Radio Nederland on 22nd of November, 2006

Confirmed frequencies for RNW election coverage in Dutch on 22 November

On Wednesday 22 November, the Dutch go to the polls in a general election. For worldwide coverage in Dutch of the results, some additional frequencies will be in use. The following frequencies have been confirmed. Several others are under negotiation and will be published when confirmation is received. Frequencies will be on the air after the polls close as follows (all times UTC):

* 2000-2400 on 1314 kHz to Northwest Europe
* 2100-2200 on 7120 kHz to Central Africa
* 2100-2200 on 11655 kHz to West Africa
* 2100-2200 on 15315 kHz to Surinam & NE Brazil
* 2100-2200 on 17810 kHz to West Africa
* 2100-2200 on 17895 kHz to South America (south)
* 2100-2300 on 6040 kHz to West and Southwest Europe
* 2100-2300 on 9895 kHz to Central and Northwest Africa
* 2200-2300 on 15315 kHz to South America (south)
* 2200-2300 on 11730 kHz to Canary Islands / North Africa
* 2300-2400 on 6165 kHz to North America (east)
* 2300-2400 on 9525 kHz to Caribbean / South America (north)

We draw the attention of listeners in Europe to the transmission on mediumwave 1314 kHz from the 1200 kW transmitter in Norway which has been withdrawn from regular service. Full details of transmitter sites will be published when the list is complete. The definitive frequency schedule with relay sites is posted at

Source: Rudolf Sonntag on A-Dx-List