Radio Sylvia 5. Dezember 2020

Ho-ho-ho! Am 5. Dezember um 18 Uhr geht unsere weihnachtlich angehauchte "Radiorandale" auf Sendung - sechs Stunden mit kräftigen Klängen und u.a. folgenden Highlights: Von 19 bis 20 Uhr gibt's musikalische Neuheiten, und in der festlichen "Stunde der Wahrheit" (22 bis 23 Uhr) präsentieren wir euch einen musikalischen Weihnachts-Rundumschlag. Wie gewohnt könnt ihr uns online sowie auf Kurzwelle 6070 und 3955 kHz hören. Feedback sehr gern via

RIP Martin Smith

RIP Martin Smith
It is with great sadness that we share the news with you about the passing away of Martin Smith, one of our longest serving staff members.
Way over a decade Martin was a member of the Seagull crew. He was a skilled radio-presenter but also a brilliant voice-over. His deep voice can still be heard on Radio Seagull in trailers, promo’s, commercials and announcements. In 2011 he was part of the crew on board the Radio Seagull ship Jenni Baynton when it was anchored 8 miles off the Dutch coast. He put his experiences on paper in an article called :”An offshore rookie”, telling how much he enjoyed his time on board.
Martin leaves an emptiness behind, of course with his family and close friends. But also with all the people at Radio Seagull, on both sides of the radio !

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