CBC Kanada

die kanadische Rundfunkgesellschaft CBC hat vor einiger Zeit ihre Stream-URLs umgestellt. Eine Übersicht findet sich hier:


Zu beachten ist, dass die CBC von Windows Media Audio (WMS) zu mp3 als Stream-Format gewechselt ist.

Die Test-Streams in Ogg Vorbis:


hat man wohl eingestellt, jedenfalls höre ich dort zur Zeit nichts mehr.

Die CBC bietet übrigens ein schönes Jazz-Programm an:


Info via Net-Radio

The Disco Palace

New station via TDP in DRM on shortwave: The Disco Palace:


“Feel the music” and get surrounded by the disco beat, listen every day to “The Disco Palace” on your digital radio, the maximum level of audio quality that you find in the market.

We broadcast in the DRM-standard (Digital Radio Mondiale).

Broadcast Frequency
Europe from 1400-1500 UTC 6015 kHz
North America from 2000-2100 UTC 17755 kHz

Check website: http://www.thediscopalace.com/

Joerg Klingenfuss – Five new products for Dxers

Dear friends,

five new products for 2010

– 2010 Super Frequency List on CD
– 2010 Shortwave Frequency Guide
– 2010 Frequency Database for the PERSEUS Software-Defined Receiver
– 1997-2010 Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on CD
– Free Supplement January 2010 to the
2009/2010 Guide to Utility Radio Stations

have been published on 8 December. We’ve worked around the clock and hundreds of advance orders have been mailed by Thursday 10 December, i.e. well in time for the Christmas holiday and radio monitoring season. Enjoy!

Larry Magne’s Passport to World Band Radio has been discontinued:
there will be no 2010 edition and beyond. By consequence, our 2010
Shortwave Frequency Guide remains the only international handbook
that gives you full schedule details for each entry in the unique
broadcast frequency list, e.g.

4824.4 – La Voz de la Selva – Iquitos – PRU – 01.00-03.00 – Sp – dom –

7210.0 – All India Radio – Kolkata – IND – 04.00 – 05.00 – En Hi Bg –
dom – Sat Sun

11675.0 – Radio New Zealand International – Rangitaiki – NZL – 04.59-
06.58 – En – Pa – DRM

On our updated website


you can download full A4 size PDF sample pages of our latest printed
products as well as the new 2010 catalogue, plus detailed product
descriptions, sample pages, screenshots, and a list of dealers
worldwide – from Australia to the United States of America!
Alternatively, you may ask for our free 24-pages 2010 printed
catalogue to your postal address.

Deadline for the very latest 2010 broadcast schedules published in
the brandnew Shortwave Frequency Guide was on 20 November 2009.
Unlike traditional publications in this field, our clear layout and
new typeface provides for excellent legibility. See the brandnew PDF
sample pages!

Apart from the usual up-to-date broadcast and utility station and
schedule databases, the 2010 Super Frequency List on CD now covers
353 fascinating new digital data decoder screenshots from
professional HF stations around the globe.

Our product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on CD now covers more
than 7,000 (seven thousand!) digital data decoder screenshots from
1997 to today, essentially produced with WAVECOM equipment. Feed your Windows PC with this CD, and the “slide show” will keep you busy for a few days – or weeks!

WAVECOM W-CODE is a software decoder with inputs identical to the
famous W61PC. It allows seamless integration with SDR (Software-
Defined Radio) receivers with IQ data or digital audio outputs, and
provides all functions required to analyze, decode and process data
communications throughout the complete radio spectrum (HF, VHF, UHF, SHF). MICROTELECOM’s revolutionary Perseus and the W-CODE make a real dream team!

The W61 series of Digital Data Analyzer and Decoder products is
clearly targeted at the professional market. Typical applications are
manual or automated monitoring of radio communication transmissions
in the HF + UHF + VHF + SHF + satellite bands, SIGINT, and signal
analysis and classification. The superb new software cracks 200+
modes with worldwide leading technology. Detailed information can be
found on our website and in the printed brochure available upon

As precisely predicted by ourselves – and by nobody else! – already
10 years ago in 2000, HF e-mail continues to spread rapidly and has
developed into the major application of modern digital HF techniques
that we have marketed – and used! – for years.

After Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Lesson # 1
says: Forget about satphone, BPL, cellphones, e-mail and Internet. HF
radio is vital!

The free Supplement January 2010 to the 2009/2010 Guide to Utility
Radio Stations can be downloaded from our website as well. Click Free
Supplement Jan ’10!

Best wishes, Joerg Klingenfuss

Klingenfuss Publications
Klingenfuss Radio Monitoring
Hagenloher Str. 14
72070 Tuebingen
Phone +49 7071 62830
Fax +49 7071 600849
E-Mail info(at)klingenfuss.org

Info via dxld

XEDA, Imagen

The weekly LIVING IN MEXICO is now Sat 1300-1400 and Sun 1600-1700 UT.
IMAGEN NEWS Con Ana María Salazar: Mon-Sat 1130-1200; UT Mon, Tue 0500-0530; UT Wed-Sat 0430-0500.

