Special EDXC Broadcast 5-7 December 2015

Special EDXC Broadcast 5-7 December
Rhein-Main-Radio-Club will be broadcasting on shortwave about EDXC – Conference at St.Petersburg. Special QSL-Card for reception reports to RMRC mail@rmrc.de or by post Rhein-Main-Radio-Club e.V. , Postfach 700849, 60558 Frankfurt, Germany.
Via Lithuania:
5 December 0800-0900 on 11690 to Asia (Japan) in English
5 December 0900-1000 on 11690 to Russia in Russian.
5 December at 2200-2300 on 11580 may be audible in Europe
6 December at 0100-0200 on 11580 may be audible in Europe
6 December at 2300-0000 on 5850 to North America
6 December at 0500-0600 on 9955 to Caribbean and Latin America
7 December at 2100-2200 on 7570 to North America. This may also be audible in Europe.
7 December at 2100-2200 on 15770 to Europe and North America. (DX-clusive via Lehtinen)
(DX-Window No. 542, Danish Shortwave Club International)


Yessiree. There are a few DXers out there who in the pursuit of a QSL have the gall to fabricate a reception report. The phenomenon, if it can be called that, is nothing new. It is as old as radio itself.
Why address the subject? Well, a few days back a fellow DXer and free-radio operator called it to my attention. He informed me of an individual who, apparently after reading my blog entry for his station, decided to pass off a reception report as his own. The station alerted me and promptly asked the guy to submit an audio file of the transmission. Guess what? He couldn’t produce it.
Wait a minute! He could have sourced the Internet for an audio file and produced a sample, right? It does happen. I actually had one young man do just that. He submitted a file of WWV and CHU on frequencies for times normally not received in his quarter, yet he tried to pass it off as genuine. How did I know it was fake, aside from the obvious physics? The audio file — stolen from a fellow radio listener — still had the original Box or Soundcloud name attached to it.
Even with the advent of remote web-receivers some DXers attempt to pass off the remote RX location as their home RX location. A diligent station engineer/operator will immediately recognise this for what it is — a bogus or less than accurate report. Why hide the obvious fact? There is no shame in stating the actual RX location, even if it is remotely observed. Simply keep one’s home and remote QSLs in separate categories. Be honest.
Now, it is possible to submit a reception report to a station, honestly believing it is a particular broadcaster. The time, frequency and language of the broadcaster all seem to be the station. Unfortunately after either submitting a report or further listening, usually days later, one discovers the error. It happens. I have done it more than a few times myself over the decades. Yet, I will fess up and duly note my error.
Folks, honesty is more priceless than any QSL, however prized it may be. No DX contest for X number of stations, X number of countries is worth sacrificing one’s integrity. Be patient and diligent in DXing. It’s like fishing. It takes time, calculation and patience. And the results are far more rewarding when one knows it was a genuine catch.
Happy DXing!!!

Nord AM 21 September 2014

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde,

die Sommerpause ist vorbei und wir haben uns gut erholt – was auch für
die Frequenzen gilt, auf denen wir unseren Lärm verbreitet haben. Das
geht jetzt wieder los. NordAM ist wieder da! Heißa! Betreutes Senden par
excellence. Am kommenden Sonntag den 21.09.2014 hier:

15:00-16:30 auf 6005 und 7310 kHz sowie als Wiederholung um
22:00-23:30 auf 3985 kHz.
(Diese Zeitangaben sind in deutscher Zeit / MESZ, entsprechen also 1300
und 2000 UTC-Weltzeit.)

Zur selben Zeit läuft unsere “Sendung” auch im Livestream auf
www.shortwaveservice.com. Den genauen Link findet ihr dann auf unserer
Facebookseite www.facebook.com/nordamradio.

Feedback und Empfangsberichte sind natürlich gern gesehen: Am besten per
E-Mail an nordam@shortwaveservice.com. Unsere gedruckte QSL-Karte gibt
es allerdings nur für Hörer, die uns auf Kurzwelle gehört haben (und
nicht via Stream oder WebSDR). Ein bisschen Belohnung & Exklusivität
muss schon sein. Alle anderen dürfen sich über ein virtuelles Dankeschön
Alles möglich gemacht durch flinke Hände am Sender Kall-Krekel bzw. die
Jungs von Shortwaveservice.com. Knallerfirma, das!

Wir freuen uns auf unser kleines Rendezvous im Äther und verbleiben,
Torben & Daniel.

