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Recording shows for Mi Amigo

Greetings friends,
One or two of you may know the situation already. But for those of you that dont..
We are planning to bring back Radio Mi Amigo full-time from the LV18 radio ship.
Based in Harwich, Essex, UK, the station has been running commemorative broadcasts for over 20 years, celebrating the history of pirate radio and passing of The Marine Offences Act on August 14th 1967.
A new 24/7 internet stream direct from LV18, will begin later this year. Date T.B.A.
All shows will be 1hr long and uploaded to the Myriad playout system, which will continuously pick shows at random, whilst the library is regularly added too each week.
There will be two seperate formats for programming.
Between 7am – 7pm – Daytime Mi Amigo… & 7pm – 7am The Overnight service.
DAYTIME FORMAT – 60’s/70’s Mainstream Pop & Rock (a few rarities acceptable if compatible with mainstream music style). Only restrictions being the paedophiles, such as Gary Glitter / Jonathon King / Rolf Harris etc etc, plus please keep an eye on language content, not that it was such a massive problem in those days
OVERNIGHT – 60’s/70’s Album music… virtually anything goes! Only restrictions being foul language + the paedo’s mentioned above. Feel free to cover Prog Rock / Psych / 70’s Punk, New Wave & Ska, plus of course any of the more Undergound & Alternative delights of these amazing two decades.
If you are receiving this email/message, then you are being invited to produce pre-recorded 1hr shows for the new Mi Amigo service. Shows are needed a.s.a.p.
Whether you have the time to produce the odd couple of shows now & again, or do them on a regular basis, I’d be interested in hearing from you.
As soon as I have a good library of shows on the system, the stream will begin.
Jingles & I.D’s will be provided. All shows should be a minimum of 59.30 minutes long and no longer than just over the hour, as the playout system will fade your show out, into the main hourly I.D.
All shows should be recorded @ 192kbps and the standard 44100 bitrate. No other file types or combinations acceptable.
There is no particular need to put a beginning or an ending on your show, as there will be a different DJ on air every hour, making it a real team effort to provide a quality stream of quality music. Say who you are by all means, but please no big show opener, or goodbyes at the end of the hour… as it will be one very long never-ending show…. and who knows, the playout system may well pick you again next, for the following hour!
NO FREQUENCYS are to be mentioned on pre-records, just I.D. as Radio Mi Amigo, or Radio Mi Amigo from the LV18 please.
Also please mention Lightvessel 18 as often as possible, as all publicity helps the station & charity to survive.
The on-Air E-mail address is – FACEBOOK RESTRICT THIS INFO
You are welcome to use you own name I.D’s if you have them, if not, be sure to mention who you are, at least once in each hour you record.
There are currently no stand-alone 60’s/70’s stations in the UK. Though there are many that focus on 80’s/90’s plus various other formats which dont appeal to us. Set up initially as a commemorative station, this will secure Radio Mi Amigo’s future as the ONLY service to focus entirely on the music played on board the various radio ships of the 60’s & 70’s.
Those of you that provide pre-recorded shows, may also be invited to come and programme live from the new digital studio on board LV18, for any upcoming events.
So it’s over to you guys!
If you’re interested in recording shows, drop me a line a.s.a.p @ FACEBOOK RESTRICT THIS INFO.
But please no lengthy emails or hundreds of questions, as I dont have time to reply to you all.
Any of you we would like to join us will be contacted a.s.a.p & sent a file of jingles/I.D’s to use, so we can get this show on the road,
PLEASE REMEMBER…. Time is of the essence to bring this project to fruition. So dont spend too long thinking about it. As the notorious Pink Fairies once said….
All the best, Garry Lee.
Garry Lee

Info via Facebook