Checking out the English programs from XEDA, Imagen:

Direct link to audio stream; don`t forget the final / —

Also two months` audio available on demand:

Info via dxld

RMRC RSD 2009 Party live in Internet

RMRC RSD 2009 Party live in Internet

PLEASE try to join us at the Rhein-Main Radio Club Radio St. Helena Day 2009 Party.

The RMRC plans to have a live CHAT, a webcam with audio so that
DXers can tell us about their reception conditions and about themselves during the RSD 2009 broadcasts.

The RMRC plans to start the CHAT at about 19:00 UTC on 14. November 2009.

To find the RMRC in the Internet, go to our homepage www.rmrc.de
On the homepage, on the left side, select “RMRC WebCam”.
The webcam picure will be updated about every minute.
You can CHAT with us using the chat-box just below the photo.

You can hear the streaming audio by starting SKYPE.
Start SKYPE on your computer.
SEARCH for :
“RMRC” AND (“Germany” or “Deutschland”) AND “All Languages”
and then hit “Find”
NOTE: be SURE to use “Germany” or “Deutschland”, otherwise you get
an address in Brazil or somewhere.
The result should be: RMRC rmrcev Germany, Frankfurt
ADD this NEW Contact to your Skype list of contacts.

For other information from the RMRC, see:
www.rmrc.de/StHelena.html for Radio St. Helena information
www.rmrc.de/QSLCalendar.html for the RMRC 2010 QSL Calendar
www.rmrc.de/Webcam.html for direct access to the webcam page
These addresses must be exactly as shown (upper and lower case letters).

For RSD 2009, RSH has set up a special email address :
— to contact the RSH studio to take part in the program and
— to take part in the drawing for RMRC 2010 QSL Calendars.
This special email address is: radio.announcements4669(at)msn.com
It is vital to use only lower case letters in this address.

Many thanks for your help and interest and with very best greetings,
Gary Walters , Station Manager of Radio St. Helena
Harald Gabler, Lutz Winkler, and Robert Kipp
Rhein-Main Radio Club , Frankfurt, Germany

Please pass this information along to your radio club and radio friends.
(Robert Kipp Via Jaisakthivel, Chennai, India) via DXLD

Radio Ekho Kavkaza on SW and Online

The first news bulletin of this newest service from RFE/RL can be heard here:

MP3: http://realaudio.rferl.org/GR/news/news_GR.mp3
RealAudio: http://realaudio.rferl.org/GR/news/news_GR.rm
Windows Media: mms://realaudio.rferl.org/GR/news/news_GR.wma

The station’s website: http://www.ekhokavkaza.com/ Everything is in Russian there.

Here’s the schedule: http://www.ekhokavkaza.com/HowToListen.aspx The SW frequecies are 9525 and 9780. VHF (FM) is mentioned, too but without exact frequencies. Must be that semi-clandestime Radio Green Wave set up by Tbilisi.

Time is given as 2100 to 2200 Moscow time. I assume that is 1800 to 1900 UT.

The service’s live online channel is http://www.rferl.org/realaudio/c4.ram

Info via dxld

KBS World Radio English Service

Dear listeners

KBS World Radio’s one-hour programming is now available on 1440 kHz at 0100 CET for European listeners in England, Germany, France, Denmark and the Netherlands. The programming will be also simulcast at www.rtl1440.com. If you miss that slot, don’t worry. You can listen to us again at 2100 CET through the internet audio stream at www.rtl1440.com. Please let me know how clear the signal is. We’re going to send out a small souvenir to every one who sends us reception report. Enjoy listening.

Info via Cumbre DX


Radio Damascus

You can download the audio recording of the daily program on the internet at the following direct links :


Radio Damascus’ English, Spanish and German program are now also available as a podcast :

http://radiodamascusenglish.podomatic.com (English program)
http://aquidamasco.podomatic.com (Spanish program)
http://radio700.eu/podcasts/damaskus/damaskus.xml (German program)

Info via HCDX


Hello friends,

From September 28. until October 4. there will be the 44. DX-Camp
of the Rhein-Main-Radio-Club in Langenselbold near Frankfurt.
As usual during the first days we’ll stick our ears and antennas out to the airwaves for real hardcore DXing, supported by lots of coffie or not so much of red vine or free beer. On friday we offer a warm or cold buffet and on saturday a warm snack.

Fr. and Sat. evening will be some lessons from Manfred Rippich about visiting broadcasting station all over the world Robert Kipp about Radio St. Helena and the St. Helena-Day Nov.09 Harald Gabler shows pictures of the new QSL-Calendar 2010

And the next sensation: The brain new DSP-High-End Receiver RDR54C1 we have got from Fa. Reuter Elekronik for some tests.

All that is the normal procedure every year, one might say, but this year is special. For the first time everyone may watch everthing happening via the magic internet!