///////// And here’s everything you need to know about us in English:
We’re back. Yep. Tune in on Sunday, September 21, 2014:

1300-1430 UTC: 6005 kHz and 7310 kHz
2000-2130 UTC: 3985 kHz
and online at www.shortwaveservice.com (a direct player link will be provided at www.facebook.com/nordamradio).

We look forward to hearing from you! Send us your thoughts and reception reports. But please note that only those can receive printed QSL cards who actually listened to us on shortwaves and not via WebSDR or live-stream. Reports and comments may be sent to nordam @ shortwaveservice.com.

As always, this transmission will be made possible by Shortwaveservice.com. They’re great and their transmitting station in Kall-Krekel is fabulous. It really is.

Tune in and lean back for some nice Indie tunes and trivial talks in German you won’t wish to understand.

Hope to meet you on the airwaves and to hear from you,
Torben & Daniel

Internationaler Ecos del Torbes Tag!

Für die, es es verschlafen haben:

Friday August 9, 2013 at 0200-0230 UTC on 9955 kHz and 780 kHz
Saturday August 10, 2013 at 2230-2300 UTC via Radio Miami International 9955 kHz

“Dear Colleagues and Listeners DXers World!

We want to celebrate with you “International Day of Ecos del Torbes”,
Venezuelan flagship station broadcasts 66 years, which for many years
at various frequencies transmitted shortwave bands in tropical and international

For this reason, we have a special program to be aired simultàneaente
on medium wave 780 kHz and internet and also by 9,955 kHz, 31 meter
band of WRMI Radio Miami International

Have a good tuning medium wave, shortwave and internet! All reports can be sent to Reception
www.ecosdeltorbes.net On this website find an icon to leave all heard the transmission data and personal
data with the purpose of obtaining the electronic QSL “International Day of Ecos del Torbes”.
(Jorge Isacc García Rangel, Venezuela via Yimber Gaviria, station logo via Rafael Rodríguez, tnx)

via Arctic Radio Club via A-DX

Australia: New QSL for Radio EDXP programs!

New QSL for Radio EDXP programs!


Bob Padula

To commemorate the 17th birthday of the EDXP, a new QSL is now being offered for
correct postal-mailed reception reports of the weekly Australian DX Report programs
over various international broadcasters.

All necessary details are shown! The flip side shows a coloured pic of Australian birds
and animals.
Return postage is mandatory – US$2 for an airmailed reply. E-QSLs are free, from

http://swaus.blogspot.com/2013/01/new-qsl-for-radio-edxp-programs.html via
Yimber Gaviria

SWEDEN. Radio Dellen International – 1-3 Jun 2012

** SWEDEN. Radio Dellen International – 1-3 June — News of a low-powered Swedish station on air next week from Ronny Forslund:

“I would like to mention a very special project which will be on the air. It is an event station called Radio Dellen International and we will be broadcasting on 5895 and 6065 kHz (one at a time) with 400 watts of power. Location is Delsbo in the province of Hälsingland, Sweden (some 350 km north of Stockholm). The station is operated by members of Delsbo Radioklubb (DRAK) and we are very interested in knowing how our signal is reaching out. Our broadcasts are focused on the DX Parliament arranged by Delsbo Radioklubb on June 1-3 but tests can be expected some days before. We have a separate blog for this: http://www.radioenthusiasts.blogspot.com
Reception reports can be sent to:

Ronny Forslund
Radio Dellen Int.
Vita Huset
SE-179 95 Svartsjö

RDI will of course verify correct reception reports if return postage is enclosed (Ronny Forslund via Alan Pennington, 24 May 2012, BDXC-UK yg May 27 via DXLD)

DX India 10 years contest

10th Anniversary of DX India – Contest

10th Anniversary of DX India

DX India is a email based group of radio hobbyists specializing on broadcasting in India.
It was founded on October 1, 2011. Several activities are scheduled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of DX India.

DX India Contest

The details of the contest are as follows:

Contest Period: From 0000 UTC 1 October 2011 to 2359 UTC 10 October 2011.

Monitor as many SW stations of All India Radio (AIR) as possible.
Prepare Reception Reports for each AIR station on separate sheets.
Download the reception report format here : http://tinyurl.com/43o2mwk

Points are calculated depending upon the location of the Dxer as follows:

Asia/Oceania : 1 point per AIR station
Europe & Africa : 2 Points per AIR station
North & South America : 3 points per AIR station

Prizes: Awards for Top scoring Three Entries

– World Radio TV Handbook 2012 for top scoring entry from South Asia
– Danish SW Club Intl’s Domestic Broadcasting Survey-13
– Book “This is All India Radio” by U.L.Baruah
– Joe Carr’s Antenna Handbook
– DX India 10th Anniversary T-Shirts
– Special Postal covers from India on Communication
– Rare special cover on platinum jubilee of All India Radio
– Other prizes to be announced soon

In addition a Participation Certificate will be issued to all those who send entries.
The Reception reports received will be forwarded to All India Radio for possible QSL’ing.

