HF Broadcasters: interactive map

Hi – recently, I transferred all HF Broadcaster’s location from ILGRadio list to an interactive map on free Tableau Public software, see:


This map is interactive in some ways:
* a mouse-over reveals the broadcaster’s name, location, coordinates and the power of the transmitter (or that of one of the transmitters at a center)
* zooming-in presents you with an aerial view of the aerials … where the resolution of the underlying satellite maps permits
As HFCC/ITU and WRTH data isn’t sufficient in many aspects to do this task, I decided to use Bernd’s decades-long and somewhat detective work to visualize these data.
Why Tableau? Well, Google Map oder Google Earth etc. might deliver a better resolution, but only Tableau allows for presenting also some statistic data, like number of transmitters per site or weekly wirtime, or power, mulitplied by airtime etc. Hopefully, ther will be some future to add this also.
73 Nils, DK8OK

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