CNR2 can be heard on 7245 Khz at 2105 Utc with SINPO 24433. Programme is in Chinese with local music and announcements. Quite good conditions towards Asia on 41m band this evening.
The 1st chinese national programme CNR1 arrives on 7230 Khz at 2110 Utc with SINPO 24333. News are read out by female, language is Chinese.

CRI Beijing

China Radio International is on 7295 Khz at 2050 Utc with SINPO 33433. Programme is in english with music and Chinese Studio – chinese language lesson. At 2057 Utc abruptly signing off. Emails go to crieng(@) and the website is on
Via transmitter in Albania is China Radio International at 2100 Utc on 7285 Khz with SINPO 45434. Language is English and programme is news and ID.

VOIRI Teheran

VOIRI Teheran is on 7540 Khz at 2020 Utc in English via transmitter in Lithuania. Reception is good with SINPO 55444, almost no fading. Programme is news and frequency schedule at the end of programme in english. Parallel frequency is direct from Iran 6205 Khz with SINPO 45434. Annonced email-address is englishradio(@) The website of the english service is