Send the entries by post/email postmarked before 31st October 2011

Email: dxindia10@gmail.com

Address: DX India 10th Anni. Contest, PO Box 4914, New Delhi 110029, India.

Results will be declared in December 2011.

Note: Out of 29 AIR SW stations, 25 are currently active. The detailed schedules are available at:




Sponsors :

– World Radio TV Handbook www.wrth.com
– The Danish Shortwave Club International www.dswci.org
– DX India www.qsl.net/vu2jos
– Radioactivity http://alokeshgupta.blogspot.com/

DX India special broadcast via AWR Wavescan

In the AWR Wavescan program to be broadcast on 2nd October 2011, there will be a special segment about 10th Anniversary of DX India.

The schedule of AWR Wavescan is:

1200-1230 UTC 17535 Wertachtal
1330-1400 UTC 11880 Guam
1430-1500 UTC 11720 Guam
1500-1530 UTC 11720 Guam
1530-1600 UTC 15255 Wertachtal
1600-1630 UTC 11805 Guam, 12035 Guam
1630-1700 UTC 11740 Guam

Also via WRMI.

Special QSL Cards will be issued for the same. Send your reception report at :

Address: DX India 10th Anni. QSL, PO Box 4914, New Delhi 110029, India.

Email: dxindia10@gmail.com

DX India special via Amateur Radio

BCDXers who are hams are requested to be on band for a friendly meeting on air on 1st October 2011, Saturday(10th anniversary of Dx India) and contact / monitor VU2JOS as follows.

0130-0200 UTC (7.00 am to 7.30 am IST) : 7073 kHz, LSB
1230-1300 UTC (6.00 pm to 6.30 pm IST) : 14160 kHz USB

Special QSL Cards will be issued for the same. Send your reception report at :

Address: DX India 10th Anni. QSL, PO Box 4914, New Delhi 110029, India.

Email: dxindia10@gmail.com

Looking forward to your participation !

Jose Jacob & Alokesh Gupta
DX India YG

KBC Radio 531 Khz

The Mighty KBC will start testing on Friday the 19th
on 531 kHz

The Show Must Go On..
KBC has received a test license for 531 kHz in Burg Germany.
Testing starts Friday August 19th on AM 531

We are trying to return on SW in November 2011
Minimum power is 100KW
We are also checking if we can beam again to the USA on shortwave

For reception reports please mail to


Info via RadioCarolineMailinglist

Radio 6150 6 KW PEP

During the coming days (European morning/midday/afternoon) keep an ear on 6150 kHz.

Radio 6150 from Southern Germany will test its PA with full power of 6 kW PEP on 6150 kHz. Exact times for the tests are not known yet.

This is a licenced station.

Reception reports are welcomed at qsl@radio6150.de

Harald Kuhl via bdxc via dxld

Radio 6150 testing

Guten Morgen,

heute läuft unser erster Test mit mittlerer Leistung.

Start ca. 11.00 Uhr MESZ / 9.00 Uhr UTC.
QRG: 6150 kHz

Empfangsberichte an
sind sehr willkommen, und werden mit einer QSL-Karte bestätigt (wir bitten aber noch um ein wenig Geduld).
Audio-Files sind sehr hilfreich; wenn möglich, bitte mitsenden.

Wir bitten insbesondere um:

a) Beurteilung der Modulation; Qualität / Klang und Lautstärke
b) exakte Sendefrequenz (falls eine Möglichkeit zu genauen Messung besteht)
c) Vergleich mit unseren Low-Power-Tests (falls diese seinerzeit gehört wurden).

Wir würden uns freuen, wenn unsere Hörer evtl. auch andere Hobbyfreunde informieren könnten, den Empfang zu versuchen und Berichte zu schicken!


Good morning,

today for the first time we’ll be running a test transmission with medium power.

Starting around 9.00 h UTC = 11.00 h local time in Germany.

QRG: 6150 kc
Reception reports to
are very welcome, and will be confirmed with our QSL card (but we ask for some patience).
Audio files are appreciated, if possible, please attach to the report.

