Global Perseus WAV Files for Download

From 2007 to 2010 I operated the *Five Below* blog for Perseus SDR
enthusiasts, I also hosted Perseus WAV recordings sent in by DXers around
the world.

Although the blog is history (but available in a 36mb archived ZIP
the Perseus WAV files live on. There are currently 91 files freely
available for download at:

* *This folder includes the
recently uploaded Hawaii recordings made by Dave Aichelman.

If you do not own a Perseus SDR, you can still explore the MW band (and
often LW too, depending on the file) by downloading and installing the demo
Perseus software or
using the free HDSDR software

Because these WAV files contain “IQ” data representing a swath of RF
spectrum that Perseus can play back, the files can be very large. The
reward for your downloading patience, however, is gaining access to the MW
band as heard in other parts of the world than your own. This can be a
great way to access local programming, check IDs, or simply vicariously DX
from another location.

In most cases there are comments on the WAV files, notes on antennas used,
etc. found in my archived Perseus blog
You’ll just need to cross-reference the dates of the WAV file uploading to
the articles/entry date in the blog.

Thanks to all the Perseus owners who shared their Perseus WAV files with
other DXers via *Five Below*.


Guy Atkins

Info via hcdx