Atlantic 2000 International 6070 Khz August 2019

Atlantic 2000 International will be on air on 6070 kHz via Rohrbach,Germany, Saturday 10 of August 0800-0900 and and Sudany 11 of August

1900-2000 UTC.

We will be on the air on August 10th and 11th :

Radio Andorra was a legendary radio station, transmitting on mediumwave and shortwave from 1939 to 1981, from the Principality of Andorra, a small country between France and Spain.

The station was officially launch the 7th of August 1939.

To celebrate the 80 years of this launch, Atlantic 2000 will transmit a special tribute programme on Saturday, August 10th, from 08:00 to 09:00 UTC on 6070 kHz and online.

From 09:00 to 11:00 UTC, online only, we will repeat the tribute to Radio Andorra that we transmitted in 2009, for the 70th anniversary of Radio


Atlantic 2000 will be on the air again on Sunday 11th of August from 19:00 to 20:00 UTC with music and dedications, on 6070 kHz and online.

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Radio Caroline [648 kHz] has asked for a change in its licence.

Radio Caroline [648 kHz] has asked for a change in its licence. According to its key commitments the station had promised 144 h of original programming each week. This number was over-optimistic. The management now requested a reduction to 120 h.
R. Caroline:
"Every weekday, we provide original output for 17 hours from 07:00 until 23:59. On Saturdays and Sundays this is currently increased to 22 hours and 19 hours respectively giving an overall weekly total of 126 hours. Any non-original output is broadcast after midnight when listener numbers are minimised. This has been the position, more or less, for the past 12 months as we have been unable to source volunteers willing to provide live or recorded programming during these hours. Consequently, we seek to reduce this commitment to an attainable 120 hours per week which will also provide with us a ‘safety’ margin to cover situations where presenters are unable to make programmes owing to sickness and/or work commitments or for periods where a presenter leaves the Station and a replacement has to be found."
Decision by Ofcom:

"The request represents approximately a 15% reduction in hours of original output which, in our view, would not substantially impact the character of service. Furthermore, the station has noted that for the 12 months prior to the request they have in fact been producing this reduced amount of original output, so there will be no obvious changes to the service from the perspective of listeners. We have also taken into account the challenges facing the station with regard to sourcing volunteers."

Please note that at there is still no link to

Dr Hansjoerg Biener (16/6-2019)

Der 16. Erkrather Radiotag / The16th Erkrath Radioday 16 September 2016

An diesem Samstag hat Europas freie Radioszene wieder ihren Treffpunkt: Die Veranstaltung findet von 12.00 Uhr bis 20.00 Uhr im Observatorium der Sternwarte Neanderhöhe SNH in 40699 Erkrath statt.

Die Agenda : „Kommt die Mittelwelle zurück?“ , Information zur Lage in den Niederlanden durch Bart Serlie.

Veranstaltungsort: vom Düsseldorfer Hauptbahnhof aus fährt man mit der S -Bahn Linie S 8 in Richtung Hagen Wuppertal bis Haltepunkt Hochdahl-Millrath, geht dann in Fahrtrichtung an der Landstraße bis zum Hausmannsweg. An diesem liegt nach ein paar hundert Metern das Observatorium am Sternwartenweg.
Die Anfahrt mit dem Auto ab der Autobahn Abfahrt Haan-West der A 46 ist im Ort Erkrath ausgeschildert. GPS = 051° 12‘ 35‘‘ N / 006° 59‘ 01‘‘ O

Einige der regelmäßigen Teilnehmer bezeichneten die Veranstaltung schon als“ Familientreffen“. Daher ist der Eintritt in diesem Jahr frei, Teilnehmer werden um einen Unkostenbeitrag nach eigenem Ermessen gebeten.

On Saturday 17th September 2016, we organise the annual meeting for radio makers and listeners for the 16th time in the rooms of the observatory Sternwarte Neanderhöhe in D-40699 Erkrath. The event is scheduled from 12:00 to 20:00 hours EST.

The agenda : “A comeback of the mediumwave?” , information about the situation in The Netherlands by Bart Serlie.

The location: from Düsseldorf railway station you get there by train S 8, direction Wuppertal/Hagen. You leave at stop Hochdahl-Millrath and walk the road in direction of the train to small way on right hand named Hausmannsweg. After a view hundred meters you see the observatory at the Sternwartenweg.
By car you leave Autobahn A 46 at exit Haan West to Erkrath, in the town the way is marked 'Observatorium'. GPS = 051° 12’ 35’’ N / 006° 59’ 01’’ E

Some of our regular participants already called the event a “family get together”. Therefor this year the entrance is free , participants are asked to donate for our cost according their own evaluation.

Radio Mi Amigo News

Hello all,

great things are waiting for you from 1st of June

new presenters:

Radio Mi Amigo welcomes Bruno Hantson and Lion Keezer aboard the team, joining our Sunday schedule.

Both have more than 30 years' radio-experience between them. Lion was aboard the Mi Amigo off the Dutch coast in the early 70s's working on the Dutch service of Radio Caroline. His programme on Radio Mi Amigo International is called "Hello To The World" and airs on Sundays from 9am and 1pm CET.

Bruno worked for several of the early land-based pirates in the early 80s in Belgium and France. His programme is called "Bruno's Soul Box" and airs on Sundays from 8am and 12 midday CET.

More details on our webside: and click on the "Shortwave" and "DJs" pages.


Radio Mi Amigo International will be on shortwave EVERY DAY from 1st of June.

The exact times are (all times CET) :

Monday to Friday: --- 7.05pm to 8pm --- 6005 khz

Saturday: --- 8am to 2pm --- 6005 khz (from 10am to 2pm also on 9560 khz)

Sunday: --- 8am to 12midday --- 6005 khz (from 10am to 12midday also 9560 khz)
Sunday: --- 12 midday to 4pm --- 7310 khz (from 12 midday to 2pm also on 9560 khz)


From June you can also listen to Radio Mi Amigo programmes on 1485 khz from Riga, Latvia which also serves parts of Scandinavia and parts of north east Germany.

Saturday : --- 10pm to midnight --- 1485 khz
Sunday : --- 05pm to 6pm and 8pm to midnight --- 1485 khz

You prefer clear stereo-sound ? No problem, just go to our webpage, and click on the media players for each frequency.

Just klick on the play-button, there you find also the complete program-schedule for shortwave and mediumwave.

Radio Mi Amigo Competition :

Get the right answer to our monthly question and WIN BIG PRIZES !!!

We are giving listeners chances to win Radio Mi Amigo Souvenir-packages and a tablet-pc.

To enter the competitions, simply go to our website and click on the "Competitions" page.

You will hear be able to hear the competition questions and the winners' names announced on-air too.

Radio Mi Amigo Webshop:

If you love Radio Mi Amigo and you want to buy a nice souvenir, we have some special items on offer.

From end of June you will find the Radio Mi Amigo Webshop on our webpage, just click
on the banner you see below from the end of June.
The shop will initially open with T-Shirts, Caps and lots more, but will grow as time progresses and we will have other offshore memorabilia on offer. Keep checking the shop from June.

And as always, the shop helps keep Radio Mi Amigo International on the air so any support you can offer is greatly appreciated, thank you.


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