VOIRI Teheran

VOIRI Teheran is on 7540 Khz at 2020 Utc in English via transmitter in Lithuania. Reception is good with SINPO 55444, almost no fading. Programme is news and frequency schedule at the end of programme in english. Parallel frequency is direct from Iran 6205 Khz with SINPO 45434. Annonced email-address is englishradio(@)irib.ir. The website of the english service is http://english.irib.ir/.

PBS Xizang

PBS Xizang can be heard also in 60 metre band. The tibetian programme is aired on 4905 Khz at 2215 Utc. Reception is fair with SINPO 23333, some talk by man and woman.

WWRB Manchester

WWRB Manchester is heard with religious songs on 9385 Khz at 2200 Utc. SINPO is 24433, quiet good reception, some noise. Satation is broadcasting from the USA and language is English.


The general overseas service of All India Radio can be heard on 9445 Khz at 2150 Utc with SINPO 44444. Plays some indian film songs and later there is a report on an exhibition. Language is English.

Radio Africa No 1

Radio Africa No 1 is on 9580 Khz at 2145 Utc with SINPO 33433. Plays some african pop-music and I heard an identification. Some interference from Radio Medi 1 on 9575 Khz but quiet good readable.

Radio Aparecida

Weak signals from Radio Aparecida on 9630 Khz at 2140 Utc in Portuguese. SINPO 24322, lots of noise and fading make reception not easy. Plays some local music and talk by man.

RHC Habana

RHC Habana is heard on 11760 Khz at 2125 Utc with SINPO 34433. Plays some local music and talk in English. Broadcast is directed to Europe. Clear identification at 2130 Utc. Then interval signal and programme in French.

RAE Buenos Aires

RAE Buenos Aires ist auf 15345 Khz um 2105 Utc in Deutsch zu hören. SINPO 44333, starkes Signal mit S=9+5dB. Gerade werden die email-Adressen angesagt. Es folgt der Wetterbericht.

PBS Xizang (tent)

Tentative PBS Xizang is on 6050 Khz at 2230 Utc in Chinese. At 2230 Utc identification but I am not so familiar with the chinese language. Later news and some talk. Reception is fair with O=3.
The second outlet of PBS Xizang arrives on 6110 Khz at 2240 Utc in Tibetian as well. Plays some local music. The tibetian programme of PBS Xizang is also heard in parallel on 6130 Khz with O=4.

Voice of Vietnam 2

The home service of the Voice of Vietnam 2nd programme can be heard at 2225 Utc on 5925 Khz in Vietnamese. Female speaker is reading some news. Reception is quiet good with O=3, some noise.