International Radio Report


The International Radio Report, now in its 21st year on CKUT-FM, 90.3 FM in Montreal, is available via the Internet live streaming, and on the airwaves of CKUT, Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM Eastern (1430 UTC). The show’s co-hosts, Janice and Steve Karlock, present a weekly half-hour of news, information and developments in radio broadcasting. Visit the CKUT web page for full CKUT programming details:

You may listen to archived editions of the programme through the CKUT web site. Send your comments or questions to the International Radio Report, by e-mail, to radioreport(at)

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DXers Guide B09 Booklet

Now you will get the wonderful issues of Dxers Guide and B09 Booklet available for sale. Which contain the new B09 schedules and lot of Dx related information in a pack of Two books. This is the only available DX magazine from India for last five years. Annual subscription is Indian Rupees. 80/- only. 12 IRC for the International listeners. For more details contact ardicdxclub (at) For sample copies visit

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Tower Site Calendar 2010


The brand-new Tower Site Calendar 2010 is now shipping, complete with more than a dozen full-color images of sites from Deer Point in Boise to KYPA in Los Angeles to Mount Mansfield in Vermont.

Our individually-numbered, hand-signed limited first edition is now sold out – but your purchase of any version of the calendar helps support the continued production of NERW and Tower Site of the Week.

And we still have a very small quantity of earlier calendars available, too, if you missed some…

Order now at the Store

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Radio Ekho Kavkaza on SW and Online

The first news bulletin of this newest service from RFE/RL can be heard here:

Windows Media: mms://

The station’s website: Everything is in Russian there.

Here’s the schedule: The SW frequecies are 9525 and 9780. VHF (FM) is mentioned, too but without exact frequencies. Must be that semi-clandestime Radio Green Wave set up by Tbilisi.

Time is given as 2100 to 2200 Moscow time. I assume that is 1800 to 1900 UT.

The service’s live online channel is

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KBS World Radio English Service

Dear listeners

KBS World Radio’s one-hour programming is now available on 1440 kHz at 0100 CET for European listeners in England, Germany, France, Denmark and the Netherlands. The programming will be also simulcast at If you miss that slot, don’t worry. You can listen to us again at 2100 CET through the internet audio stream at Please let me know how clear the signal is. We’re going to send out a small souvenir to every one who sends us reception report. Enjoy listening.

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Radio Damascus

You can download the audio recording of the daily program on the internet at the following direct links :

Radio Damascus’ English, Spanish and German program are now also available as a podcast : (English program) (Spanish program) (German program)

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Big sunspot – spaceweather

Space Weather News for Oct. 25, 2009

BIG SUNSPOT: The sun is showing signs of life. Sunspot 1029 emerged over the weekend, and it is crackling with B- and C-class solar flares. The active region’s magnetic polarity identifies it as a member of new Solar Cycle 24.
If its growth continues apace, sunspot 1029 could soon become the biggest sunspot of 2009. Check for animations and updates.

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Powerline reports:

YouTube carries a TV Channel 8 News report on the problems caused by the use of the mains power supply for Internet connections.

Watch the TV report at

A CEPT Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) report notes that Sweden has removed from the market some of the Powerline Networking equipment (PLC/PLT) that pollutes the radio spectrum…

Full story at

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