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for languages, click on an hour for tx in that hour & language
(here you can fetch CSV data for (Open)Office if you click the language for the complete list))

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(here you can fetch CSV data for (Open)Office if you click the station for the complete list))

Use of the (previous and) following list: It’s 3 PM, where’s VOA now?? Where can I hear Spanish at 19 UT??
complete hourly lists of sw tx (with crosslinks to language/ station)

The source for this data is Eibi.

I put Aoki here;:
http://users.fulladsl.be/~spb13810/radio/swlistaoki/ for languages
http://users.fulladsl.be/~spb13810/radio/txlistaoki/ for stations
Space limits made me decide to drop hourly lists for Aoki.

There are more than 700 stations, more than 300 languages, that makes about 24 hours x ( 300 + 700) = 24000 files on the site.

I also made a comparison of the 2 sources: aoki and eibi: (frequency order) http://users.fulladsl.be/~spb13810/radio/indexsrc.htm

(I think about integrating HFCC data too)
PS: these are shortcuts:
http://whatsonshortwave.tk/ (table of lists at the site).
(I hope I manage to do complete uploads in the future, I try to automate the complete process of Aoki/Eibi donwload up to the upload)

— What’s on Shortwave guide: choose an hour, go!
700+ Radio Stations on SW http://swstations.tk
300+ languages on SW http://radiolanguages.tk
Enjoy listening! (Marc Coevoet, Nov 19, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

DSWCI Contest: The Super Grand Tour with Cancer and Capricorn

Der Danish Shortwave Club International veranstaltet zum 21. Mal den DX Contest “The Grand Tour with Cancer and Capricorn”. Diesmal sogar als “Super Grand Tour”, weil der Contest zum letzten Mal von Jaroslav Bohac durchgeführt wird. Ob es nächstes Jahr wieder einen Contest geben wird, ist unsicher. Möglicherweise handelt es sich um die letzte Gelegenheit, dieses Diplom zu erlangen.

Der Wettbewerb läuft vom 23. November bis 20. Dezember 2009. Einsendeschluss ist der 31. Dezember 2009 (Poststempel). Teilnehmen können alle, unabhängig von einer Mitgliedschaft in einem DX-Club.

Weitere Informationen sowie das Teilnahmeformular sind hier erhältlich:

Beste 73 Rolf Wernli

Info via A-DX

Trial Issues of DSWCI Publications

This message especially to our not-yet-members:

We have uploaded new trial issues of DSWCI publications. Amongst them are the latest DX Window (No. 387 of 14th October 2009) and the September/October issue of Shortwave News.

You can download them at

This page also gives an overview of the free material the DSWCI offers
on the Internet. Most material is for members only though, as members
fees are essential for the existence of a DX club.

Best 73
Rolf Wernli
webmaster at dswci.org
Danish SW Clubs International

Info via dxld

Radio Prague close down on shortwave ?

There was a posting on DXLD that Radio Prague might leave shortwave end of 2009.
It has just been announced that the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs is looking for Radio Prague to end all shortwave transmissions from the Czech Republic at the end of 2009. This would be an irreversible step. Radio Prague is the only customer at Litomysl and this would result in the closing and dismantling of that transmitter site.

Radio Prague needs to get listeners support at this time. Their address is:

Radio Prague
Vinohradská 12
120 99 Prague 2
Czech Republic

Tel: (+420) 221 552 933
Fax: (+420) 221 552 903
E-mail: cr(at)radio.cz

Listeners should also contact The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí
Loretánské náměstí 5
118 00 Praha 1, the Czech Republic
tel: +420 224 181 111
e-mail: podatelna(at)mzv.cz

Listeners should contact the Czech Embassies and representatives in their own country.
A List of Czech Embassies can be found at http://www.mzv.cz/jnp/en/diplomatic_missions/czech_missions_abroad/index.html

Info via DXLD

Special All India Radio 15-08-2009

All India Radio will broadcast running commentary of Flag Hoisting Ceremony to be held at Red Fort, New Delhi between 0135-0240 UTC on 15th August 2009 as per the details given below:

0135-0240 UTC Hindi
6030 (Kingsway), 6155 (Khampur), 9595 (Khampur), 11620 (Aligarh), 15135 (Kingsway)

0135-0240 UTC English
4860 (Kingsway), 11830 (Kingsway), 13620(Bangalore), 15050(Khampur)

The regional shortwave transmitters will start earlier than usual on the 7 / 6 MHz frequencies providing unusual reception.: The schedule is as follows:

0025-0115 UTC 4810
0130-0448 UTC 7430

0015-0115 UTC 4920
0130-0415 UTC 7380

0020-0115 UTC 4800
0130-0430 UTC 7420

0030-0115 UTC 4775
0130-0400 UTC 7335

0025-0115 UTC 4820
0130-0400 UTC 7210

0000-0115 UTC 4760
0130-0400 UTC 7390

0025-0400 UTC 6020

0025-0500 UTC 6110

0020-0115 UTC 5010
0130-0400 UTC 7290

Reception reports on the above broadcast should be sent to :
Spectrum Management & Synergy Division, All India Radio,New Delhi by email at: spectrum-manager8at)air.org.in

Info via CumbreDX

New books

I thought you might like to know that two books about shortwave broadcasting and DXing history that I have been working on for the last three years have now been published. They are /Listening on the Short Waves, 1945 to Today,/ and /Broadcasting on the Short Waves, 1945 to Today./ These books pick up where my first book, /On the Short Waves, 1923-1945: Broadcast Listening in the Pioneer Days of Radio,/ left off. More information about the books can be found at the publisher’s website www.mcfarlandpub.com (search for “Berg”) and at my website www.ontheshortwaves.com (“New Books”).
Jerry Berg

Info via Willi Passmann on A-DX

IRRS schedule A07

IRRS-Shortwave Effective from April 13th 2007

Fri 7285 16.00 18.30 EU 18-19, 27-30, 37-39 150
Sun 9510 9.30 12.00 EU 18-19, 27-30, 37-39 150
Sun 15750 13.00 13.30 F/East 30-31,40-43 150
Sun 6125 14.00 15.00 EU 18-19, 27-30, 37-39 150
Sun 7285 16.00 19.00 EU 18-19, 27-30, 37-39 150

For more information you may also check our schedules online at :


As usual we appreciate receiving reception reports for these new
frequencies at: reports (at) nexus (dot) org

Thank You.

Best regards, Ron