Especially we are interested in:

a) Quality of modulation; loudness, sound;
b) exact frequency (if there is equipment for an exact metering)
c) Comparison with our low power tests (if one of those have been heard).

We would be glad, if our listeners could inform some of their friends,
to try and send reports, too!

Thank you!

EDXC Conference 2011

From: Tibor Szilagyi

Dear DX Friends all over the World !
EDXC – European DX Council – cordially invites you all to the next EDXC Conference in Bulgaria, coming up on August 18 – 23, 2011. First we begin with our conference in Southern Bulgaria, in Melnik. Melnik is situated 176 Kms South from Sofia on the European Highway E 79. The same Highway leads to the Greek border – 28 Kms.

After our conference in Melnik we are going to visit Radio Bulgaria External Services in Sofia.

You will need 3 / three /nights in Melnik : Arrival August 18 — Departure August 21, 2011. We recommend : Hotel Melnik in Melnik. Phone : + 359 7437 2272. E–Mail reservation : reservation @ hotelmelnik.com.
Homepage : www.hotelmelnik.com
Room prices : From EUR 36,– / Room per night,
Including Bulgarian Breakfast.

You will need 2 / two / nights in Sofia : Arrival August 21 — Departure
August 23, 2011.
In Sofia we recommend : HOTEL DEDEMAN Princess Sofia, 131, Maria Luisa Boulevard, 1202 SOFIA, Bulgaria. Phone : + 359 2 933 88 88.
E — Mail : sofia @ dedeman.com Homepage : www.dedeman.com
Room prices : from EUR 60,– / Room per night, Including Bulgarian
Please do RESERVE your hotel rooms NOW !

Our programme in Melnik, what we know now :
We will have our Conference at Hotel Melnik.
Lectures, meals and also our Banquet Dinner at this hotel. Beyond that : One excursion to Macedonia, just over the day, just to see a little bit of another country !

Our programme in Sofia :
On Monday, August 22 we are going to visit Radio Bulgaria External Services.
They transmit at least in 10 languages on Shortwaves !

Conference Fee : EUR 85,– to be paid to me when you arrive on August 18 at Hotel Melnik.

EDXC Reception Desk will be open from 12.00 Hours midday ( noon ).
The Conference Fee EUR 85,– includes : Use of the Conference Room with fully equiped Technical Aid : LapTop with Latin Letters and picture projection possibility. Also included : Lunch on Friday, August 19 and Lunch on Saturday, August 20. And our traditional Banquet Dinner on Saturday evening is also included. Furthermore : It will be a bus taking us from Melnik to Sofia on Sunday, August 21. This bus is only reserved for our group. The price for this special bus trip is also included into the
Conference Fee EUR 85,–.

Special participation fee for spouse : EUR 70,– / spouse.

The EDXC is coming back to you with more detailed programme later on. If you wish to hold lectures with interesting subjects related to our DX Hobby, please do not hesitate to tell me.

Please DO NOT forget to reserve your hotel rooms NOW !!

With best wishes and greetings from Sweden,

T i b o r S z i l a g y i
EDXC Secretary General
E — Mail : tiszi2035 @ yahoo.com

Info via A-DX

AWR 40th Anniversary DX Contest

Adventist World Radio Annual DX Contest
“Choose a Channel” – AWR 40th Anniversary DX Contest

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Adventist World Radio, our DX program “Wavescan” is conducting a big worldwide DX contest, “Choose a Channel”. It was back on October 1, 1971, that AWR made its first broadcast on shortwave in a service originating out of Portugal and beamed towards various countries in Europe.

Here are the details of our 2011 “Choose a Channel” DX Contest:-

A. Choose a Channel
We invite you to choose any shortwave channel, just one channel, anywhere in the world upon which Adventist World Radio is broadcasting, during the month of June 2011.

B. Prepare Reception Reports
You are invited to listen to the shortwave channel that you have chosen at any time, day and/or night, during the month of June 2011, and see how many different stations, including Adventist World Radio, that you can hear on that one specific channel. You are invited to prepare a standard reception report for each station, one sheet of paper for each station.

C. Photocopies
You are invited to search your QSL collection, and where possible, provide a photocopy of a QSL that you already hold in your collection from each of the shortwave stations that you hear on that one channel. These photocopies should be in color if possible, but black & white is also acceptable. If you do not already have a QSL from any of the stations you select, then you should state so in your contest entry.

