QSO-round on 6305 Khz

Radio Shadowman is on 6305 Khz at 1140 Utc with SINPO 35444 S=8. Shadowman is answering Radio Delta, who left the frequency now. Radio Delta comes retour with a report for Radio Shadowman at 1145 Utc.
A second QSO-round starts Zender Digital on 6306 Khz at 1230 Utc with SINPO 34433. Radio Brandaris joins at 1243 Utc on 6306 Khz with SINPO 24322 S=5. Zender Digital is on 6310 Khz at 1245 Utc with SINPO 24433 S=7.

UNID 6425 Khz

Someone is playing music on 6425 Khz at 0955 Utc. Very weak signal SINPO 23322 S=5, fading away some minutes later. Too weak to identify.
Conditions again noisy with unstable low signals, bad conditions today.

Radio Delta

Radio Delta is on 6305 Khz at 0840 Utc with SINPO 14321. Station is heard in the USA better than at my location. At 0900 Utc reception is SINPO 35444 and SMS go to +31610379474.
At 0840 Utc 48m band has still not woken up. Only Mystery Radio heard well. Other stations are Cupid Radio on 6210 Khz, Alfalima on 6294 Khz, Radio Atlantis on 6280 Khz all not heard here.
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