Internationaler Ecos del Torbes Tag!

Für die, es es verschlafen haben:

Friday August 9, 2013 at 0200-0230 UTC on 9955 kHz and 780 kHz
Saturday August 10, 2013 at 2230-2300 UTC via Radio Miami International 9955 kHz

“Dear Colleagues and Listeners DXers World!

We want to celebrate with you “International Day of Ecos del Torbes”,
Venezuelan flagship station broadcasts 66 years, which for many years
at various frequencies transmitted shortwave bands in tropical and international

For this reason, we have a special program to be aired simultàneaente
on medium wave 780 kHz and internet and also by 9,955 kHz, 31 meter
band of WRMI Radio Miami International

Have a good tuning medium wave, shortwave and internet! All reports can be sent to Reception On this website find an icon to leave all heard the transmission data and personal
data with the purpose of obtaining the electronic QSL “International Day of Ecos del Torbes”.
(Jorge Isacc García Rangel, Venezuela via Yimber Gaviria, station logo via Rafael Rodríguez, tnx)

via Arctic Radio Club via A-DX