D. Three Radio Cards
Where possible, you are invited to include three radio cards for the Indianapolis Heritage Collection with your contest entry. These cards may be old or new, and they may be QSL cards, reception report cards, or picture cards of radio stations, etc. (Not valid for this contest are amateur cards nor CB cards.)

E. Assemble Your Contest Entry
Post your entry with all items to Adventist World Radio in Indianapolis, remembering that the total number of stations you hear on the channel, and neatness and preparation, will all feature in the judging procedure. Remember also, that we will then post your reception reports to the other shortwave stations involved, requesting them to issue QSL cards to you in response.

Other Contest Details
Well, there you have it, the details for our Wavescan 2011 “Choose a Channel DX Contest”. This contest will run through the month of June 2011, and all contest entries should be postmarked at your local post office anywhere in the world on any date up to the end of the month of June, and they should be received at the AWR post office address in Indianapolis no later than the end of the month of July 2011.
Return postage in the form of currency notes in an international currency, or mint postage stamps, or IRC coupons would be welcome. Where possible, a self addressed return envelope, business size or half quarto size, would also be welcome.
The awards for this year’s contest will be similar to all previous contests. There will be a special award for the world winner, one of the Jerry Berg radio history books; and World Radio TV Handbook 2012 for each continental winner. In addition, there will be other special awards as well as AWR souvenirs and radio curios for many participants.
You can remember that all AWR reception reports will be verified with a specially endorsed AWR QSL card. Please remember that it will take a period of many months, well into the new year 2112, to process all of the contest entries and reception reports, but each will in due course be processed.

The only address for the AWR “Choose a Channel” 2011 DX Contest is:-
Choose a Channel DX Contest
Box 29235
Indiana 46229 USA

(Dr.Adrian Peterson, Adventist World Radio)

Info via dxld

Radio RMRC St Helena 23 October 2010

RMRC Broadcast about RSD2009 to Japan and Asia on 23. October 2010 ================================================== The Rhein-Main Radio Club (RMRC) will broadcast a special program in English on Saturday, 23. October 2010, from 13:00 to 14:00 UTC on 11640 KHz with 100 KW (AM-modulation) from Sitkunai in Lithuania to Japan and Asia. The program will be essentially the same as the English broadcast to North America on 09. October. The main feature will be audio clips from the Radio St. Helena Day 2009 programs. There will also be information about the RMRC, comments on RSH and RSD by Robert Kipp, and ( we hope) some special comments by Mr. Toshi Ohtake of the Japan ShortWave Club (JSWC). The RMRC wishes listeners everywhere good reception conditions. No return postage is needed for the special RMRC QSL-card. There is also an electronic QSL for email reports. The postal address can be found on the club web page at www.RMRC.DE With best 73, Robert Kipp

Info via A-DX

RMRC Broadcasts about RSD 2009 on 09. October 2010

** SAINT HELENA [non]. The Rhein-Main Radio Club (RMRC) of Frankfurt, Germany, will broadcast two programs concerning Radio St. Helena Day 2009 on Saturday, 09. October, 2010, using the 100 kW transmitting facilities at Sitkunai in Lithuania.

Target Area Time (UT) Frequency Language
Europe 1530-1630 9770 German
North America 2230-2330 6130 English

Each program will be hosted by the RMRC. There will be several audio clips taken from a studio recording of RSD 2009. Robert Kipp will comment on these audio clips and present other information about RSH and RSD.

QSL-Cards for these programs will be issued < ONLY > by the RMRC.
Do NOT send any email or other reports directly to RSH.

Reception Reports :
QSL via Regular Mail (“Snail Mail”) :
Postfach 700849
60558 Frankfurt am Main
E-QSL via e-mail : mail(at)RMRC.DE

Good listening and best 73 de (Robert Kipp, Rhein-Main Radio Club www(dot)RMRC(dot)DE, Oct 1, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Info via dxld

Radio St Helena Day 2010

Radio St. Helena Day 2010 :

Date , Times, and Targets

RSD 2010 will be on Saturday, 09. October 2010
Target Region Times (UTC ) Beam Heading
=========== ============== ==========
EUROPE 1900 – 2030 UTC 10 degrees

INDIA 2030 – 2130 UTC 70 degrees

JAPAN 2130 – 2300 UTC 50 degrees

North America 2300 – 0030 UTC 310 degrees

Gary Walters, Station Manager of Radio St. Helena, has just confirmed the above information, and, as usual, Derek Richards will operate the RSD shortwave transmitting facility.

There will be a special email-address exclusively for the evening of RSD 2010.
As soon as Gary sets up this special email account, we will publish the account name.

