Whats on shortwave

for languages, click on an hour for tx in that hour & language
(here you can fetch CSV data for (Open)Office if you click the language for the complete list))

for stations, click on an hour for tx in that hour & from that station
(here you can fetch CSV data for (Open)Office if you click the station for the complete list))

Use of the (previous and) following list: It’s 3 PM, where’s VOA now?? Where can I hear Spanish at 19 UT??
complete hourly lists of sw tx (with crosslinks to language/ station)

The source for this data is Eibi.

I put Aoki here;:
http://users.fulladsl.be/~spb13810/radio/swlistaoki/ for languages
http://users.fulladsl.be/~spb13810/radio/txlistaoki/ for stations
Space limits made me decide to drop hourly lists for Aoki.

There are more than 700 stations, more than 300 languages, that makes about 24 hours x ( 300 + 700) = 24000 files on the site.

I also made a comparison of the 2 sources: aoki and eibi: (frequency order) http://users.fulladsl.be/~spb13810/radio/indexsrc.htm

(I think about integrating HFCC data too)
PS: these are shortcuts:
http://whatsonshortwave.tk/ (table of lists at the site).
(I hope I manage to do complete uploads in the future, I try to automate the complete process of Aoki/Eibi donwload up to the upload)

— What’s on Shortwave guide: choose an hour, go!
700+ Radio Stations on SW http://swstations.tk
300+ languages on SW http://radiolanguages.tk
Enjoy listening! (Marc Coevoet, Nov 19, DX LISTENING DIGEST)