CHU still reported to be off air.

CHU still reported to be off air.
“Due to the recent severe weather event in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, the CHU time signal for shortwave radio has been impacted and is currently unavailable. We are working to restore the service as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

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Next broadcast of “From the archives of Radio Andorra” (Saturday, June 4th 2022)

Next broadcast of “From the archives of Radio Andorra” (Saturday, June 4th 2022)
The next first Saturday per month is approaching. Time for another “from the archives of Radio Andorra”-programming:
He is chansonnier and crooner and loves Latin-American music like Tango. Famous in France but as well in other parts of the world, Mr. Guy Marchand turned 85 years old recently. As for his birthday, we’ve restored a radio program from summer 1979 which belongs to a series of shows that were produced by at that time well known musicians and actors.
Jazz, Pop, Rock’n’roll, Classical Music, Reggae and Cabaret in an unusual mix (as per radio standards of today) and some personal stories will be aired on Saturday, June 4th at the following times:
For Europe: 1700-1900 UTC on 6180 kHz via Moosbrunn, LogPer Antenna on 270°, 100kW
For NoAm: 2200-2400 UTC on 13730 kHz via Moosbrunn, HRS4/4/1 on 295°, 100kW
Both programs were made possible through the help of radio-enthusiasts who helped covering the costs for all the work.
If you want to have more of Radio Andorra in the future, you can help us making this possible here:
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(Christian Milling via WOR list)