The RSD 2010 QSL cards are being sponsored by the Danish ShortWave Club International.
Reception reports for RSD 2010 should be sent with sufficient return postage to RSH using the special Airmail address via Ascension and the United Kingdom — exactly the same procedure as for the RSD 2009 reception reports. ALL mail to RSH should use this procedure.

ALL 266 QSLs for RSD 2009 have been mailed and should now be arriving around the world.

Info via A-DX

SLBC Colombo

SRI LANKA 15120 SLBC’s Korean Service at 1030-1130 UT via DW Trincomalee will cease temporarily from the 4th of June. SLBC instead starts another hour of Hindi to India on 11905 kHz via Trincomalee 355deg beam with 200 kW at 1530-1630 UTC.

Reception reports will be welcome to

Engineer AM Services
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
P.O.Box 574
Colombo, Sri Lanka.

SLBC in association with the Union of Asian DXers will QSL all reports on all its SW broadcasts during June. If the project is successful we will extend it.

0055-0330(Sun -0430) 6005 9780 15745 English to Asia
0020-0500, 0830-1230 11905 7185
1530-1630 11905
1615-1830 11750

SLBC is also progressing with the installation of a 50 kW MW transmitter in Puttalam on 1125 kHz to beam to South India where there are large numbers of Sri Lankans who fled the war over the last 30 years, and also to strengthen the coverage to the North of Sri Lanka.
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN 4S7VK UADX, via DXplorer June 4) via DXLD

RTI T-shirt contest

Radio Taiwan International (RTI) is giving away a limited number of t-shirts and Special QSL Cards to the listeners around the world to thank you for the support of the radio station under “Listen to RTI and Win a T-shirt” Contest.
To enter for a chance to win a t-shirt, you can send an email or a reception report about the reception condition in your part of the world. RTI will send you a Qualified Shortwave Listener (QSL) card along with a contest entry card. Return the contest entry card back to RTI with your name and mailing address. There is no limit to the number of entries listeners can send. Photocopies of the card, however, will not be accepted..
Deadline : Mail your contest entry card to RTI with a postmark between April 1, 2010 and August 15, 2010 to enter the drawing.
More Details on :http://www.rti.org.tw/big5/2010Activity/2010QSL/english.aspx
Enjoy RTI and win the contest

Info via HCDX

Special broadcasts by AIR for Republic Day 2010

Special broadcasts by AIR for Republic Day 2010

All India Radio will broadcast the following special programs in connection with the Republic Day celebrations on 26th January, 2010

25 January 2010: 1330 UTC: President Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh Patil’s
address to the nation. This will be broadcast by all stations of AIR. Delhi frequencies are 5015 6030 6085 9575 & 9835. Regional stations on SW are using 60 MB frequencies at that time. Look out especially Kohima 4850 (1000 to 1630 UTC).

26 January 2010: Running Commentary of Republic Day parade from 0350 UTC

Hindi: 6155(Bengaluru 500 kW); 11620(Aligarh 250 kW); 15135(Delhi 50 kW).
English: 5990(Delhi 250 kW); 9810 (Delhi 50 kW); 11830 (Delhi 50 kW);15050 (Bengaluru 500 kW)

The following Regional stations will change from their Morning frequencies on 60 Meters (4 & 5 MHz frequencies ) to their day time frequencies between-0335-0350 UTC as follows:

5965 Jammu?
5985 Ranchi ?
6000 Leh
6040 Jeypore
6065 Kohima?
6085 Gangtok
6150 Itanagar?
6190 Delhi
7230 Kurseong
7240 Mumbai
7280 Guwahati
7295 Aizawl
7315 Shillong
7325 Jaipur
7440 Lucknow

(? = Normally off air)

So some unusual reception of AIR stations shall be observed.

The other following stations are already scheduled to be on air daily at
this time and will also relay the running commentry.

6020 Shimla
6110 Srinagar
7210 Kolkata
7290 Thiruvanthapuram
7335 Imphal
7380 Chennai
7390 Port Blair
7420 Hyderabad
7430 Bhopal

Reception Reports may be sent to spectrum-manager@air.org.in


Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur Radio
Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad 500082, India
Telefax: 91-40-2331 0287 Cell:94416 96043

(Via dx_india yg) via CumbreDX via A-DX

Special QSLs for the 14th Birthday of the Electronic DXPress

To commemorate the 14th birthday of the Electronic DX Press Radio Monitoring Association (EDXP) on January 4, 2010, special QSLs are now being issued for all correct reception reports received up to the end of 2010 for the “Radio EDXP” programs hosted by various international shortwave broadcasters, titled “The Australian DX Report”.

