World Wide DX Club: Shortwave Radio, c/o World Wide DX Club, P.O.Box 1214, D-61282 Bad Homburg, Germany. QSL policy: At least 30min of programme details incl. comments to the programme. Minimum 3 Euro return postage cash or via paypal or direct to the bank account of our support group “Freundeskreis Shortwaveradio” IBAN: DE82 5186 1806 0000 0025 77, BIC: GENODE51OBM to cover the costs. Tune in and enjoy. Be patient a bit – the snail mail takes it time to get collected etc….HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL LISTENERS & FRIENDS

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