EMR 31st birthday

EMR – 31st Birthday 2007

2 Transmissions from EMR on the 15th of April

1130 to 1200 utc on 9310 khz
Paul Graham programme – part 1

1500 to 1700 utc on 9290 khz
Tom Taylor programme – 1500 to 1530 utc
Paul Graham – part 2 – 1530 to 1600 utc
Mike Taylor mail box – 1600 to 1700 utc

These are all new programmes.
There will be repeats via the internet service on Sunday night the 15th of April. 73s Tom

Merseyland Alternative Radio

It is Easter again and time for those naughty pirates.

From anytime after 6pm tonight Merseyland Alternative Radio should be on air right through until Monday night in the Merseyside area on 105 FM.

And possibly also on SW on Sunday & Monday morning using either 6205 Khz , 6248 Khz , 6245 Khz or 9331 Khz

Dj’s threatening to make an appearance are Bert Williams, Steve West, Andy Davis, Dave Simpson, John Dwyer, Mark Wright, Steve Martin, Dave Wilson, Gary Philips, DJ Cali Blu, Pirate Man & Triple T.

A rough, and indeed very rough as this is MAR, Programme Schedule can be found at http://www.merseylandalternativeradio.tk and there should also be a stream up and running.

Info via Steve Martin on alt.radio.pirate

Relays for Easter 9290 Khz

Relays for Easter via 9290Khz.

April 6th
WCS/RWI 23.00 -00.00UTC

April 7th
German Caroline 6.00 -8.00UTC
Latvia Today 8.00 -9.00UTC
Radio Joystick 9.00 -10.00UTC
WCS/RWI 23.00 – 00.00UTC

April 8th
Radio Joystick 9.00 -10.00UTC
WCS/RWI 10.00 – 11.00UTC
Radio City 11.00 -13.00UTC
Latvia Today13.00 -14.00UTC

April 9th
WCS/RWI 9.00 -10.00UTC
Radio Marabu 10.00 -13.00UTC

Good listening

Bad conditions

Today very bad conditions. Apart from Mystery Radio I can hear nothing on 48m band. Even via webreceiver in Sweden 48m band is empty. Seems to be that 76m band at evenings is a better try.
On frequencys 6475 Khz and 11401 Khz there might be some activity this morning, nothing received here.

76m band revival

More and more dutch stations move to 76m band 3900 till 3950 Khz. Heard and reported stations so far were Cupid Radio, Antonio Radio, Radio Rob 007, Orion Radio, Radio Scirocco and Westcoast Radio. Give it a try also at early evening hours.

KBC Radio


Starting from March 31 the program will be transmitted as follows:

On AM 1386 kHz – at 23.00-24.00 CET (Saturday, March 31)
On SW 6255 kHz – at 00.00-00.59 CET (Sunday, April 1)

The Mighty KBC
Argonstraat 6
6718 WT Ede
Tel ++31 318 552491
Fax ++31 318 437801

Info via Rudolf Sonntag on A-DX

MV Baltic Radio

MV Baltic Radio is on Sunday, 1st of April 2007, at 12 o’clock UTC in the 49-m-European-Shortwave-Band, 6045 KHz on air again.


MV Baltic Radio is on the next Sunday 1st of April, 2007 to receive from 12 o’clock UTC on every short wave radio. Our listeners can take pleasure in music out off the mainstream. E.g., we will play music from singers, who are also an actors. We remind of the wild time the beat music. Also we have a lot information about the tourism country Mecklenburg- West- Pomerania. This
country will be the host for the participants of the G8 meeting in a few weeks.

Contact via
R&R Medienservice
Roland Rohde
Seestraße 17
19089 Göhren
E-Mail: info(@)mvbalticradio.de
Internet: www.mvbalticradio.de

Info via Klaus Führlich on A-DX

WR International

Good morning guys,
It is now 00:01 GMT on 18th March 2007 and for those of you DXing through the night WR International is now on air at 12257 Khz. Our output at this time is a computer playout system but live output will happen at 08:00 hours GMT until 11:00 GMT.
Happy Dxing and 73’s


Info via SWpirates

Radio Waves International / World Communication Service


On the Easter’s weekend we will use 9290’s relay &

Our second name of W.C.S World Communication Service with a special QSL card

The planning date & time is:

Friday 06/04/2007 time 23.00 to 00.00 UTC (French Service) it’ll be Philippe’s birthday

Saturday 07/04/2007 time 23.00 to 00.00 UTC (Country Music Show)

Sunday 08/04/2007 time 10.00 to 11.00 UTC (Pirates memories)

Monday 09/04/2007 time 09.00 to 10.00 UTC (W.C.S ‘s 80’s medley)

73’s & 88’s and have a nice Easter Weekend


Info via SWpirates

Radio Whitesnake

Hello radiofriends, this evening we planned a new rock show on the 76 mtr band around 3907 khz.
We start around 19:00 utc (local time 20:00)
For reactions on the phone: 0031 629178050 or e-mail: radiowhitesnake(@)hotmail.com
We hope you like the music.
Reactions are very welcome,so let us know that you listen to us.
Many greetings from Rinus and Japie

European Music Radio

This Sunday EMR -18th March

1300 TO 1400 UTC 5965 KHZ – 100 KW


1315 – THE RADIO PRESENTER (dj life story)

2nd Part of The Roger Davis story


Good Listening 73s Tom

3927 Khz

hello guys this evening cupidradio going to broadcast again on 3927 khz starting at 19:00 utc till 22:00 or later
with this evening special guests here in the studio , antonio radio , radio whitesnake
so we going to make a lot of fun on the radio don`t miss it


radio whitesnake
antonio radio

Info via SWpirates

Relays on 9290 Khz

This weekend relays on 9290 khz

March 3rd

Radio Six Int. 07.00 – 08.00UTC
Latvia Today 08.00 – 09.00UTC
Radio Joystick 09.00 – 11.00UTC
Radio Casablanca 11.00 – 12.00UTC

March 4th
Latvia Today 13.00 – 14.00UTC

Radio Pirana International

Hola Amigos!

This evening Radio Piraña Internaciónal will be on air from our South American location and we will continue until Monday 5th of March 09.00 UTC but will be off on local daytime. Schedule is as follows:

Frequency is 6307 kHz. 20 watts of power into a half wave inverted V dipole at 24 m height.

From 22.00 to at least 09.00 UTC until Monday morning. Saturday and Sunday extended to aprox. 11.00 UTC

Jorge R. García

Radio Piraña Internaciónal

Porfavor siempre responder a:

Info via alfalima.net