HCJB via CVC Chile

In den kommenden Woche wird es einige Testsendungen für den portugisischen und deutschen Dienst von Radio HCJB über die Sendeanlagen von CVC in Chile geben.
Das Zielgebiet ist Südamerika bzw der Norden Brasiliens. Wer es hier in
Deutschland auch mal probieren möchte:

07. – 11.09.2009:

2300-2400 UTC, 9865kHz
0000-0100 UTC, 11755kHz

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BR Senderverzeichnis 2009 / 2010

Das bietet das Senderverzeichnis 2009 / 2010

* Aktuelle Verbreitungswege und -techniken von BR-Programmen
* Die digitale Welt der ARD und HDTV
* Digitales Fernsehen, Digital Radio, Mobiler Rundfunk, Satelliten- und Kabelempfang
* Rückblick 60 Jahre UKW
* Tabellen und Verbreitungskarten mit Senderstandorten,
Radiofrequenzen und Fernsehkanälen
* Servicenummern des BR

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GARS 30th anniversary

ITALY This year in October 20, 2009 the Italian Club GARS – Gruppo Ascolto Radio dello Stretto – marks the 30th anniversary of its foundation.

In this occasion our Club organise a cultural contest, to reply 8 questions.

Request the leaflet-contest to:
GARS c/o Giovanni Sergi – Via Sibari 40 – 98149 Messina – Italy.

To see our web site: www.polistenaweb.it/gars

17 & 18 October 2009 convention in Napoli – Naples – Neapel

Participation, free of charge, is until 20 of September.
My best wishes for this anniversary to all our supporters.
Giovanni Sergi, GARS Coordinator, Messina, Italy (Aug 22)

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Radio St Helena Day 2009

Radio St. Helena Day 2009 will be on Saturday, 14. November 2009.
The “Party On-The-Air” will have the following schedule.
Time in UT Target Area(s)
2000–2100 India / Southeast Asia
2100–2200 Japan / Asia
2200–2330 Europe
2330–0100 North America / Central America / Caribbean
The transmission will be on 11092.5 kHz in Upper Side Band, as usual.

Radio St. Helena is very pleased to announce that the newly designed RSD 2009 QSL cards will be sponsored by the highly respected Japan Short Wave Club. This good news has been reported by Mr. T. Ohtake of the JSWC. It can truly be said, that without the very generous help of the JSWC, there would not have been a RSD Revival in 2006.

To get a QSL from Radio St. Helena, you must send a written and
verifiable reception report by AIRMAIL and include sufficient return
postage. Email-reports will be not be verified. Recordings will not be
returned. In EURO-countries, please send a 5-Euro banknote. Otherwise, please send 3 or more US dollar banknotes to cover the required return postage.

Radio St. Helena
P. O. Box 93
Jamestown, St. Helena
South Atlantic Ocean
———— ——— ——–
via United Kingdom & Ascension
———— ——— ——— ——— ———

The last two lines of the above address are very important and should be written as shown. Be sure to use sufficient postage on your letter to RSH. Ask at your local post office for the correct AIRMAIL postage for your letter to go all the way to St. Helena.

Emails and telephone calls from DXers everywhere are very welcome during the broadcasts. A special email address for RSD 2009 will, probably, be announced in October.

Gary Walters and his Team at RSH wish everyone excellent listening
conditions, hope that you enjoy the programming, and hope that the
sunspots will be kinder to us this year.

With best 73’s, (Robert Kipp, Aug 14, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Source: HCDX Mailingliste

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RAMADAN is almost upon us as it precesses earlier and earlier by the Western calendar: approximately Aug 22 to Sept 20, and you know what that means for SW broadcasts from Islam-dominated countries.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Aug 13)

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