Radio Igloo 23 April 2021

Radio Igloo and The Westcoast DX-Club in Gothenburg, Sweden has produced another show
with information about the DX-Club and music performed by artists from West-Sweden.
On Friday April 23rd at 21.0 European Daylight Time (19.0 UTC) the Show will be transmitted from one of our shortwave transmitters in central Europe.
On 6295 kHz or on a free frequency nearby.
We hope you will enjoy our music-show.
We appreciate to hear from you and audioclips are always welcome.
Greetings from
The Radio Igloo Team and The Westcoast DX-Club

Info via Facebook

For the first time a DJ set on shortwave: “Nine Sessions” on April 4, 2021

For the first time you could hear a DJ set on shortwave: "Nine Sessions" on April 4, 2021

DJane Miss Nine presents her favorites in House music all over Europe!

For 35 years, "Funky Sounds 4 Central Europe" can be heard in the Charlie Prince Show. On Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021, listeners will benefit from a new test: An actual DJ set on shortwave! Radio Joystick (JOY) will broadcast the one-hour DJ set "Nine Sessions" on April 4, 2021.
The rousing house sounds will make you dance on Easter Sunday after the Charlie Prince show at 1 p.m. German time on 7330 kHz (KW, 41-m band); at the mixing console will be DJane Miss Nine aka Kristin Schrot. She introduces her favorites in house musicto shortwave fans all over Europe!

Celebrities celebrate their arrival at JOY:
DJane Miss Nine aka Kristin Schrot, busy worldwide and globally booked with a sure sense for house and ambient music, will contribute her DJ set. Her one-hour Nine sessions are already being played on numerous webradios. The Amsterdam-based DJane even runs her own record label.
Kristin Schrot also can be found on the catwalk: she is the face of a Levi's collection and a Pioneer DJ product line! Born in Oberweißbach, Thuringia, she began her career as a celebrated model at the age of 16. With the beginning of this millennium she discovered her talent as a DJane - and for the first time in this millennium her current DJ set "Nine Sessions" is available on shortwave all over Europe - on Radio Joystick, in short: JOY!

Charlie Prince Show: Every first Sunday of the month at 12 noon German time on 7330 kHz.

Radio Harmony 5780 Khz closing down

Pirate station Radio Harmony has announced it is closing its shortwave transmitter today. The station which plays easy listening music broadcasts daily on 5780 kHz.

On the HF Underground Forum the station said: "Harmony will be closing down our shortwave transmitter today, Saturday 27 Feb 2021, for the foreseeable future.

"This is due to relocation. We hope to reappear on air sometime within the next few months, but nothing is certain yet.

"Until then, we'd like to thank you all for listening and logging Harmony. We hope the signals have been interesting, and the music nice!

"Best 73 to all on here.

The Harmony team."

(via Paul Watson)

Radio 60 2nd of January 2021

On the first Saturday of the new year on 02.January 2021 from 11:00 to 14:00 UTC runs the next 6045-shortwave-show with the combination Radio60! with €rdenman (11 - 12 & 13 - 14 UTC) & Gunter from Hitmix-Radio as guest DJ (13 - 14 UTC) on 6045 kHz.
We will play again good music from the 70s and 80s.
* The technical specialty of this transmission for the specialists of our listeners will be the "flying" change of the transmitter while the running show at 12:05 UTC. Because of organizational reasons (Radio SeTa2 used this 100kW-transmitter on 6095kHz until 12:00 UTC) we will start at 11:00 UTC on 6045 kHz with a other 125kW-transmitter. At 12:05 UTC the 100kW-transmitter will be run for a few seconds parallel with modulation on 6045 kHz. The 125kW-transmitter then will be switched off and we use the 100kW-transmitter until the end of the transmission at 14:00 UTC.
Greetings and musicwishes for this transmission can you send to erdenman(at)
If you send us a correct rapport to erdenman(at), then always we send the eQSLs shortly after our transmissions.

FRS Holland 27 December 2020

"FRS Seasonal December broadcast
On Sunday December 27th FRS-Holland will be ringing out 2020 with its tradional Seasonal December broadcast. Programmes will start at 08:52 UTC/ 09:54 CET.
2020 has been a very special year. Covid-19 ruled the world with all of its consequences. At the same time FRSH celebrated two milestones: In August the 200th official shortwave broadcast and two months later- early November- the icing of the cake was our 40th Anniversary. Both on air celebrations were successful and we'd like all listeners for their support!
Times and frequencies December 27th:
7700// 5790 08:52- 13:30 UTC/ 09:52- 14:30 CET. Repeat following close down: 13:30- 18:00 UTC/ 14:30- 19:00 CET.
3920: 08:52- 13:30 UTC/ 09:52- 14:30 CET.
5810: 08:52- 12:00 UTC/ 09:52- 13:00 CET.

FRS Holland Season’s Greetings

Dear FRS Friend!

Christmas 2020 casts its shadow forward and we are approaching the end of 2020. An almost (?) surrealistic year.
Perspectives for 2021 are hopeful but it will take time and patience before our hopes will be fulfilled, looking at the upcoming start
of vaccination.

Special year
For us at FRS-Holland it was a special year too. 2020 marked our 200th official shortwave broadcast back in August and the icing
on the cake was the celebration of our 40th Anniversary a few weeks ago. April saw a broadcast of hope right in the middle of the
first Covid-19 wave. Last Summer we did an experiment with The FRS Summer Splash: three successive thematic broadcasts.

40th Anniversary broadcast
The November 8th on air 40th anniversary celebration exceeded our expectations. That day we were heard with good signals on - apart
from 7700 & 5790- also on 6195, 6160, 3920. A great success!
I remember that Saturday I went to our P.O.Box 2702... it was crammed with letters...snailmail! Together with all e-mails we can only
be happy and proud. The comprehensive preparations to make it an interesting, successful and memorable broadcast paid off!

CD, Booklet & QSL
It's my guess it won't surprise you that the months prior to November 8th were fully focused on preparing, organizing etc. There was
no time for other 'business'. Nevertheless we felt it was the right moment for a souvenir CD ánd booklet. And: we had to work on creating/
producing an unique Anniversary QSL as well. It was not until a week after the Anniversary broadcast that a start was made to produce
the CD, booklet and QSL.

In the mean time the 'ingredients' for the CD have been finished. The main idea for the special QSL card has been worked out and even better:
the QSL has already been printed. Those who send a reception report/letter to P.O.Box 2702 will not regret it: the 40th Anniversary QSL
is (in my humble opinion) a success and looks splendid. It's a folded A4, printed on heavy quality paper in full color. Wait and see!

For those who sent an e-mail report, regretting (after reading the above) they didn't go for a hard copy: you can still get your unique QSL
by writing to P.O.Box 2702. We have printed a few extra ones but remember: this QSL is only issued for the 40th Anniversary broadcast!
Without exaggeration: the hard copy QSL is by far the best option!
The CD & booklet will be finished in the next few days. Final conclusion: a bit of patience is required.

Traditional December broadcast
The FRS Seasonal December broadcast is scheduled for Sunday December 27th, the day after Boxing Day. It's a tradition we won't give up.
So except a nice mix of great music, items & information in a few weeks' time.
More info will follow via mail and on our website.