EMR Tom Taylor Tribute Show on Sunday 18th March 2018

We have a final very high power extra bonus transmission of the EMR Tom Taylor Tribute Show on Sunday 18th March.

It will be coming from near Vienna in Austria with 100 KW on 7330khz Short Wave.

Start time will be... 11.00 UK / UTC that's 12.00 CET

So, if you missed the programme last month, this is your very last chance to catch it.

Thanks go to Jens Hofstadt and the Radio Joystick team for funding this broadcast.

Lista de emissoras piratas do Brasil

Rádio Máxima 6940 kHz
Rádio Cidade Oldies 8645 kHz e 9290 kHz
Rádio GBA 6985 kHz
Rádio Casa 8000 kHz
Rádio Tury 6400 kHz
Rádio 7800 7800 kHz
Rádio "pantera" 7675 kHz
Rádio Fronteira 10290 kHz
Rádio Mundial 10250 kHz
(Jonas Ferreira via Grupo Radioescutas e Dexismo)
Também tem a Rádio Transmissão Experimental em 9605 kHz
73 Daniel Wyllyans

Info via HCDX