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Nowadays I listen to pirate radio on KIWI-SDRs and Web SDRs as reception quality is much better. My own equipment has no antenna so it is not used. Parts of the website are offline due to some technical issues. Hope to be back soon. At the moment there are only the pirate radio blog as well as the dx media blog online.

Since 1988 I listen regularly to pirate radio on shortwave and mediumwave. I began DXing in 1983. My receiver is a NRD 525 GF with a Dressler ARA 30 active antenna mounted outdoors 3 metres above ground. In the 90th I visited several free-radio-camps in Burscheid, Achternberg, Duisburg and Gronau. Location is Detmold 5156 North 852 East, 30 kilometres east of Bielefeld.

Achim’s Free Radio Disaster was founded in 1994/1995. First only a single page at http://members.aol.com/abfffr, around 1996 I added QSL-pictures and mp3-sounds. See how it looked in 1998. In 1999 freeradio.de was registered. From around year 2000 mp3-files of stations recorded off-air was added. In 2003 a blog-system was added to publish up-to-date news, first only accessable via the club-area. In 2005 a new blog-system was used and it was moved to the public area.

Nowadays the club area is closed and most features transferred to public webpage. In 2014 searchable archive is completed as well as the historic loggings from year 1983. A new domain radioachim.de was registered, working as backup space for the main site and to bring some nostalgic radio from the archive online. Major change is the implentation of HTML5-audio to the main blog for easy access of audio files. Also we are working on all data accessable via the blog and the website behind it.

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