MV Baltic Radio

MV Baltic Radio

On – 1st of July 2007
At – 12 o’clock UTC
On – 6045 KHz >

In our July- transmission we bring news from Mecklenburg Western Pomeranian, we give you information about new bands and CDs (e.g. Candye Kane, , Daloco, Absolute, PET and many more) and we remind you of our program “Eine kleine Beatmusik – A small Beatmusic” of the wild 60’s and 70’s.

Good Listening

Info via Tom Taylor

KBC Radio expanded schedule

The Mighty KBC is Rocking Over The Ocean…
Our new weekly programmes are:

Saturdays at 2200-2259 UTC 6255 kHz 259 deg. (nights from Sat to Sun).

Sundays at 0100-0159 UTC 6255 kHz 310 deg. (nights from Sat to Sun).

Fridays at 2200-2259 UTC 6255 kHz 259 deg. (nights from Fri to Sat). Starting the 6th of July.

So get used to it, Your weekend will never be the same….
We are counting down to 2008 ….for our daily show!!

Info via KBC-Forum

Radio Waves International

Radio Waves international will join this weekend the summer meeting hope to see you there
R.W.I wil be also on the net at

our next broadcast on 9290khz with a special CRDV country festival will take place

July 27th 21.00 to 22.00 utc
July 28th 07.00 to 08.00 utc
July 29th 06.00 to 07.00 utc

a special QSL will be available for these shows.
Peter HILLS & Philippe

have a nice week

Country music show, French service,Rock City &Pirate memories
the sounds on short-waves around the world “on the highway to freedom”
Peter HILLS & Philippe ” The terrible twins”

For review and airplay send your promos to :

Info via SWpirates

Radio RWE


(a radio show commemorated to vintage shortwave radio, literature, movies)

Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 21.00 UTC there will be a new show in English of Radio RWE on 6220 kHz !

The new show #2 broadcast May 26, 2007 will be devoted to shortwave vintage transmissions of Radio Madrid, Radio Free Europe and other issues.

Your reception reports for shortwave relay are very welcome ! Please send them (including return postage -no EUR coins please, no German stamps please) to the following address:

SRS Deutschland
Radio RWE
Postfach 101145
99801 Eisenach

We highly appreciate your mp3 files with recordings of our shortwave relay ! Please send them to the following e-mail address: radiorwe(@) or radiorwe(@) We can confirm your e-mail reception reports – with mp3 recording included – with our electronic QSL cards (if you prefer to receive snail mail “traditional” QSL card, please send return postage and your reception report to the address above).

Info via Martin Schoech on A-DX

Radio Waves International

Indeed RWI Radio Waves International is streaming via the Destiny Player at 1545 Utc. The Destiny Player is a small player which works fine on my small PC of year 1999. RWI is using 60 kbps stereo and sound quality is quite good. Bitrate seems to be variable sometimes it falls down to 30 kbps.
Programme is nonstop country music with short jingles and announcements of the interpreters. Unfortunatelly no original RWI jingles or announcements.

Relays on 9290 Khz

This weeks relay via 9290 khz

Sunday May 20th
Latvia Today 15.00 – 16.00UTC

Wednesday May 23rd
Mi Amigo 19.00 – 21.00UTC

Saturday May 26th
Latvia Today 10.00 -11.00UTC
Radio Casablanca 11.00 – 12.00UTC

Sunday May 27
Radio Joystick 09.00 -10.00UTC
Latvia Today 10.00 -11.00UTC

Wednesday May 30th
Mi Amigo 19.00 -21.00UTC

Good listening

Info via Tom Taylor

Relays via 9290 Khz

This weekend relays via 9290 khz

May 12th
Latvia Today 08.00 -09.00UTC
Radio City 09.00 – 11.00UTC
May 13th
Latvia Today 15.00 – 16.00UTC
May 16th
More relays this May 16th
Radio MiAmigo 19.00 -21.00UTC

Info via Tom Taylor

MV Baltic Radio

MV Baltic Radio this Sunday

6th of May 2007
At 1200 UTC
On 6045 KHz

In our May transmission we bring news from Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian and give you information about new bands and CDs, also remind you of our program: “Eine kleine Beatmusik – A small Beatmusic” of the wild 60’s.

Good Listening

Info via Tom Taylor