Tuesday – Saturday 18.00- 24.00 UTC
on www.rmrc.de
got to: RMRC Webcam
if you will be asked for password: rmrc

Livestream is without audio at webpage

Livestream with audio go for: Link
(only, if there is no test-picture)

Some of our members or other enthusiastic DXers would like to
take part, but can’t, because of various reasons like work, time,
illness or simply ’cause of a to far distance.

For the first time you and any DXer can click in to the DX-Camp and watch, what’s going on. There will be a chat, to talk to DXers present on the event. You may ask them all sorts of questions, like what the hear and where it’s coming from. You may even follow some lectures with your own eyes and ears, even if you’re hundreds of miles away from the meeting. Chats are held in german and englisch and perhaps a mixture of everything european including hands and feet, due to the use of video. And you will get a QSL-Card from this event.

This is following the ideas of Thomas Moeller and Harald Gabler and
realisation Lutz Winkler and they hope to find lots of interested DXers to either come to the meeting, or watch it via the internet.

klick www.rmrc.de to find more about us and our club RMRC.

best 73

Harald Gabler

Rhein-Main-Radio-Club, Germany

Info via PlayDX

Radio Polonia A07


HOME PAGE: http://www.radio.com.pl/polonia
INTERNET AUDIO: http://www.wrn.org/ondemand

1200 – 1259 11850 9525
1700 – 1759 7140 7265

1030 – 1059 7285 5965
1530 – 1630 6050
2100 – 2200 6050 7265

1130 – 1159 5975 5965
1530 – 1555 5975
1930 – 1955 6110 6140

1800 – 1830 9695

1100 – 1125 13745 13840
1300 – 1329 11835 13800
1430 – 1455 7180
1800 – 1829 6175
1900 – 1955 6050

1330 – 1430 7180 6035
1630 – 1659 6050

1430 – 1459 6000
1500 – 1529 9440 9555
1830 – 1859 6145 6175
1900 – 1929 5910

Polish Radio cancelled broadcast in ESPERANTO

Info via Jacek Szymik on http://www.hard-core-dx.com/

Radio Ukraine International A07

Radio Ukraine International
Summer A07 Broadcasting Schedule
(25 March 2007 – 28 October 2007)

Time UTC; Frequency; Txer Site; Azimuth; Target Area
0000-0500; 7530(5830); Kharkiv; 055; Russia
0500-0800; 9945(7420); Kharkiv; 277; Western Europe
0800-1300; 15675(9950); Kharkiv; 277; Western Europe
1300-1700; 7530(5830); Kharkiv; 055; Russia
1700-2100; 7490(5830); Kharkiv; 290; Western Europe
2100-2400; 7510(5830); Kharkiv; 290; Western Europe
2300-0400; 7440(5820); Lviv; 307; Northeastern America

Power of transmitters: in Kharkiv – 100 kW; in Lviv – 500 kW.

At the end of September, the frequencies in brackets can replace the main frequencies.

Transmission schedules (via transmitter site) in various languages are as follows:
ENGLISH (one hour long): at 0000 & 0300 (Lviv), at 1100 & 2100 (Kharkiv).
GERMAN (one hour long): at 1700, 2000 & 2300 (Kharkiv).
UKRAINIAN programmes are transmitted at all times except for the times reserved for English and German programmes, as shown above.
Romanian (half an hour long): at 1700, 1930 & 2100 on 657 kHz (via Chernivtsi).

On WEB-site www.nrcu.gov.ua transmissions in Real Audio format:
ENGLISH: at 0000, 0300, 1100, 2100.
GERMANY: at 1700, 2000, 2300.
UKRAINIAN: all other time of the day.

The Ukrainian and English transmissions are also available on satellite “Sirius 2” (5 degrees East, 11766 MHz).

This schedule is subject to changes.

(Via Alexander Yegorov)

Alokesh Gupta New Delhi on http://www.hard-core-dx.com/

IRRS / European Gospel Radio new schedule


Just a short note to confirm that our programs on IRRS Shortwave and European Gospel Radio are back on the air as of Friday Nov. 24th, 2006.

We hope that the upgrade of our station and the additional power will help provide a better, louder signal in our targets.

Here is our schedule effective Nov. 24, 2006. More broadcasts will be added in the next few weeks:

Fri 15750 12.00 13.00 13.00 14.00 W/AFR
Fri 5775 17.00 19.30 18.00 20.30 EU
Sun 9310 10.30 13.00 11.30 14.00 EU
Sun 15735 13.00 13.30 14.00 14.30 India
Sun 5775 15.00 16.00 16.00 17.00 EU
Sun 5775 17.00 19.30 18.00 20.30 EU

All programs also available 24/7 via streaming audio at:

http://mp3.nexus.org and http://www.egradio.org

As usual we appreciate all reception reports, comments and questions via email to reports@nexus.org or by snail mail at the addresses that you can hear on the air.

Happy Thanksgiving week-end to those in the USA and happy listening to all.



Source: playdx