Guten Rutsch Happy New Year 2018

Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.

In 2017 wurde vor allem der Cloud-upload des Radioarchivs in Angriff genommen. Zur Zeit sind die DVDs bis Nummer 1500 und ab Nummer 2250 erreichbar, sowie die CDs bis Nummer 520. Dabei stellten sich vereinzelt Lesefehler heraus, was bei den teils 20 Jahre alten CDs unvermeidlich ist. Dadurch das diese mit niedrigen Geschwindigkeiten gabrannt wurden hält sich das in Grenzen.

Geplant ist weiterhin große Teile des QSL-Archivs und der Infosheets aus den 80er / Anfang 90er Jahren zu digitalisieren. Vorrang hat aber das Radioarchiv.

Update audio Logs 2017

Audio files logs-off-air 2017 are again accessable without Login. All other files are password protected.

Some users reported Login-problems with the Mozilla Firefox. The system was tested with Edge and Ckrome, so we recommend these browsers.

Logs 2017 remain open till the problems with Mozilla Firefox are solved.

Contact me in the chat or via email to get the login details. You need not to register.

Updates rights management

I have introduced a rights management to the site for certain pages to be members only. Especially the search functions and the in-deep-look into the database for actual logs are now for members only. Feel free to sign up, which is on testing basis and will be improved. Comments welcome from listeners and OPs, feel free to contact me at or via chatbox.

Audio logs access restricted

Audio logs access is now restricted to members only. You have to register at Membership Sign Up.

Once you registered use Login. Your password will be emailed to you.

Also working on the implentation of restricted access on the subpages of actual logs. The Audio Logs from 2015 and below remain open.

As not all is working smooth you can quickly access audio logs without registration via Update audio logs AM

Updates Logs

Nowadays I do not ues a hand written booklet for logs any more. Loggings are now automated with file names which allow quick updates of the audio files and the database behind it as well as the old logs.