The full colour QSLs show Australian scenes and wildlife, and indicate the actual transmitter location and the name of the host broadcaster.

“Radio EDXP” is the EDXP’s long-time broadcasting service, offering news reports and schedule updates about international broadcasting, propagation, and monitoring.

Host broadcasters include:
– Worldwide Christian Radio (WWCR) – Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Every week, on Sundays, at 0300-0315 and on Mondays at 1245-1300
– The Voice of the Andes, HCJB, Quito, Ecuador, each month during the “DX Party Line” English program. The DXPL is broadcast over HCJB-Australia (Kunnunurra, Western Australia), WWCR, WRMI and IRRS (Slovakia)
– World Harvest Radio International – T8WH Palau, and WHRI Indiana, monthly during the “DXing with Cumbre” English program
– Adventist World Radio worldwide network, every month, during the
“Wavescan” program, on weekends. This may be heard over transmitters in Guam, Germany, and WRMI.

Reports must include sufficient details for validation purposes, and
indicate the date (UTC), time (UTC), frequency, quality of reception, and interference effects, and should be sent to:
Radio EDXP, 404 Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert, Victoria 3127, Australia

Return postage is mandatory – A$2 in mint Australian stamps (for Australian addresses), one IRC or US$1 elsewhere



Radio EDXP electronic QSLs are also available and reports may be submitted either by Email, to bobpadula@mydesk.net.au or via the on-line Reception Report Template at http://edxp.org

E-QSLs are “picked up” at a special Website notified by EDXP. Return postage is not required for E-QSLs.
Radio EDXP is also available via the Internet, with a new episode produced each week, and may be accesssed at http://airm.edxp.org

Full details are at http://edxp.org
The EDXP pioneered the use of electronic mail in Australia for collaboration between members, and celebrated its 14th birthday on January 4, 2010, moving into its 15th year of continuous operations.

Good listening to Radio EDXP, and your reception reports would be

Bob Padula Melbourne

Info via cumbredx via A-DX

South Herts Radio

South Herts Radio will now broadcast as follows effective from 3rd Jan 2010.

Every other Sunday from Sunday 3rd January from 08.00 – 20.00 UTC. Shortwave 5835 KHz (52 meter band) with low power to Europe from the U.K.

Only when our webstream is on air can you find us on FM anywhere between 87.6 – 107.9 MHz throughout the U.K. and Europe and on dedicated relays usually 90.9 MHz in South & East Herts, 97.9 MHz in West Herts and 102.5 MHz in North Herts thanks to our listeners relaying our webstreams on legitimate low power devices.

We also operate on (WFM) 863.5 MHz in South Herts and 864.5 MHz in North Herts at a higher power of sometimes up to 50 watts.

Weekdays Mon – Fri from Jan 4th we will be on (shortwave only) with low power on 3935 KHz (76 meter band) from 19.00 – 22.00 UTC. We are also testing 7325 KHz in the 41 meter band with low power, times and days vary. When we say low power we mean just above micro power but effective when conditions are on our side.

We are also testing on the AM band in the medium wave band in parts of the U.K. again thanks to some of our listeners relaying us on low power devices. Example tx
http://www.vcomp.co.uk/spitfire/spitfire.htm any frequency that is clear in steps of 9 Khz.

Finally we are relayed by other stations (usually clandestine) at various times and frequencies see http://www.southhertsradio.com/frequencies.html for more info.

Once again the live webstream should be on air every other Sunday with (limited slots) but we do offer an excellent listen again service and downloads which we will be expanding on a much greater scale in 2010. Look out for changes to our website and schedules soon. We may miss the odd Sunday but this is only a hobby station.

SHR is for the serious DXer and offshore radio enthusiast with DX related shows and pirate tributes mostly as listen on demand files. Reception reports are always welcome.

In the New Year I will be devoting more time to making new shows for Laser Hot Hits. You can hear some of my previous shows for Laser on the Humyo player at http://www.southhertsradio.com/again.html

Happy new year and 73.


Info via dxld

Artic Radio Club

From 2009.19.27 2300 UTc you can hear “Artic Radio Morokulien” with music from the 60` on MW together with some small talks. The transmissions is a joint venture between Morokulien and Artic Radio Club, both celebrating 50 year.

