Blueman Radio Christmas 2016

Christmas Special Show from Blueman Radio o 6070 khz 24.Dec.2016 - 26.Dec.2016 - 15- 16 UTC and 13-14 UTC
and also onair via Laut FM Stream 20 - 21 UTC on 24.Dec.2016 and 25.Dec.2016 . eRR or pRR welcomme here and allso via Websdr or via Laut FM .eQSL and pQSL
Marco Hommel
Kennwort Blueman or Christmas
01897 Grossroehrsdorf
1US Dollar or 1IRC 31.12.2017 or 1 Euro and Germany 1 Stamp 0,90 Cent (Briefmarke)
and Free eqsl 2 Days Back to you
Post Mail 10 Days Europa Weit (Weltweit)

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