27th edition of the “Radio Broadcasting in Russian”

Dear colleagues!

The 27th edition of the “Radio Broadcasting in Russian” guidebook for the B19 season (volume – 64 pages of A5 format), prepared by the St. Petersburg DX Club, was out of print. It contains the summer schedules of ALL Russian
and foreign radio stations operating in Russian in the AM bands as of early December 2019, which can be received in
Russia and the CIS countries (a total of 49 stations from 32 countries and territories of the world). The reference book
contains frequency and thematic schedules, location and power of transmitters, broadcasting direction, postal
addresses of stations, phone numbers, faxes, email addresses, Web pages and pages on social networks, as well as
a QSL-policy of stations.
For the first time, the section “Internet Broadcasting” has been introduced into the directory. It contains data on
Internet broadcasting of 14 stations from 12 countries and territories of the world.
The handbook is distributed ONLY in print.
Applications for its acquisition, please send by e-mail: dxspb [at] nrec.spb.ru.

(Alexander Berezkin, St. Petersburg DX Club, Russia)

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Cap’n and Mr. Turkey spin Christmas tunes on Channel292 on Christmas Day 2019

Don’t forget to listen to Cap’n and Mr. Turkey spin Christmas tunes on Channel292 on Christmas Day. 1400 and 2100 UTC on 6070 and 7440 kHz.

A special limited edition eQSL will be available for detailed, correct reception reports to texasradiosw@gmail.com.

Audio clips will be appreciated so we can hear what we sound like at your location

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QSL-Kalender 2020

Auch 2020 gibt es wieder einen QSL-Kalender!

Preis: nur 15,00 Euro (incl. Versand). Bestellung per E-Mail an redaktion@radio-kurier.de.

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LRA36 Radio Nacional San Gabriel 21 September 2019

Liebe Freunde,
am heutigen Samstag, den 21. September 2019 wird vom argentinischen Antarktisstützpunkt “Base Esperanza” aus eine Sondersendung von LRA36 Radio Nacional San Gabriel ausgestrahlt, und zwar von 13.00 bis 14.15 Uhr UTC auf 15476 kHz im 19 m Band.
Empfangsberichte sind an lra36@hotmail.com zu senden. Die richtigen Empfangsberichte werden mit einer Sonder-E-QSL-Karte bestätigt.
(Die Station begeht übrigens am 20. Oktober ihr 40-jähriges Jubiläum!)
Für diese Sondersendung zuständig sind die Ansagerinnen von LRA36 Sabrina Alanis, Beatriz Costilla und Karina Muñoz, die José Calpanchay in der Technik unterstützen wird.
Rayén Braun

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