28.12.2009 00.00 – 01.00
28.12.2009 14.00 – 15.00
30.12.2009 09.00 – 10.00
06.01.2010 09.00 – 10.00
10.01.2010 14.00 – 15.30
10.01.2010 21.00 – 23.00

The above is Swedish time. Please subtract one our to get UTC.

The transmissions will be in Swedish with some parts in English. Station identification in both Swedish and English

Please contact the ARCTIC RADIO, PO Box 5050, SE-350 05 Växjö, Sweden. Email: arctic.radio.morokulien@telia.com
Reception reports are welcome to the above addresses and if you request a printed QSL-card for the correct reception report, please include 2 stamps, IRCs or $ for Swedish domestic postage.If you want to be notified of further commemorative broadcasts in 2010 please send us your email address.

Info via Claes Olsson via CumbreDX

DX Quiz 2009

DX QUIZ 2009

In 2009 the Ardic DX Club celebrates its 11th anniversary. For 11 years it has been the primary source of information for dxing enthusiasts all over the Tamil Nadu, India. In order to celebrate this event, a quiz is being organised. The quiz is open to anyone, regardless of location or club membership. The quiz does not solely deal with Tamil Dxing, but covers very different radio aspects. Answering following 25 questions you can show your radio knowledge.

No quiz without prizes of course. You wish to contribute a prize? Please contact me! And to make the contest interesting to everybody, a few prizes will be given anomaly to entrants. So if the questions look hard, participate anyway.

Quiz starts from 1 November 2009, Last date for the entry 30 January 2009

See the Quiz Questions on the special website http://dxquiz.wordpress.com/

Send your answers to
59, Annai Sathya Nagar,
Chennai – 600 106,

Mint Stamp / IRC
Every entry will get the special pennant in the memory of The External Services of All India Radio’s 70th anniversary. Every entry must send one reception report of any frequency of All India Radio for the 70th anniversary special QSL. Indian listeners must send Rs.10/- mint stamp for postage and International listeners must send 2 IRC or 2 US $.

For more details
ardicdxclub (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) in

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RMRC RSD 2009 Party live in Internet

RMRC RSD 2009 Party live in Internet

PLEASE try to join us at the Rhein-Main Radio Club Radio St. Helena Day 2009 Party.

The RMRC plans to have a live CHAT, a webcam with audio so that
DXers can tell us about their reception conditions and about themselves during the RSD 2009 broadcasts.

The RMRC plans to start the CHAT at about 19:00 UTC on 14. November 2009.

To find the RMRC in the Internet, go to our homepage www.rmrc.de
On the homepage, on the left side, select “RMRC WebCam”.
The webcam picure will be updated about every minute.
You can CHAT with us using the chat-box just below the photo.

You can hear the streaming audio by starting SKYPE.
Start SKYPE on your computer.
SEARCH for :
“RMRC” AND (“Germany” or “Deutschland”) AND “All Languages”
and then hit “Find”
NOTE: be SURE to use “Germany” or “Deutschland”, otherwise you get
an address in Brazil or somewhere.
The result should be: RMRC rmrcev Germany, Frankfurt
ADD this NEW Contact to your Skype list of contacts.

For other information from the RMRC, see:
www.rmrc.de/StHelena.html for Radio St. Helena information
www.rmrc.de/QSLCalendar.html for the RMRC 2010 QSL Calendar
www.rmrc.de/Webcam.html for direct access to the webcam page
These addresses must be exactly as shown (upper and lower case letters).

For RSD 2009, RSH has set up a special email address :
— to contact the RSH studio to take part in the program and
— to take part in the drawing for RMRC 2010 QSL Calendars.
This special email address is: radio.announcements4669(at)msn.com
It is vital to use only lower case letters in this address.

Many thanks for your help and interest and with very best greetings,
Gary Walters , Station Manager of Radio St. Helena
Harald Gabler, Lutz Winkler, and Robert Kipp
Rhein-Main Radio Club , Frankfurt, Germany

Please pass this information along to your radio club and radio friends.
(Robert Kipp Via Jaisakthivel, Chennai, India) via DXLD

KBS World Radio English Service

Dear listeners

KBS World Radio’s one-hour programming is now available on 1440 kHz at 0100 CET for European listeners in England, Germany, France, Denmark and the Netherlands. The programming will be also simulcast at www.rtl1440.com. If you miss that slot, don’t worry. You can listen to us again at 2100 CET through the internet audio stream at www.rtl1440.com. Please let me know how clear the signal is. We’re going to send out a small souvenir to every one who sends us reception report. Enjoy listening.

Info via Cumbre DX