SAQ 17.2 Khz 24 December

The historic Alexanderson alternator transmitter at Grimeton, Sweden is
preserved as a museum and is operated by volunteers on various special days throughout the year. The station will transmit CW on its usual frequency of 17.2kHz on 24 December at 0800UTC. These transmissions are well worth listening to if you can rig up some kind of the receiver, the musical sound of the keyed alternator is unique


Reports are welcome and will be confirmed by QSL-cards.

QSL reports can be given via:
– E-mail to:
– or fax to: +46-340-674195
– or via SM bureau
– or direct by mail to: Alexander – Grimeton Veteranradios Vaenner,
Radiostationen, Grimeton 72, S-430 16 ROLFSTORP, SWEDEN

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Joerg Klingenfuss – Five new products for Dxers

Dear friends,

five new products for 2010

– 2010 Super Frequency List on CD
– 2010 Shortwave Frequency Guide
– 2010 Frequency Database for the PERSEUS Software-Defined Receiver
– 1997-2010 Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on CD
– Free Supplement January 2010 to the
2009/2010 Guide to Utility Radio Stations

have been published on 8 December. We’ve worked around the clock and hundreds of advance orders have been mailed by Thursday 10 December, i.e. well in time for the Christmas holiday and radio monitoring season. Enjoy!

Larry Magne’s Passport to World Band Radio has been discontinued:
there will be no 2010 edition and beyond. By consequence, our 2010
Shortwave Frequency Guide remains the only international handbook
that gives you full schedule details for each entry in the unique
broadcast frequency list, e.g.

4824.4 – La Voz de la Selva – Iquitos – PRU – 01.00-03.00 – Sp – dom –

7210.0 – All India Radio – Kolkata – IND – 04.00 – 05.00 – En Hi Bg –
dom – Sat Sun

11675.0 – Radio New Zealand International – Rangitaiki – NZL – 04.59-
06.58 – En – Pa – DRM

On our updated website

you can download full A4 size PDF sample pages of our latest printed
products as well as the new 2010 catalogue, plus detailed product
descriptions, sample pages, screenshots, and a list of dealers
worldwide – from Australia to the United States of America!
Alternatively, you may ask for our free 24-pages 2010 printed
catalogue to your postal address.

Deadline for the very latest 2010 broadcast schedules published in
the brandnew Shortwave Frequency Guide was on 20 November 2009.
Unlike traditional publications in this field, our clear layout and
new typeface provides for excellent legibility. See the brandnew PDF
sample pages!

Apart from the usual up-to-date broadcast and utility station and
schedule databases, the 2010 Super Frequency List on CD now covers
353 fascinating new digital data decoder screenshots from
professional HF stations around the globe.

Our product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on CD now covers more
than 7,000 (seven thousand!) digital data decoder screenshots from
1997 to today, essentially produced with WAVECOM equipment. Feed your Windows PC with this CD, and the “slide show” will keep you busy for a few days – or weeks!

WAVECOM W-CODE is a software decoder with inputs identical to the
famous W61PC. It allows seamless integration with SDR (Software-
Defined Radio) receivers with IQ data or digital audio outputs, and
provides all functions required to analyze, decode and process data
communications throughout the complete radio spectrum (HF, VHF, UHF, SHF). MICROTELECOM’s revolutionary Perseus and the W-CODE make a real dream team!

The W61 series of Digital Data Analyzer and Decoder products is
clearly targeted at the professional market. Typical applications are
manual or automated monitoring of radio communication transmissions
in the HF + UHF + VHF + SHF + satellite bands, SIGINT, and signal
analysis and classification. The superb new software cracks 200+
modes with worldwide leading technology. Detailed information can be
found on our website and in the printed brochure available upon

As precisely predicted by ourselves – and by nobody else! – already
10 years ago in 2000, HF e-mail continues to spread rapidly and has
developed into the major application of modern digital HF techniques
that we have marketed – and used! – for years.

After Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Lesson # 1
says: Forget about satphone, BPL, cellphones, e-mail and Internet. HF
radio is vital!

The free Supplement January 2010 to the 2009/2010 Guide to Utility
Radio Stations can be downloaded from our website as well. Click Free
Supplement Jan ’10!

Best wishes, Joerg Klingenfuss

Klingenfuss Publications
Klingenfuss Radio Monitoring
Hagenloher Str. 14
72070 Tuebingen
Phone +49 7071 62830
Fax +49 7071 600849
E-Mail info(at)

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World Radio TV Handbook 2010

World Radio TV Handbook 2010

WRTH were proud to present the 64th edition of the best selling directory of global broadcasting on LW, MW, SW and FM.

The Features section this year includes a look at some of the classic receivers of the Cold War period, a visit to the World Service of the BBC, a Samoan Radio Journey and our regular Digital Update.

