Mike’s Radio World

Mike’s Radio World Live Radio on the Web can be reached via http://www.mikesradioworld.com/. Listen live to over 3000 radio stations on your PC! Browse through the categorys for different kind of music or listen to the international broadcasters. Also you can browse by location. A good start page for listening to live radio on the web.

Radio Brasil Central

Strong signal for Radio Brasil Central on 11815 Khz at 2300 Utc. SINPO 34433 makes armchair listening possible. Some reports by man, identification and brazilian songs follow.


WHRA is on 11765 Khz at 2255 Utc with SINPO 24322. Programme is in English directed to Africa. Identification and sign off at 2257 Utc.

Radio Aparecida

Also Radio Aparecida from Brazil is on 9630 Khz at 2245 Utc with SINPO 23433 in Portuguese. Talk by man. 31 metre band has good signals today.

Radio Tupi

Radio Tupi from Brazil is on 9565 Khz at 2240 Utc in Portuguese with SINPO 23433. Programme is talk by man with short music items.

Radio Taiwan International Frequenztest

Frequenztest 3955 kHz 1900 – 2000 UTC vom 22.-24. Oktober via Skelton

Frequenztest für das Winterhalbjahr 2006/2007.
Testausstrahlung unseres Programms am Sonntag, den 22. Oktober, Montag, den 23. Oktober und Dienstag, den 24. Oktober 1900 – 2000 UTC auf der Frequenz 3955 kHz via Skelton, Großbritannien.
Wir bitten um Ihre Unterstützung und Empfangsbeobachtungen!

Empfangsberichte kann man bequem hier loswerden.

Quelle: ukwtv.de Radioforum

Special EDXC-transmission

Special SPBRC and Radio Gardarika short wave transmission for EDXC 2006

On October 22, 2006 (Sunday) SPBRC (Saint-Petersburg Regional Centre) and Radio Gardarika will carry out a special short wave transmission devoted to EDXC 2006 conference in St.Petersburg.

The time is 10.00-11.00 UTC and the frequencies are 12010 kHz in the 25 m.b. for North-West and West Europe and 15640 kHz in the 19 m.b. for South-East and Central Europe and also for North Africa.

Two 200 kW transmitters of our St.Petersburg-Popovka transmitting centre will be used for this program. We hope that our signals will be able to reach some other parts of the world such as South-East Asia, Japan or Australia.

Unfortunately, we do not verify reports for this transmission – but we shall be very grateful for any comments about the reception quality to 12010and15640(@)mail.ru

Thank you in advance.

Mikhail Timofeyev

Source: hard-core-dx List

RMRC QSL-calendar

Rhein-Main-Radio-Club, Frankfurt, Germany proudly present the 2nd edition of the unique QSL-Calendar 2007.
The new calendar will be available to the public from November 2006.

The full colour art print calendar offers real treasures from our historical QSL archives, covering QSL cards from the 1930’s to present. The calender is in English and costs 15 Euro including shipment world wide.
We will give *DXers, DX Clubs, DX-Broadcasters and DX Organisations 20 percent*, ordering 20 copies or more.

The calendar is a beautifull marketing instrument, it is rare, unique and a special gift to business partners dealing with radio business.

All details at our website www.rmrc.de

Harald Gabler

Source: A-DX List

EiBi frequency list updated

Eike Bierwirth has updated his frequency list on 10th of October, 2006. Access it via http://www.eibi.de.vu/. It is recommended for everyone who wants to know what is broadcast on a certain frequency. There is also a FM-list of stations in Germany and Russia on the site, as well as some NDB-info.


Ein interessantes und gut besuchtes DX-Forum ist das Wellenforum. Hier gibt es Logs von allen Bändern, Antworten auf Empfängerfragen, Aktionen von Radiostationen und vieles mehr. Hervorzuheben ist der freundliche Umgangston und das Forum hat sich mittlerweile fest etabliert. Vom Moderatorenteam wird auch die DX-Sendung von Radio Ukraine International produziert.

CRI Beijing

CRI Beijing is on 13610 Khz at 1445 Utc in English with SINPO 43433. Some report about bycicles in China. Low co-channel interference from BBC Cyprus. Transmission is beamed to Asia but arrives with S=9+10dB.

Radio Marti

Radio Marti is on 7365 Khz at 2305 Utc in Spanish with SINPO 24322. Seems to be some live sport. Parallel frequency 6030 Khz arrives with O=3.

Galei Zahal

Galei Zahal is on 6973 Khz at 2240 Utc in Hebrew with SINPO 24433. Plays some local pop-songs and announcements. Galei Zahal is israels’s armed forces radio.