Radio Igloo 26th of June 2020

at least that's our own opinion.
On Friday next week, June 26th at 21.0 European Daylight Time (19.0 UTC) the Show will be transmitted from one of our shortwave transmitters in central Europe.
On 6285 kHz or on a free frequency nearby.
This program has been made possible because some of our listeners have helped us with the show and our broadcasting engineer who makes sure it comes on air.
We hope you will enjoy our music-show.
We appreciate to hear from you and audioclips are always welcome.
Greetings from
The Radio Igloo Team

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Irish pirate radio audio archive

The Irish pirate radio audio archive was lucky to recently receive a donation of hundreds of cassettes belonging to the British radio enthusiast Leon Tipler who made valuable recordings of the Irish pirate scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s. We've begun digitising the collection, starting with Tipler's acclaimed documentary series 'The Irish Pirates' focusing on the period 1979-1982. Many of the stations involved would have been heard by British DXers. The first part of 'The Irish Pirates' can be heard here:

We also recently featured the pirate radio of Galway in the 1980s:


John Walsh (Galway) and Brian Greene (Dublin) via WOR



GULF OF MEXICO, May 29, 2020 — Texas Radio Shortwave, an American free radio station, today announced its formal broadcast schedule for the rest of 2020. These broadcasts are aimed at European listeners and usually will feature music by Texas artists. The first three programs will highlight Buddy Holly, WillieNelson, and Roy Orbison.

Channel 292 in Germany will transmit the hour-long programs at 0900 UTC on 6070 kHz with a power of 10 kW. Broadcasts are scheduled on the third Saturday of each month. Those dates are June 20, July 18, August 15, September 19, October 17, November 21, and December 19. Channel 292 will broadcast a special program at 1900 UTC on December 25, 2020, on the same frequency.

Texas Radio Shortwave will schedule programs on other dates, times, and stations to reach listeners in North America and Europe.

Texas Radio Shortwave verifies 100 percent of all correct, detailed reception reports. The station often issues special, limited-edition eQSLs for its programs.

Reception reports must include times, song titles, the text of announcements, a SINPO/SIO signal rating, information on receiver and antenna, and comments on the program content. Listeners using remote software-defined receivers (SDRs) should mention that. Texas Radio Shortwave would like to receive audio clips of the broadcasts along with the detailed reports. Reports should be sent to

Texas Radio Shortwave is located on a ship anchored in the Gulf of Mexico off the South Texas coast. Its programs are broadcast in North America and Europe.

Dave Cash’s audiobook He Sounds Much Taller is available free on Spotify

Something to listen to during current restrictions. Dave Cash's audiobook He Sounds Much Taller is available free on Spotify. Adverts will interrupt free accounts. Chapter 2 The Pirate Revolution on the start of offshore radio and how Dave joined Radio London is 9 minutes 39, Chapter 3 All Aboard on Dave's time on Radio London is 62 minutes 39. Link is to the Spotify webplayer.

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