EMR 2017 / 2018

Dear EMR Listeners,
Due to my Cancer condition (non-Hodgkin Lymphoma) that was diagnosed in February 2017, i regret to tell you that EMR will be off air until furthr notice.
I hope to return EMR to the air at some Point in 2018.
All the best from Tom Taylor
PS. More Pages to our Website will be added over the next few Months while EMR is off air !
European Music Radio:
website: www.europeanmusicradio.com
email: emrshortwave@gmail.com

Radio Caroline North / Manx Radio Extra Weekend December 2017

From the station's Facebook group:

October 30 2017

There is the possibility of an extra Radio Caroline North/Manx Radio live broadcast weekend from the Ross Revenge on 16th and 17th December. We are currently running an 'expression of interest' list for anyone interested in visiting the ship that weekend, should it be confirmed. If you would like to be added to the list call Paula Shaw on 07535 493501 or email boattrips@radiocaroline.co.uk

Update audio Logs 2017

Audio files logs-off-air 2017 are again accessable without Login. All other files are password protected.

Some users reported Login-problems with the Mozilla Firefox. The system was tested with Edge and Ckrome, so we recommend these browsers.

Logs 2017 remain open till the problems with Mozilla Firefox are solved.

Contact me in the chat or via email to get the login details. You need not to register.

European Music Radio Transmissions 15 January 2017

European Music Radio Transmissions via;
WBCQ to Central & North America on 7490 KHz on 14th January between 22.00 to 23.00 UTC
KBC to Western Europe on 6045 KHz on 15th January between 09.00 to 10.00 UTC
Shortwave Station Göhren on 9485 KHz on 15th January between 09.00 to 10.00 UTC
Channel 292 on 6070 KHz on 15th January between 14.00 to 15.00 UTC
Contact email: emrshortwave@gmail.com

Internet Repeats on 15th January 2016:
EMR will repeat this months Transmissions via two streams running at the following Times:16.00, 18.00, 20.00 UTC
http://nednl.net:8000/emr.m3u will be on 96 kbps /44 KHz stereo for normal listening
http://nednl.net:8000/emr24.m3u will be 24 kbps / 22 KHz mono will be especially for low bandwidth like mobile phones.

Caroline North 24th-25th September 2016

Caroline North Broadcast

Radio Caroline North returns over the weekend of 24th-25th September live from the Ross Revenge.

The Caroline story continues into 1988 when the crew built a new aerial system to replace the original mast, only to see much of their work destroyed by armed raiders the following year. We'll hear from some of those who were onboard.

And of course we've more great prizes to gve away from our friends at Tiptree, preserves of distinction. Your emails are always welcome at memories@radiocaroline.co.uk.

So join us this weekend online here and on 1368AM courtesy of Manx Radio.

Hijgbeer 6265 Khz

Tentative Hijgbeer is on 6265 Khz at 1730 Utc with SINPO 34433 at SDR Twente. No ID heard OP was in chatbox. However I got an email reply on this station by another listener who gives a different clue on this new station: Habe am 11.09. von 18.30- 2020 auf 6265 via Twente auch diese Station gehört. Für mich klangen die Identificationen im späteren Verlauf nach Zender Ijsbeer ( ijsbeer@tiscali.nl). Werde mal einen RR losschicken, mal sehen, was passiert, @Mail funktioniert jedenfalls.

Marconi Radio International’s schedule on 24 August 2016

Just a short reminder of our regular weekly brodcasts on Wednesdays. Marconi Radio International will once again be on air tomorrow 24 August 2016, as follows:

16.00-18.00 on 7700 kHz (USB Mode), 1830-1930 UTC on 15070 kHz (USB mode), and 2000-2200 UTC on 7700 kHz (USB Mode).

Our broadcasts include some kind of programmes now sadly missing from most shortwave radio stations: an old style DX show in English “Italian Short Wave Panorama” and Italian "Panorama Onde Corte", both with lot of recent logs, as well as a mailbag programme in Italian. Our station identification announcements are not only in English and Italian but also in French, German, Japanese, Romanian, Spanish and Catalan.

For the first time in our history a Facebook page about our station has been introduced. It is called "MRI World" and can be found at this
web address: https://www.facebook.com/mriworld - Although it is still far from being completed you can leave your comments and suggestions.

MRI encourages reception reports from listeners. Audio clips (mp3-file) of our broadcasts are welcome! We QSL 100%. Our electronic mail address is: marconiradiointernational@gmail.com - Please don’t forget to include your postal address as some lucky listeners will also receive a printed QSL card.

Last but not least, we need your help! Please, share this announcement on your walls and in your facebook groups or on your email lists with those who might be interested. This should help increase our potential audience.

We hope to hear from a lot of shortwave listeners about our transmissions.

Best 73's

Marconi Radio International (MRI)