Special EDXC-transmission

Special SPBRC and Radio Gardarika short wave transmission for EDXC 2006

On October 22, 2006 (Sunday) SPBRC (Saint-Petersburg Regional Centre) and Radio Gardarika will carry out a special short wave transmission devoted to EDXC 2006 conference in St.Petersburg.

The time is 10.00-11.00 UTC and the frequencies are 12010 kHz in the 25 m.b. for North-West and West Europe and 15640 kHz in the 19 m.b. for South-East and Central Europe and also for North Africa.

Two 200 kW transmitters of our St.Petersburg-Popovka transmitting centre will be used for this program. We hope that our signals will be able to reach some other parts of the world such as South-East Asia, Japan or Australia.

Unfortunately, we do not verify reports for this transmission – but we shall be very grateful for any comments about the reception quality to 12010and15640(@)mail.ru

Thank you in advance.

Mikhail Timofeyev

Source: hard-core-dx List