The remaining pages are, as usual, full of information on:

• National and International broadcasts and broadcasters
• Clandestine and other target broadcasters
• MW and SW frequency listings
• Equipment reviews and articles
• Terrestrial TV by country
• Extensive Reference section

Price: 23.00 GBP each

Order to:
WRTH Publications Limited, PO Box 290, Oxford, OX2 7FT, United Kingdom

You may contact them by telephone or fax on +44 (0)1865 514405 or by email: sales(at) Their phone lines are very busy and so they recommend using email. More details on
(Info via dxld via Jaisakthivel, Chennai, India –


Hello friends,

From September 28. until October 4. there will be the 44. DX-Camp
of the Rhein-Main-Radio-Club in Langenselbold near Frankfurt.
As usual during the first days we’ll stick our ears and antennas out to the airwaves for real hardcore DXing, supported by lots of coffie or not so much of red vine or free beer. On friday we offer a warm or cold buffet and on saturday a warm snack.

Fr. and Sat. evening will be some lessons from Manfred Rippich about visiting broadcasting station all over the world Robert Kipp about Radio St. Helena and the St. Helena-Day Nov.09 Harald Gabler shows pictures of the new QSL-Calendar 2010

And the next sensation: The brain new DSP-High-End Receiver RDR54C1 we have got from Fa. Reuter Elekronik for some tests.

All that is the normal procedure every year, one might say, but this year is special. For the first time everyone may watch everthing happening via the magic internet!

Tuesday – Saturday 18.00- 24.00 UTC
got to: RMRC Webcam
if you will be asked for password: rmrc

Livestream is without audio at webpage

Livestream with audio go for: Link
(only, if there is no test-picture)

Some of our members or other enthusiastic DXers would like to
take part, but can’t, because of various reasons like work, time,
illness or simply ’cause of a to far distance.

For the first time you and any DXer can click in to the DX-Camp and watch, what’s going on. There will be a chat, to talk to DXers present on the event. You may ask them all sorts of questions, like what the hear and where it’s coming from. You may even follow some lectures with your own eyes and ears, even if you’re hundreds of miles away from the meeting. Chats are held in german and englisch and perhaps a mixture of everything european including hands and feet, due to the use of video. And you will get a QSL-Card from this event.

This is following the ideas of Thomas Moeller and Harald Gabler and
realisation Lutz Winkler and they hope to find lots of interested DXers to either come to the meeting, or watch it via the internet.

klick to find more about us and our club RMRC.

best 73

Harald Gabler

Rhein-Main-Radio-Club, Germany

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RMRC Oster DX-Camp Langenselbold

Kurze Erinnerung an das RMRC Oster DX-Camp in Langenselbold 2.4.-8.4.07 im Naturfreundehaus, also ab Montag, wie immer eine ganze Woche lang mit sensationellen Highlights .

Mo-Do ist Grasnarben DX angesagt mit verschiedenen Antennen, Antennenverteiler

Fr. Vorführung und Test des SDR-Receivers Elad FDM 77 vom Elad-Chef persönlich, ein Empfänger mit einigen Vorzügen gegenüber anderen vergleichbaren Empfängern incl. DRM
Sa. Nachmittag 14.00 Vortrag und Diskussion über DRM mit Herrn P. Senger, Chef des intern. DRM-Konsortiums über den Stand der Dinge bei DRM, anschließend Diskussion mit P. Senger und V. Jolkver
Sa. Abend Horst-Schmidt-Abend mit Bildern und Geschichten, Versteigerung seines DX Nachlasses u.a. KWZ 30
Warmes und kaltes Buffet,

Weitere Infos auf unserer Homepage

Eingeladen sind alle DXer und Radiofreunde.
Der RMRC freut sich besonders Herrn P. Senger (DRM), Frau V. Jolkver (DM) und Herrn F. Milan (Elad) begrüßen zu dürfen.

Info via Harald Gabler RMRC Vorstand auf A-DX

Shortwave Log freeware

A nice software is Shortwave Log which is now 16 years old. Version 5 is beta tested and will be released as stable in 2007. Shortwave Log is for logging, receiver control and recording. It imports several frequency lists like HFCC, ADDX, SWBC and the Eibi-list is adjusted as it changed its format.
Download and more information on this nice freeware on

Source: Jörg on Wellenforum

DX-Camp Langenselbold


Der Rhein-Main-Radio-Club läd ein zum DX – Camp 2.- 8.10.06 in Langenselbold.
Ausführliche Einladung auf der Homepage
Anmeldung erforderlich.

Di. 3. 10. wird Dirk Oberjasper eine Einführung in das speziell für FM, UHF und VHF- DXing interessante Programm “Radio mobile” geben und zeigen, wie man es nutzen kann und was man alles für phantastische Sachen damit machen kann.

Am Freitag Abend 6.10. bis Samstag wird uns Stefan Brockmann von Winradio den Software defined Receiver Winradio WR-G313e mit DRM vorstellen und an den verschiedenen Antennen testen lassen. Er wird uns Gelegenheit geben, ihn mit Fragen zu löchern.

Ebenfalls auf dem DX-Camp wird der neue QSL-Karten Kalender 2007 präsentiert, dessen Auflage bereits fast komplett ausverkauft ist.
RMRC-Mitglieder erhalten den QSL-Kalenders 2007 für 10 Euro. (statt 14,80 Euro Verkaufspreis).

Eingeladen sind alle DXer. Freibier steht bereit. Gute Laune muß selbst mitgebracht werden.

Harald Gabler
RMRC Vorstand

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