Adrian Peterson will store QSL collexions

Dear Radio Listener,

At the present time, several well known radio monitors in North America have indicated on the internet their concern as to what will happen with their valuable collection of QSL cards and letters. We here at AWR Wavescan in Indianapolis have given consideration to this matter and we have a suggestion to offer. For those who would like to do so, you can send large and small collections of QSL cards and letters to our address in Indianapolis. We will accept them, and maintain them in safe storage until things settle down after the virus pandemic. It is our intent that we will then secure a suitable public location where all of the stored QSL collections will then be open to the public for display and research. Currently, we are already holding around 100,000 QSL cards and letters and paper radio items, and all additional items that we receive will join the current collection for a permanent suitable public location.

Thank you,

Dr. Adrian M. Peterson
International Relations
Adventist World Radio
AWR DX Program Wavescan

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