RNE 1 mediumwave reduced powers

As the news of SER Spain ending the MW Services, here are some news of RNE on MW.
RNE 1 Spain reduces MW powers from 300 to 75 kW.
According to the union section of the UGT on RTVE, RNE has reduced the power of the following stations of Radio Nacional de España-Radio 1:
585 Madrid (Majadahonda) from 300kW to 150/100kW
621 Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Las Mesas) from 300kW to 100/75kW
639 A Coruña (Meson do Vento) from 300kW to 100/75kW
684 Seville (Los Palacios) from 300kW to 150 /100kW
738 Barcelona (Palau de Plegamáns) from 300kW to 150/100kW
855 Murcia (Torre Cotillas) from 300kW to 100/75kW
The current figures indicate the day/night power

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