Radio Campervan


Radio Campervan will be on air early sunday morning with a special broadcast with a special Swedish music broadcast.

Freq will be 6300 or 6325 and we hope to have good conditions and receive a lot of e-mails. Because we have one suprise but we tell you that on air. So listen out on Sunday....

All the best from Radio Campervan

Info via Alfalima-forum

Enigma TKR 846 Khz

Enigma TKR are planning to be on 846 kHz Medium Wave again tomorrow (Sunday) from 9 am to about 2.30 pm if the aerial has not been damaged by the storms today.

Try the following links to listen to a receiver which will be tuned to the frequency.

Please note the stream is AAC+ and not mp3 so make sure you use a compatible player.


This could be the last broadcast by the station before Christmas. If you are listening, please support them by calling or e-mailing them. Their website can be found at:-

Happy listening to all free radio fans.

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Cupid Radio test to North America

hello guys
because of the huge succes from last saturday, lots of reports from the states and canada, i have decide to go on 15070 khz this afternoon starting at 14:30 utc , the number of sunspots are not so high like last weekend but we will see what is going to happen

if you catch some music on 15070 let us now that you picked us out of the noise
well good hunting
73`s rinus


for qsl cards write to

cupidradio 9
8096 ZG

Zender Ascona

Der Zender ASCONA:

Samstag und evtl. auch Sonntag on air auf 6425 KHZ!!!
Saturday and also possibly Sunday on air on 6425 KHZ!!!
Zaderdag en ook eventueel Zondag op de Band op 6425 KHZ

Kontakt / Contact / Verbinding: 0031-6-46107769 & zenderascona(@)

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Radio Waves International

RADIO WAVES INTERNATIONAL 1982-2006 "On The Airwaves"

visit us at email rwaves(@)

It's the latest weekend to get the special 23rd birthday QSL card of teh station

infos will be opened at 33 6 75 44 70 26 for calls & sms

schedule 1° sat & sun afternoon on 11401khz
2° sat evening & sunday morning on 6325khz

Thanks a lot for all your support all those years
without you nothing was possible.
keep on country & F.F.F.R
Peter HILLS & Philippe
"the terrible twins"

Radio Whitesnake

Hi folks,this evening radiowhitesnake rocking the airwaves as usual. On the 48 mtr somewhere arround 6300 khz. Start arround 8.00 pm local time.
If you receive us it would be nice if you send a reaction to:

73, radiowhitesnake and cupid radio

Source: SWpirates

Pirate Radio address list updated

I updated my pirate-Radio address-list PWdB:

The main part of the list (other names, P.O. boxes, activity, etc.) is only for subscribers, since I want to get some reward for my work and also because some of the pirates are rather suspicious about the public.

But the part of the list with the E-mail-addresses and the www-pages can be seen for free:

Orders and critical commenst are welcome ! Payment for a subscription to the list please via PayPal, the price is 5 EUR / 6 USD for 2 years ..

Martin on SWpirates

9290 khz relays from Latvia

9290 khz relays from Latvia

The relay service on 9290 khz from Latvia will be returning to the air in mid December 2006.
If there are any stations that would like to be relayed via this service please send an email to the following address: kreicbergs(@)
Only this email address will be valid.

More information will follow in December 2006
73s Tom

BRI nighttime test

We are planning to run a nightime test this weekend on 6240khz, possible times would be Sunday morning anytime after 4am UK time, however as always alot depends on TX availability.

Any reception reports to our usual email address britainradio(@)
if you need a QSL card for the report please include a contact address with your email.

Also the November broadcasts are scheduled: Sometimes live stream on the net.

Hopefully we shall be on air Sunday 12th/26th November from 10am UK time using 6240khz.

Features in this month`s programme include the DJ profile looking at Tony Brandon`s radio career, also we remember John Peel, and the late Norman Nelson from RECC, you will hear his voice once again on SW as we pay tribute too a good friend who is still sadly missed on SW, even though 11 years have now passed, the rare 60s archive includes 3 rare 7" records including a few scratches!! mixed in with various pieces of radio news etc..

Possibly further webstream tests will follow up to Christmas via our webstream

Info via

RWI 23rd birthday

RWI 's 23rd birthay on the airwaves

many thanks for your support during all these years

We will be on the air this weekend on 48mb 6352khz and/or 11401khz from the 26 mb

Details of programs are vailable on our web-pages

A special QSL card will confirm your reports

73's hotline will be 00 33 6 75 44 70 26

Have a nice Dx weekend through the shortwaves

Peter HILLS & philippe

Country music show, French service,Rock City &Pirate memories
the sounds on short-waves around the world
"on the highway to freedom"
Peter HILLS & Philippe " The terrible twins"
For review and airplay send your promos to :
BP 130
92504 RUEIL Cedex

Source: SWpirates

RWI 23rd birthday

R.W.I 1983-2006 Broadcasts
The complete schedule & programs details are available on our web-site
Country music show, French service,Rock City &Pirate memories
the sounds on short-waves around the world
"on the highway to freedom"
Peter HILLS & Philippe " The terrible twins"
For review and airplay send your promos ro :
BP 130
92504 RUEIL Cedex

Scandinavian Weekend Radio

Dear listeners,
Scandinavian Weekend Radio will have many tests during this transmission day. So please tune in and send you comments how everything works. See programtable on our webpage: theres for example Rick Random's free radio news at 9-10 UTC....

*******************************S W R T E S T I N G********************************
Tx site Virrat in Middle of Finland 62,22 N 23,37 E

Power and frequencies:
-25 meter band RF output power: 100 watts, f´requencies 11690 and 11720 kHz
-49 meter band RF output power: 100 Watts, Frequencies 5980, 5990 and 6170 kHz
-MW transmitter on 1602 kHz RF output power 100 Watts

25 mb DX-tests:
1. DX-test towards Eastern and Southern Europe on 25 mb Saturday 4th from 5 to 10 UTC. Our 3-element beam will be changed from normal 240 degrees to 170 degrees.
2. DX-test towards North-America on 25 mb Saturday 4th from 10 to 16 UTC. Antenna direction will be 300 degrees.

MW 1602 kHz:
Our new 44 meters long vertical antenna will be taken in use during this transmission day. We are still making some final installation and tuning works but anyway please try how our signal is there. During last transmision we used that antenna during few hours in rest of our transmission and 1602 kHz was heart at least in Latvia.

48 mb:
Our antenna here is towards 260 degrees in this moment. Please check how it works in your listening place.

Contact info:
Tel: +358 400 995 559 Live while on air and SMS Service

Scandinavian Weekend Radio
PL 99
34801 VIRRAT

QSL Manager: Alpo Heinonen
All correct snailmail reception reports will be verified with our QSL-card (several NEW ONE's available). Enclose, please 2 EURO/ 2USD 2IRC (correctly stamped) for handling.
Time- and frequency schedule:

MW 1602 kHz:
fr. 22- sa 22 UTC
48 mb:
Fr. 22-23 UTC 6170 kHz
Fr. 23-24 UTC 5980 kHz
Sa.00-04 UTC 5980 kHz
Sa.04-17 UTC 6170 kHz
Sa.17-19 UTC 5980 kHz
Sa.19-22 UTC 6170 kHz
25 mb:
Fr. 22-24 UTC 11720 kHz
Sa.00-07 UTC 11720 kHz
Sa.07-12 UTC 11690 kHz
Sa.12-20 UTC 11720 kHz
Sa 20-22 UTC 11690 kHz

Alpo Heinonen
Scandinavian Weekend Radio

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